To The Remnant #37

To The Remnant #37. A message to our brothers and sisters going through these rough times during end days. Written from a dear sister in Jesus Christ.

To The Remnant
Who will proclaim His Words?
We cannot live by bread alone.
Yet we already live in a world that is not our home.
Yet His Words, bring life, even in the darkest of nights.
His Words are with His Children.
Those with the Love of the Truth.
Those who seek to honor Him in all that they do.
His Words are with them, that speak The Truth.
In Love they have be sown, on the hearts of those who He calls His own.
He is the The Truth The Light, and the way to Salvation.
He is our safe haven, and our Refuge.
He is our Strength, in our weakness He is Strong.
By His Words we were first met, now lead and kept.
He is the Good Shepard that leads us not into temptation for He is our Salvation.

He brings Good News to the captives, the broken and the bruised.
To the sick, the weary and the lost.
He has our Savior and redeemer given at such a great cost.
His Words endure forever.
He is The Truth that sets us free from all captivity,
Every prison, every cell, every door, and every chain.
Who will stand in the day of Victory and proclaim His Name?
Though battles sometimes lost, the war is already won.
For He carries Victory over all the earth as as a Tree carries summer leaves. We are not to be weary and cast down as bent reeds.
By His Words the world was formed, are His Children not as treasures?

Let us not forget He is the Creator of the Heavens and the Earth.
For what darkness, or evil can stand in HIS way?
He who is Mighty to Save.

By Love our Savior has sealed His Words in us.
He our Rock and Salvation by which we are kept within His Hands. For all else is as sinking sand.

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