I still remember the day someone told me the Bible now said the wolf will dwell with the lamb. I didn’t believe it and was shocked when I looked online at Bible gateway. I quickly ran to my 150 year old Bible and opened to Isaiah 11:6, I could not believe what I was seeing, the wolf had replaced the lamb. What a journey this has been. God has been so faithful as I have prayed for wisdom. There’s still so much to be understood and part of the wisdom He has shared is knowing what I don’t know.

Price, from Discord

Realizing ME, especially bible ME, is one of those raw experiences that you know cannot even begin to be appreciated by others that have not had the same experience. Appreciate you sharing!!

YouCanDance, from Discord

Good morning brothers and sisters in Christ Jesus! I am new here to the discord group but not to the EYA Channel. I am on Kat's Remnant List. I found the Bible changes around 2016. The Lion and the Lamb verses and the Wineskins to bottles. I was very grieved and freaked out and just cried and sobbed! I am finding a lot more changes continually, I cried out to the Lord about being told that I could not trust my memory. The Holy Spirit very clearly affirmed me by giving me Proverbs 10:7 THE MEMORY OF THE RIGHTEOUS IS BLESSED. Psalms 119:89 HIS WORD IS FOREVER WRITTEN IN THE HEAVENS. You all know about Amos 8:11 How God would send famine in the land, not for bread or water but for the hearing of the Word of God. I don't understand still how some are able to see and most deny the changes. But I know one thing for sure without a shadow of a doubt, Jesus is still on the throne and He is still in control. I believe that the Lord is showing and allowing these to show everyone what time it is! Repent, get ready! Our Lord Jesus Christ is coming soon! Let us be found holy, ready to preach the Gospel of Jesus, being a testimony unto the Lord, overcoming by the Blood of the Lamb and not loving our lives unto death! Tribulation is coming to refine us all! I look forward to how the Church will truly be One Body, One Spirit, One Lord!!!! Praise the Name of Jesus! Hallelujah!

Avigail, from Discord

There was a coworker on my job site (huge Microsoft building in Mountain view, ca) who I had looked at funny a few times trying to figure out. He was full of the Spirit and and was so bold in his Faith, a young guy that had an amazing testimony, he was saved when crying out before nearly suicide. We started to talk and share on breaks and talk about the Bible, the world and he was very aware of everything I was finding out. We were basically waking up together and found another like minded older guy that was on the same page as well. All these things happened so quickly and it was so shocking in a good way. Around that time I was also watching you-tube and searching for live videos and when the yellow vests were protesting in France and started to question things happening in the world more. Before I just didn't pay attention or watch the news. Found some Baby truther channels like Jason Bermas, We are change, and then somehow stumbled on Richie From Boston. That led to a crash course of Truth bombs and I was just jumping out of my skin! How was I was so blind to all this al these years! I just kept digging, and then it was JesusfreakComuterGeek, Phitohelix, Brian Staveley. First heard of the ME and that put me over the top. The wineskins to bottles was definite one of the biggest I saw at first, Lion and the Lamb of course, The Lord's prayer was the easiest for me because I said that one all the time growing up. I was always curious and questioned everything to learn why or how things worked. I was a book nerd and read like crazy always, always researched things I was interested in also. It was almost Christmas time 2018 when I was really floored with the ME. I felt like with the dream I had, the brothers I felt were sent to me or each other on the job site, and waking up, meant huge things were coming. I was calling my mom trying to wake her up, my sisters. I put video collections together on usb and was giving them out and mailing them to family. When I flew back and had Christmas with my ex and some of her family We were doing games after the kids went to bed. And I got them interested in trying my ME trivia quiz. Gave everyone a paper and had them write down what they remembered. We even found A Berenstain book, played the old VHS tape snow white that said magic mirror now. And they were freaked out and thought I was so weird but they seemed to accept it and were shocked. But my ex was furious, she was so mad about it. Her mom thought it was really interesting and her brother and his wife. My mom was there and she was already aware because we had talked prior and she could see the changes. Since then besides my mom none of them has ever mentioned it or asked about it. That's when I dive into trying to understand why or how they could not be floored. Went back to work, and it was just like going through the motions. It just felt wrong to be a part of building this wicked system at that point. I had just watched RFB covering those quantum black cube computers that may be talking to demons, and here the crew I was on was running the conduit and wire to power one up, it was sitting there in a big room by itself, special coating on the floor, and it gave me the creeps. The 2 brothers I had met were on the same page, asking what are we doing here none of this tech is good look at what has happened. And we left that job shortly after. Kept meeting up with each other having Bible studies and trying to find a decent church around there but not having any luck. Fast forward to 2020. I was working at a Uber office building in santa clara, almost everyone on the job got sick, we were all just working through it hacking away. But it went through nearly everyone and we were kinda looking at each other because at that time the crazy videos from china were coming in. And sure enough a few weeks later the craziness began and they closed our job site. I packed up and moved back to AZ. My ex was a nightmare germaphobe. I had to visit my daughter outside, and tried to keep patient. Eventually she agreed to sell the house and move back to Nebraska where we both had come from to be closer to family. That is another long story, It has been a wild ride to say the least! Sorry for the book!

Chad W, from Discord

My first experience with the Bible changes goes way back. I knew of the Book of Revelations, but now it is Revelation without the "S." A few days ago I was at church and I noticed that the pastor said "help meet." It was almost as if he'd always known it to be that way - he wasn't reading from a script or anything.

