To The Remnant #43

To The Remnant #43. A message to our brothers and sisters going through these rough times during end days. Written from a dear sister in Jesus Christ.

27 - 1.4
In times of trouble what can one say,
In times of famine what can we give?
In a season of weariness how can we belong?
Who can be our strong arm?

In a world that is upside down.
When what is good is said to be bad.

When the Truth is forfeit for a lie.
How can we eat and be satisfied?

In a flood and a shake, the earth will shiver in place.
Though the people of the earth will be moved.
What will you do?
Yet we must be as a Rock.
Casting our burdens on Him.
Knowing He forgives those who repent.

The shaking and cracking of the earth, for as a women in travail, the birth pains a sign.
It is no mystery to those who see, what is the time.
For Behold He is coming quickly, do no grow weary in doing good,
For He is Good and worthy to be praised.
He prepared a table for David in the presence of his enemies.
He prepared 2 feasts for Ester in times of peril.
He saved the Israelites from Pharaoh.
If He can part the sea, can He not see all there is to see?
He knows the trials of the day, and the tribulations that come by night.
He sees even the sparrow. for none are hidden from His Sight,
He is Mighty to Save, those who call upon His Name.

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