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What in the WORD is going on?

Supernatural Bible Changes. Mandela Effect. Revelations and Tribulations. Do you see what is going on around you both in the beast world system and the religions that are coming together slowly to align with one another? Can’t say this with Christianity because they are coming together in “love” when we are supposed to be set apart from them.

Magic- A bill in Congress

You can’t make this stuff up. This is the same as they have always done with calling good evil and evil being called good. Magic is good? I don’t think so.

They still won't wake up 4/10/2021

Mandela Effect. Supernatural Bible Changes. It’s been close to 3 years since I personally woke up to the bible changes. Much longer for others. The same problem persists for all of us. No one understands what we tell them about all the changes taking place. No one seems to care. Why?

Could we be seeing the mark of the beast?

The Supernatural Bible Changes. The Mandela Effect. A virus came out a year ago out of nowhere. We saw that this was bad from the news and social media, but independent reporters showed empty hospitals the day after the news reported they were at max capacity. Now a solution is here, but what is the problem they are trying to solve?