Denise 333, from Discord

The supernatural bible changes was brought to light by a friend early 2021, thankfully a passage I knew very well was one she used as an example, and when she told me that the Bibles my mum bought me in 1991, sitting on my shelf had supernaturally changed, I went and looked at a particular passage I knew well...and was blown away when I saw it gone...other words with totally different meaning in its place. This month I have really felt the Holy Spirit driving me to document these changes as more and more heinous changes come to light. I believe that the subtle changes are going to cause many Christians to accept the antichrist with open arms when he comes. These 2 scriptures here are an example of huge red flags. 1 telling us to do evil? and 2 not suggesting, but absolutely saying that God creates evil. I do not believe these passages were ever there. I believe in the next decade we are going to lose more and more scripture so get to studying and learning it now while you still have it because we won't have it for much longer. Revelations clearly tells us the bible CAN be changed, because it tells us NOT to change it! The WORD OF GOD is Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ cannot be changed but Daniel 7:5 tells us there will be blasphemies, 2nd Thessalonians Chapter 2 tells us there will be a great deception, and Amos 8 tells us that we will search east to west but will not find the scriptures!

Skysimone, from Discord

I heard about the ME quite a few years back. At the time I didn't think much of it. I blew it off as misremembering or companies changing logos or names since I was a kid. I didn't delve into it and yes, I also heard it shared as a conspiracy theory around CERN, and I might have even seen something about that, I don't remember now. A little over a month ago something came up in my YouTube feed about ME and it jogged my memory about hearing about this years ago, so I decided to click on it. I watched it and a few others and went to bed. I peaked at ME videos for a couple of days but put it aside, told myself no rabbit holes. Shortly after that a video about Bible ME came up in my YouTube feed and I couldn't NOT check it out! I used to use the KJV many years ago but had switched to the NKJV and have used it almost exclusively. I do have physical copies of most translations because I've read the Bible, off and on, and have talked about changes, as intentional changes in printings due to updates in language and so forth. Not due to supernatural ME changes. Now I've spent almost 3 weeks studying this, have scoured web pages, read a book by Dr Paul Grafton Holt titled 'The King James Bible & The Quantum Effect', I joined some FB groups that research both the secular & Biblical ME, I've printed off 100's of pages to verify changes in the KJV & other translations and I've found quite alot of changes on my own too. It's overwhelming and quite disturbing. The passages I found on my own began with Matt 1. The genealogy is wrong. It says Judas not Judah. Booz not Boaz. Roboam not Rehoboam. Most of the names are spelled wrong in the lineage. Also, Isaiah 11:6, lion and lamb. I told my sister and mom and they see it now. I have 1 female friend that I told. She seemed to accept it but now says we've more important things to do than grieve over supposed supernatural changes. We should be binding the ones doing it so the Bible stays undefiled for bringing people to the Kingdom.

EMaracin, from Discord

I grew up in a Christian home and have always trusted the KJV and Strongs Exhaustive Concordance as the authority on scripture. Memorized dozens of key verses (verbatim) over the years. In 1969, yr I was born, my mother purchased a watercolor called "The Peaceable Kingdom" . I still have the 30" x 30" framed art, which Depicts a giant Lion, a Lamb and a little boy leading them with other animals in the background. When a friend of mine came over and asked me about Isaiah 11:6, I stood ready to correct him and immediately when he got 3 different KJV...83 yrs old, 54 yrs old and a modern printing. What I read that day began my journey into the supernatural Bible changes and I'm eternally grateful to God's Holy Spirit for leading me to the truth .

Eyes2see, from Discord

In 2017 I slowly lost sleep as my mother got sicker and sicker. At one point she was unable to leave her bed so I took care of her when I was not at work. I felt like I had to put my life on hold because Mom needed the help and it was more important than the free time that I would have otherwise. She would pass on to be with Jesus in the beginning of 2018. I would not cry out because most of the time I don't do that sort of thing usually. My life history has never been a good one and somehow I think it has prepared me for what has been going on the last 4 years of craziness. It wouldn't be until over a year later that I would eventually be capable of grieving for mom. I'm good at blocking things out which isn't necessarily a good thing. The summer of 2018 I had the desire to get back into the habit of reading scriptures and going back to church. I started reading through my KJV scriptures but for some reason something felt off to me. The words just didn't FEEL right to me. The words didn't flow together like they normally did. I also noticed words that somehow I hadn't seen before which really left me confused. Going into fall of 2018 I would go on to read about prophecy related to Jesus and how scriptures had prophesied His coming. Somehow I stumbled upon a verse in Isaiah 43:11 "I, even I, am the LORD; and beside me there is no saviour." Wait....What? Beside me there is no Savior? We know 100% without a doubt that from what we read from scriptures Jesus is at the right hand side of God since He returned to heaven after His ressurection. For a verse from the old testament to contradict this...it was just shocking! Later I would pick this verse apart after I realized what was going on is that the sentence structure at the beginning is completely messed up. No version of the KJV from what I remember used all caps for LORD as a special way to say his name (even though there are notes for it in my KJV). The notes I saw as very confusing as I didn't have a KJV study bible. There should NOT have been notes in there about any of the verses. The usage of saviour in my KJV also stood out as in the american KJV this should only be spelled out "savior". The biggest problem though is that this verse should have said "besides me there is no Savior." So the word "besides" became "beside" and really messed up this verse. I ended up praying about this for over a week. I could either believe scriptures as it says today with this verse contradicting Jesus being our Savior, or I would have to reject what scriptures was telling me and stand fast to what I knew to be true. It's like scriptures where it said to raise up a child in how he should live and when he is older he will not depart from it. I prayed for guidance on where to go from here...for direction on what I needed to do...with scriptures not being accurate to what I knew and learned for years growing up I could see my walk with Jesus becoming more difficult without a completely accurate manual to help. The next day after my prayer I would wake up and look at the weather report to be confused at why the world map did not look as it should. I would notice that the frozen north pole that would be noticable on all maps would somehow be missing. South America had somehow shifted further east than it was supposed to be...and Australia was not as far south as it should be. I would spend hours going through maps looking for one that I knew to be accurate, but I could not find a single one. Yeah I even searched archive dot org and added date searches through google hoping to find older material to look through but that didn't work either. I would then find out that what I am experiencing is called "The Mandela Effect". This is a large group of people that have the same memories of history that contradict what the current history is today. The problem soon became why do I remember history that doesn't match what is currently in the history books? How can a large group recall the same events the same way when none of us learned history together. What further complicates things is that I had went back to old classmates and people I went to church with and asked questions to see if we had the same recall on events...only to find out that I am alone out of all the people I know in person. We learned from the same materials, textbooks, and worksheets. Why does our memories not match? Amos 8:11 "The days cometh, sayeth the Lord, that I will send a famine in the land. Not a famine of bread or a thirst for water, but of hearing the words of the Lord." Many things are strange with the KJV bible now that somehow people just seem to follow after reading it out of the book. Like in Genesis after realizing they had nothing on after eating of the tree of knowledge of good and evil they made leaf coverings to cover themselves, but today it says they made aprons. Noah for some reason has the name Noe used in the New Testament now where previously that wasn't so. Abraham did not make Hagar his concubine in this history but instead marries her. This would have made Ishmael the ligitimate first born son if that were the case. With Jonah one of the accounts say that he was "swallowed by a fish" instead of a whale. But asking people they were unconcerned and said it didn't matter. Jeremiah gained the name "Jeremy". John the Baptist also has a verse that now says "John Baptist" like it was his last name. Speaking of John, before he was killed scriptures now say in the KJV that she (the woman making the request) wanted his head on a "charger". A charger?!?!?! This verse originally said platter. Jesus Christ also has new names such as "son of man" which has replaced many verses that used to say "Son of God". There is also the title "Son of David" used in verses that should have either said Son of God or Son of Joseph. We know he wasn't biologically Joseph's son, but for the people around Jesus that knew him growing up, when he was found teaching at the temple they were shocked because they only knew of him from being Joseph's son. Luke 19:27 became sinister as it now says to slay people that won't follow him. This goes completely against what I remember of them being removed from his presense. The angel of death got removed from one of the events from Moses with the plagues to egypt before they were able to flee going through the parted red sea. Moses isn't even the one that drops his staff that would become a snake in front of the pharoah anymore...but instead Aaron does it now. In Isaiah 11:6 it used to say that the Lion will lay down with the Lamb, but today it now says that the WOLF will dwell with the lamb. Why is it a wolf now? In the New Testament now it also used to say that you should not put new wine into old wineskins because they would burst and the wine would pour out. Now wineskins has been replaced with bottles. Delilah no longer cuts Sampson's hair (note that the spelling is now Samson) but now Delilah calls for a man to cut his hair off. I could go on and on about bible changes that are different from what I remember, but the list is a very long one. You can also do a search on Mandela Effect examples to get an idea of various things that have changed for us. Stouffers Stove Top Stuffing was a big one for me because every thanksgiving I used to make it with my Mom growing up, but if you look it up the company has somehow never made stuffing. Searching through scriptures for some reason for this led us to 2nd Thessalonians Chapter 2: 3 Let no man deceive you by any means: for that day shall not come, except there come a falling away first, and that man of sin be revealed, the son of perdition; 4 Who opposeth and exalteth himself above all that is called God, or that is worshipped; so that he as God sitteth in the temple of God, shewing himself that he is God. 5 Remember ye not, that, when I was yet with you, I told you these things? 6 And now ye know what withholdeth that he might be revealed in his time. 7 For the mystery of iniquity doth already work: only he who now letteth will let, until he be taken out of the way. 8 And then shall that Wicked be revealed, whom the Lord shall consume with the spirit of his mouth, and shall destroy with the brightness of his coming: 9 Even him, whose coming is after the working of Satan with all power and lying signs and wonders, 10 And with all deceivableness of unrighteousness in them that perish; because they received not the love of the truth, that they might be saved. 11 And for this cause God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie: 12 That they all might be damned who believed not the truth, but had pleasure in unrighteousness. 2 possible scenarios playing out here after much discussion. Either the changing of times and laws right now is being set up before the anti-christ is to be made known...or this was a group of people that would be teaching false scriptures and leading their flocks away from Jesus. We just aren't sure of which scenario is playing out yet. But we do know that the second hand is going twice as fast as it used to. We do know that there are diverse earthquakes taking place all around the earth that used to be much less. Even if we don't have everything completely accurate, we know that we are in the right timing for tribulations/revelations to take place. I just hope that you all can understand what I'm trying to say here.

Dracmas, from Discord

My testimony of being 'woken up' to all the lies...January 2012 I was a preschool teacher headed into work one day. Parked my car, grabbed my heavy teacher bag, purse, and lunch I was walking fast toward the front door to beat the time clock as well as thinking that I must use the restroom, grab red paint, brushes, and paper. Clearly at this moment in the day I am juggling a lot! Fifteen feet from the front door I heard a voice in my head saying 'Find the lie' It stopped me in my tracks, I waited to hear more but that was it. I knew I had heard a message from Heaven, for this is how it has always been. I went on with my busy day keeping those 3 words near to my heart to see if anything came to light, all day nothing. When the day was done I went home kind of forgetting about it. I went online and ended up on YouTube and a thumbnail caught my eye 'World's biggest lie', well maybe this was a clue, I clicked on it and it was about the moon landing, I thought, this is stupid we went to the moon, my Mom and Dad and teachers said so. But, I was only a young child and maybe I should look into this with adult eyes and the message earlier did say to 'find the lie'. So I watched and considered and the evidence certainly added up to the fact that we did not go to the moon! OY! From that point on the Father has been revealing lie after lie. To my utter surprise no one wants to seek the inconvenient truth, they would rather live under a convenient lie. I have lost many friends, most won't even consider they have believed lie's their whole life. I will never understand that. I will always seek truth because my Savior is truth. Truth matters, it is in scripture 222x's. I tried to go to church after i found the Bible changes but I just could not go anymore. It felt like a lie to be going there and I wanted nothing to do with LIES. I still read my Bible and the Holy Spirit pokes me when there are changes. Believe you are blessed to see, it is hard but worth it. Shalom.

Cynthia S., from Discord

With ME, my first experience was the Bernstein/Bernstain Bears. That was back in 2012. Mostly one of those curiosity hits and nothing more. The real hit happened a few weeks ago. @PandaAddict and I were already 6 months married and we both wanted to reaserch the Bible more. I was looking up content on YouTube and noticed a comment from Residue Junkie with a Playlist of scripture ME and the first video we watched on this was a residue of Isaiah and Lion and Lamb. The conformation for me was going over my old bibles concerning Revalation and some of my old bibles still had "Seal up the prophecies" on the 23rd of July. On the 24th, all of them said seal not.

CypherStatic, from Discord

About a month ago my husband and I were on YouTube just scrolling through the comments of a video on Bible changes. I'm not familiar with the Bible at all. My parents came from strict 'Church of God' households. They divorced when I was 5 and I was adopted by my Dad (step-father). He too came from a church household, Baptist. My whole life we've only gone to church a handful of times as a family. Not once did they say anything to my siblings and I about Faith in Yehuah, or how is Yehuah creator of all. Before cutting my "safety net" and planning to actually move out on my own for the first time, is when I met my now husband. We hit it off on our first conversation and could not stop talking. He's the one that convinced me to remove that net once I was ready. Once we actually met face to face, we've dated and were just married not too long ago. Before that is when I started reading the Bible, and going on a "spiritual" journey. Trying my best to at least recognize the Sabbath, which only lasted for a couple weeks. Now getting back into the Bible after reading a few breadcrumbs a year prior, I realized why my "spiritual" journey didn't even last a month. The lies that have been told within the Bible, especially the Lord's prayer; 'In earth' 'debts/debtors' was not resonating. But as we kept going through the changes, and actually focusing on our spirit it completely changed everything for me. For the first time when I weep its with joy and an open heart, or sadness and understanding for those who can't see nor hear. I may not have been familiar with the Bible, and not made the best decisions, but God has put both I and @CypherStatic together for this very event. And now God has led us to this server with fellow brethren!

PandaAddict, from Discord

So I heard about the ME first just through conversations with friends and family. I thought it was really weird and disturbing but life is busy and I got distracted & eventually forgot about it. Anyway it wasn’t something that I could bet my life on, so to speak. But when I started discussing scriptures with my son-in-law, about 3 years ago because he had decided he was going to start reading the Bible for himself, that’s when it really all started. I would speak of scriptures that he would say was not even in the Bible, or it doesn’t say it like that! But when I tried to find them, to show him, they were not there! I searched for weeks before giving up. I was so frustrated to say the least!He was raised in church but like most of us just listened to the preaching and never really thought much about scriptures the rest of the week. So he had some memories of what the original scriptures said but it wasn’t something he had memorized or could even remember reading for himself, so it was nothing for him to decide that he and I was just remembering them wrong. I know that there has been many times when I was younger that I thought things about scriptures that I learned later that was wrong. I know people depicting Bible stories through plays & songs can be misleading…for example it was not 3 kings that showed up at the birth of Jesus it was wise men and they came much later than the night of his birth. ( or was it?) But when it’s scriptures that you have memorized and you have read over and over and over again like your favorite children’s book & then all of a sudden it says something different…? I just can’t deny it anymore. I don’t really know what to think honestly because whether it is my memory or the scriptures changing, both or very disturbing. If it’s my memory then why even try to hide the word in my heart anymore like the scripture says. If it’s not my memory and the scriptures actually changed how do I know what is truth?

Markmeme13, from Discord

Praise God for His Word! I was studying Hosea 4:6 where God originally said: 'My people perish from a lack of knowledge. However now, satan has changed our Bibles to read:' My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge'. There is a a HUGE difference between 'perish' and 'destroyed', the first means death and hell, but the second means severely damaged but surviving.

Camraj, from Discord

Compared to many testimony's I have read, my own awareness of the bible changes is more or less rooted in faith as I didn't write the bible in my heart. Growing up in the Catholic Church, my mind would wander away from the word and I rarely listened to it. However, my own interest in the Mandela effect is partially what prompted me to get back into the faith. I came to the logical conclusion that this phenomena could be explained through a higher power be it God or an angel (or fallen angel) as logically speaking, they aren't bound to the 3rd dimensional world we can see. Something about the parallel universe theory of the phenomena just never resonated with me. In my own prayers asking about it, the answer I received was God sees time as if flipping a page in a book he's already written. And now that I've typed this out, I realized how that metaphor coincides with the bible changes though he was using it as an analogy to explain freewill. He knows the story but whether our name will be at the end of his book is given to us to decide. So I don't believe the bible has necessarily been changed by CERN, but rather he is allowing it happen which will lead up to the passage in Revelation (why is it just Revelation now? The name itself makes no sense as it's not just one revelation. Unless, the changes are supposed to be our single revelation...) where people will search desperately for the word of God but will not find it. [6:22 PM] But, the thing that made me really question everything was a two Mandela effects: Fruit of the Loom and "Objects in the mirror." While I have somehow reconciled the first, the car mirrors one is something I can't shake out of my brain as inherently wrong (even though it's more grammatically correct). I imagine what I feel about this is how you all must feel about the changes in the bible. I wasn't familiar with scripture until it was already altered but I can see how wicked some of the passages currently read are. This is the very thing that solidifies the ME as a real phenomena that's both a result of supernatural changes and people's own twisted memory trying to justify their own beliefs over reality. It's a double edge sword because while there truly are supernatural changes occurring, there is also normal mass hysteria so we need to ask for discernment when they occur. It's a slippery slope and I imagine that's part of why many ignore the blasphemy currently in the next. They know their mind can play tricks on them, but when you put your faith in the bible alone, then you have put it in an idol for the bible is not the word of God, Jesus is.

Lylah, from Discord

Hi, you can call me Sergeant. I grew up in a Christian family but only got saved in 2020. Around late 2021 I became very invested in many different spiritual phenomena that God lead me to, such as CERN, predictive programming, the Mandela Effect, and so on, and since then I have continued to look into it. I've gone on multiple websites and God lead me to the TSBC website just a few days ago. It really opened my eyes and helped me to see how much we need to depend on God leading us through the bible as we still have it. We shouldn't cherish the words for the words only. It's just like how we shouldn't enjoy a friend's company for what they say to us, but for the relationship we have with them. That's helped me to stay closer to God than ever, although I still get attacked with anxiety alot. But in the end I know God's got me, and fear is a lie, despite all the other lies we've been fed in this world.

Sergeant Sinflawed, from Discord

I noticed a couple of red flags around 2016 when reading the bible I inherited from my great Aunt and it confused me but I didn't imagine that the bible had changed. After that I heard about the Mandela Effect and was affected by certain changes. Then I came across a YouTube channel talking about the bible changes and the lion and the lamb in Isaiah. I was shocked when I checked my bible and it had changed. I found it difficult to process because I was familiar with the verse from childhood. I then noticed many other changes such as heavens to heaven in Genesis and wineskins to bottles. I noticed ravens where doves or sparrows had once appeared, olive branch to olive leaf, Aaron's staff instead of Moses' etc. I saw vulgarity in my daughter's children's bible and some of the images in it becoming blurry before changing and church hymn sheet texts going fuzzy, too. The Lord's prayer was now written in a way I had never heard before. There were modern words in the bible, grammatical errors, contradictions and many verses had been perverted. I could see many of the changes seemed demonic; references to unicorns and cauldrons, homosexuality, cannibalism etc and I found it disturbing. I also learned about the Biblical prophecies pertaining to all of this. That was a few years ago and the bible continues to change. Up until I discovered what was happening I put it down to different versions when I heard scripture being misquoted. God was working on me and preparing me before opening me up to the revelation and I am so thankful for that!

Iscah, from Discord

I found TSBC two days ago by coming across a YouTube video of an interview the FEB (Founded Earth Brothers) did with JesusFreakComputerGeek. I was so intrigued by what he shared during that interview that I visited his website to take a look at his blog. When I did that I was led to TSBC and the quiz. I was simultaneously deeply disturbed by the quiz and excited by the confirmation it provided (that we are in fact living in the last days of the end times). It also made me realize that I needed to repent for failing to "hide God's Word in my heart" as the Bible instructs us to do. In my foolishness (or perhaps I should say arrogance), I thought we'd always have access to the Bible itself to reference - if we wanted/needed to - so there was no longer a reason to memorize it. I cried and asked for God's forgiveness when the full understanding of Psalm 119:11 and Hosea 4:6 was revealed to me by the Holy Spirit. I've been able to think of little else since and am seeking the Lord's guidance on how I can use this revelation to wake other believers up & reach the lost, while there's still time to do so. I grew up memorizing that verse as "My people PERISH for lack of knowledge". (I didn't choose the pic/wording pictured above.) But I do find it interesting that it was changed to destroyed since the Word also says that the devil comes to steal, kill and DESTROY. That to me, is further confirmation that these changes are the work of Satan, not human.

LibertyBelleNews, from Discord

The journey from dismissing things as "differences in translation" or "misremembering" something to wondering if I was crazy because no one else seemed to be concerned about the changes. But when I later discovered these changes had happened to all Bibles - printed & digital formats, regardless of how old ... that's when I knew beyond a doubt this was the work of Satan. That same day I learned the Lion & the lamb had been changed to wolf & lamb, for further confirmation. Then I was prompted to read Amos 8 thereafter I recalled verses about hiding God's word in my heart ... and suddenly all the dots connected. We've been "set up", for a very long time. We've been taught to trust the Bible & that the Word is inerrant, but we weren't taught that JESUS is The Word. Plus, we were (in many Christian denominations) discouraged from thinking that the Holy Spirit would/could speak to people today because that was just necessary during ancient times before the Bible was finished being written supernaturally. I now believe God wanted us to know His Word because He knew the time would come when the Bible would be supernaturally corrupted bit by bit & we'd need to rely on His Word completely. One thing is certain, we need discernment from the Holy Spirit now more than ever!

LibertyBelleNews, from Discord

Wow so I just got this text from one of my long time friends who I was room mates with for several years. I opened up to him about all the ME stuff and Bible changes because I believed he always had a solid knowledge of the Bible and grounded in his faith. He is very bright and a successful attorney. Here is what he wrote: "Buddy, we've been friends for 20-plus years, so I'm going to be straight with you: I'm concerned about you. From what you've told me in the past couple of weeks, I think you're having a tough time right now. I want to help. I'm on your side." What really bugs me though is that he went as far as reaching out to one of my sisters to warn her that something is wrong with me. In all fairness I think he genuinely is concerned for my well being so I guess I am thankful for that. I'm just not sure how to assess this situation..has anyone else had a similar situation? I really want him to wake up. He is a dear friend and I would be devastated if his path went toward a deeper blindness.

Makingspace, from Discord

Wow! I've had an online friend question my mental stability but not yet a real life friend. They may be thinking it but they don't say it.

terrilp, from Discord

I had a frustrating correspondence with an older or so I thought "wiser" man who I always considered faithful and after God's own heart. This is a man I've always admired for his commitment and humility toward God. This is a gentle white haired man I always felt "had it figured out". You may know someone like like this. In all fairness, he mostly reads Chinese Bible, and NIV...not so much KJV.

Makingspace, from Discord

Me: ... Yes....the source or method of change is another separate and somewhat complex of a discussion. The key aspect is whether or not you recognize the changes. The way to do this is to just start reading the KJV and going to some of the most familiar verses and you will see. You will also notice terrible misspelling and grammar, nonsense verses, and well as "cut and paste" verses (that are repeated verbatim). You will notice confusing and blasphemous doctrine such as God "repenting", God thinking "evil", God causing "evil". Many claim this is just the way Old Shakespearn English translated, but those of us who know enough about the KJV can testify otherwise. Of course all Bibles have changed are changing, but it is not as evident because of the modern English style, and the versions in different tongues are harder to detect. The basic Christian doctrine is the same, that we are saved by faith in Christ Jesus, and only by Him. However, the problem has become that those of us who are seeing the changes tend to agree this is the point, that by the Bible changing to become blasphemous in many verses, it has become an idol to the body of Christ. People have placed their hope in the Bible over Christ...worshiping the "creation more than the Creator"...(In the KJV this say "creature" instead of "creation" by the way). People have ascribed a divine nature to the Bible over Christ. The thing is the Bible clearly defines JESUS ONLY as the "Word of God" (John 1:1, and Rev. 19:13). So the Word of God never changes nor do His words that He spoke which resound into eternity, but the BOOK ...the ink and paper that they were documented as HAVE SUPERNATURALLY CHANGED. Here are some of the blasphemous verses in the KJV: Luke 23:47 KJV Now when the centurion saw what was done, he glorified God, saying, Certainly this was a RIGHTEOUS MAN. (use to say Son of God)

HIS RESPONSE: Not a significant difference. The Son of God is a righteous Man. No blaspheme.

ME: Exodus 32:14 14 And the Lord repented of the evil which he thought to do unto his people. (God does not repent)

HIS RESPONSE: "repented" in KJV is "relented" in NIV. See also Gen 6:6. Check out the meaning of the Hebrew word "nacham".

ME: Job 25:6 How much less man, that is a worm? and the son of man, which is a worm? (Jesus is not a worm)

HIS RESPONSE: The phrase "son of man" here does not mean Jesus. Also, the phrase is only a metaphor, not literal.

ME: Isaiah 45 7 I form the light, and create darkness: I make peace, and create evil: I the Lord do all these things. (God does not create evil) HIS RESPONSE: "evil" in KJV is "disaster" in NIV. Check out the Hebrew word "ra".

ME: Rev 1:6 6 And hath made us kings and priests unto God and his Father; to him be glory and dominion for ever and ever. Amen. (God does not have a father)

HIS RESPONSE: Eph 1:3 Praise to the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ.

ME: Amos 4 2 The Lord GOD hath sworn by his holiness, that, lo, the days shall come upon you, that he will take you away with hooks, and your posterity with fishhooks. (The Lord does not swear..oaths were made yes)

HIS RESPONSE: Heb 6:13 For when God made promise to Abraham, because he could swear by no greater, he sware by himself,

ME: Rev. 1:13 And in the midst of the seven candlesticks one like unto the Son of man, clothed with a garment down to the foot, and girt about the paps with a golden girdle. (This is a blasphemous description of Jesus for obvious reasons…he did not wear a girdle or braw over his nipples) Here is the Wycliff Bible Translation: and in the middle of the seven golden candlesticks one like to the Son of man, clothed with a long garment, and girded at the teats with a golden girdle. (This is not a translation issue, it NEVER read this way)

HIS RESPONSE: In NIV it says "and among the lampstands was someone like a son of man, dressed in a robe reaching down to his feet and with a golden sash around his chest. "Girdle" in the ancient language did not necessarily mean "bra" for a woman. "chest" does not necessarily mean "breasts". It seems to me you'd have more problem with the old KJV translation. I'm not sure you're defending or correcting the KJV Bible?


I have to say I spoke to someone yesterday, an acquaintance who I thought was waking up after I went over the changes with her. Today she went to a well known minister, and she told him about our conversation. Then I asked her what she thought about this since she sees the changes. She said, it is not our concern because we should not worry about it and let God take care of the Bride of Christ. I presume this minister conveyed this to her, but im not sure. Her point i think was that we need to worry about our calling, and let God worry about the Bride of Christ. I was a little stupefied by her response, because it just conveyed so much apathy to me. I am still trying to process what this kind of response fully implies. Has anyone else encountered a similar response?

Makingspace, from Discord

Bizarre to me why people don't think this is something to notice (be shocked about!), react to (can't keep trusting in what you read or see) and be vigilant about (strengthen your relationship with God, not his Bible). No longer can we relax in the Bible they way we used to. I'm continually shocked by how many don't fall off their chair about this and all the other changes we are seeing. I think your acquaintance must have fear she's dealing with.

Joy Days, from Discord

I'm not sure what to think some days either. People tell me its odd and agree with me on changes but never feel an urge to research whats going on. It's like discussing the rain to them. I keep trying though it's frustrating.

Dracmas, from Discord

Me too. I'll continue to share. Who knows when you'll find the person God is talking to. Do you know what I mean?

Joy Days, from Discord

I know what you mean. I tried telling my church leaders and peers and was likened to a conspiracy theorist. I could not believe that they couldn't or wouldn’t see the changes.

JA, from Discord

Definitely a blessing that we can see, but a hardship watching others possibly fall away. Just talked with my ex-wife. It is sad when I mention things she should know.

Dracmas, from Discord

At church this morning, one of the associate pastors mentioned "the Destroyer" , this time the reference was from Hebrew in chapter 23 I think. It's very frustrating. Also the phrase "By faith Moses kept the passover" was in the passage. This is another phrase I am unfamiliar with. It kind of points to Hebrew Roots tendencies.

Makingspace, from Discord

I didn't pray for knowing this until I really felt something was off and even then I didn't fully notice the changes yet last year. Hopefully something we say will make them want to have the love for the truth themselves and go to our Father in prayer just like I did. And wow, it was one thing after another once I could see the deception was there.

Dracmas, from Discord

I had a vision in 2010, that satan took a word from the bible blurred it and it changed it to Wot, which means to know, to know something. And in 2015 I saw that the word Noah became Noe, I told my husband I had at the time he wouldn't believe me. I read the bible since I was saved in 2009 every day all the time as much as I could, and I got so acquainted with the bible that I can tell right off when there is a change. I have been seeing new changes a lot since, and the Holy Spirit gives me a gut distress when I read it now at times, its making it difficult to read the bible as much as I once did. That is my testimony, I hope it helps.

Yiska7, from Discord

I told my friend about the changes and he nonchalantly said "oh well, nothing I can do about it"! I tried to explain that this was happening supernaturally and that our reality is changing and that this is a huge deal and he got really angry and said it wasn't a big deal! I couldn't believe it! He's changed a lot in the last few years - it's like he's empty inside and has zero compassion and empathy.. this has to be the great delusion!

EvolvingGrace, from Discord

Last night I was looking in my KJV in bed and closed it to sleep - I set it beside me but got such a bad feeling about sleeping next to it - permeated with evil. So I tossed in on the floor. What a reverse from when I thought putting a Bible on the floor was a sin.

terrilp, from Discord

I recently shared information concerning the supernatural Bible changes with a group of believers who love the Lord and His Word. They were immediately offended and explained how God was able to preserve His Word. The evil one has been twisting the Word of God from the beginning in the Garden of Eden. They were so sure of what was impossible but had not yet prayed for understanding or studied the subject. I do not understand the phenomena, but something does appear to be happening and it deserves our prayer asking for the wisdom to see and understand. We have believers on both sides of the issue. The delusion prophesied in scripture is upon us. Someone is being deceived. Is it those of us who are praying and asking for understanding for what seems to be impossible or those of you who already know what’s impossible? I’m reminded that most of the pharisee believed it was impossible Jesus could be the Christ. We all see the power being used by evil and for evil. We as believers in the Lord, His Word and these supernatural changes, need to start moving in His power.

Price, from Discord

Well said - I've been thinking lately that what's coming is more "supernatural" than anything we've seen so far - it will be the Power of God in us combating efforts of satan - if we will submit to our Father's will and the Holy Spirit's prompting.

terrilp, from Discord

The first thing I saw on the ME was the lion and lamb. I went nuts around here trying to find out where the wolf popped in. I had no idea. But then I started seeing other changes, and I was thinking, this is not how I remember it at all. I was afraid I was getting a disease causing a memory issue. So eventually I pulled away, which was wrong. It hurt so much to see changes. I studied the bible in depth. I took BSF for 7 years in the past. I studied for several years in more intensive study than BSF. So when the changes started, I was fully aware of them. I thought I was the only one seeing them. I thought this until recently. Now I know. I should've looked to see if other people did. Nobody around me mentioned it to me. Nobody else sees it that I know about, here. In a way, pulling back kept my memories good, and free from corruption. But it is overwhelming to see so many. I have been taking notes of them, and it is a heavy task to do so. I am nowhere near caught up, and the changes seem to be ongoing. To make matters worse, I cannot rely on my concordances and lexicons either. They have also changed, which really compounded the issue.

Kelly L, from Discord

When a person reads their Bible, or listens to a pastor’s sermon they may happen upon a word change. At this time they will reject or willfully accept this change. Even when the word is out of keeping they will willfully accept it, despite their spiritual background and knowledge. Words now written in their Bible become the authority of their beliefs. They are not responsive to correction by logical proof to the contrary. They love not the truth. Yet others see this word as altered immediately. This is the phenomenon of the Mandela effect we are witnessing.

Marley, from Discord

When I first saw the changes about three years ago, I felt like I was in the twilight zone, like most I am sure. I took all the bibles I could find in my house and other books, laid them all on my bed, and kept comparing in disbelief. I spent the whole weekend in complete and utter disbelief. Seems we have all gone through similar stages with this.I left it alone for awhile as it kind of wore me down. I was waiting for the famous or not so famous church leaders and "experts" to start talking about it.

Jesus Is The Word, from Discord

I was a Satanist for over 30 years, although a hard core , so I thought, Christian before then, at like 12 and 13 years old. I went sideways. 2017 I was studying A.I. and robotics, which led to quantum computing, Dwave, CERN, and then the Mandella Effect. Isiah 11:6, wolf. That set alarm bells off in my head finally and it wasn't long after Holy Spirit punched me in the solar plexusand Praise God, Jesus svaed me!

snek, from Discord

A FB friend posted about lion being changed to wolf in Isaiah. I checked out all the versions and it felt like entering The Twilight Zone. He also posted a short quiz about non-Biblical changes. My husband and I remembered it the same, both the verses and the cultural questions and they said it was ME. We looked up ME online and the posts said it was false memory. Yeah, right. How do y’all deal with this? We’re just so sad because there are so many passages that have led us, comforted us, caused us to change over the years. It just feels so intrusive that it is changing, so wicked. It seemed that with all the other difficult things we have learned over the past few years, that the Bible was an anchor. I’m just so glad that my husband sees this too or I might think I was cracking up!

Laura7, from Discord

I first saw the word matrix a few weeks ago, while rereading my bible. Then unicorns, then dragons. 2 days ago I came across that truth shock tv channel and started watching videos on other changes. I confirmed it in my KJV and online bible sources I use. Its all different! So I have been seeking out truth and praying for discernment to find the truth. And praying and trusting in God and having Faith in Him.

TruthSeeker, from Discord

more than 5 years ago.. started with the lion and the lamb, then people mentioned other changes and I was like nooooo... that's not what it said. So I checked my book and it was not how I remember it. Then I took them seriously. And there were many things that changed from my time spent in theology classes, Lutheran schools, then years attending the same church. Sure it isn't like I memorized everything but a few parts that I consider special or significant for one reason or another. And those are the only parts that I can say are not like I remember . Besides the wolf was always referred to as the predator and lion as Our protector. To have it flip and yet few thing still remains to suggest not everything is gone. Well anyway. That's my first exposure to it. But the chips and such are part if their plan for one world banking system. It lines up with what we were warned of. And by the way they intend to use the system it is by design to be worse slavery than ww2 . So I don't care how they spin it. I simply can not trust it. And they have been so deceptive with TV news compared to the published reports and material that you can look up. They push an agenda for public, but you read the literature they publish on the same thing and it contradicts their TV version of the same thing.

heartman36, from Discord

I read every day and also do some Bible studies. I am trying to immerse myself in reading the Bible, praying and getting closer to God. I have several versions of the Bible that I use to compare with my 1611 KJV. I usually read my KJV first, then go to my LSV for the more literal meaning. I have CSB, ESV and NKJV on the side that I will sometimes check just to see the differences. I noticed the changes when doing my daily Bible reading and then went and searched out some vids on youtube to see if there was any, then that led me to truthshock tv and a few other channels, then found the link to this discord server and thought I would join and to get more proof. I have been praying for discernment and truth everyday; asking the Holy Spirit to guide me. I am thankful I have these other versions so I can check them when I am questioning something. First with "matrix", then unicorns and dragons. And I sat there and thought "huh, this sounds like a fairy tale, with all these words". So i began my search.

TruthSeeker, from Discord

Ok so I grew up in a what you would call a Christian home we went to church ever Sunday.I didn’t go to church every Sunday tho I had a tough childhood also I have autism and adhd but I truly believe I got them from vaccines.unfortunately also so I went to a billy Graham crusade I think in 1995 think it was sin Toronto I went down to accept Jesus I wanna say that Is when I became a Christian but that’s not the case.After that day I believe I got many of the problems from being vaccinated I had many problems Including a horrible tongue also got into porn addiction which I now regret totally now. Thank you Jesus for delivering me from that so growing up I was labeled by society as different because of the label of autism.I went to special needs classes for all my schooling.I really didn’t have many friends because they would label me as different but now that I think of it now it’s ok also growing up I was a huge fan of sports but now I realize it was clearly an idol to me.Sad honestly that it took me so long to realize this also I was addicted to porn for too long.Ok now let me get to the Bible changes well in 2015 I checked out a video on YouTube about the Bible changes on a Channel called truth shock tv I dismissed it as no way that could happen but then in 2020 I the Holy Spirit that led me to check out truth shock TVs channel again this time I checked In my own kjv the verses that he was showing in the video.Like Isaiah 11:6 now says wolf instead of lion I couldn’t believe it it was always lion lamb and always will be I knew something was going on when it said wolf so I have a kjv bible that my grandparents got for they’re wedding that has the changes that truth shock tv was showing in his video then I was like this can’t be possible.All my life I grew up believing the Bible was the Word of God but Jesus is the Word of God.Basically how the Bible changes have impacted me well the Bible changes led me to becoming born again and I wouldn’t change it for anything. Because Jesus truly changes us also I used to have lustful thoughts because of what porn does to the mind but since becoming born again and receiving the Holy Spirit My mind has been totally changed and it’s so so so Wonderful I still read the Bible and can now understand it through spiritual eyes praise The Lord!! But since noticing the Bible changes I’ve tried to tell ppl about the changes but all they really say it’s that I’m being deceived and i need to repent they say God would never change the Bible they call it the word of God but I tell them the Word of God is not the Bible the Word is Jesus so all in all the way it has impacted me is that it brought me to the Lord it’s just so wonderful.I also have a new perspective on life that the reason for life is for us to live for Jesus and to give him glory.Cause only He is truly worthy of our praise!

David, from Discord

Hi Everyone. This is my first day here so glad I found this chat room. It is so needed. So many of us feel so isolated as most of our loved ones and friends are not open to the Bible changes let alone born again. At least that is my situation. I only have one friend who has been a Christian a long time but she doesn’t really like to talk about the changes. I think for some it’s just too terrifying a reality that God would allow this. In 2019 I read the scripture we all speak about and noticed the change from lion shall lay down with the lamb to the wolf shall dwell with the lamb. At first I thought it was a misprint from the new Bible I bought. I found the ME secular changes shortly after and then the ME Bible changes. I found EYA on YT and went on her show. Was very in shock about it all. Had to take a break from it all last year with everything going on in my life plus the ME and especially the Bible changes really upset me. So I am back to learning more about the changes now. In a better place than I was in my personal life, praise the Lord! I was raised Catholic and went to Catholic school up til 10th grade then had enough. And went to public HS. When I was 14, I accepted the Lord. Was spiritually abused for many years and by the time I got out I was close to 30. I wanted nothing to do with Jesus or the Bible or churches. If you are interested in my testimony you can find me on YouTube. My channel is the same as my name here. I went into the New Age movement for many years, met my husband, and recently rededicated my life to the Lord. It was the truth about what is really going on in this world that led me back to Him. I have researched it all over the years from the NWO, to blood lines to satanism, mk ultra, psyops, etc. so I was awake for a while but did not come back to Jesus until several years ago when I realized it all leads back to Him (or not). So back to ME, I’m very glad for this channel. I watched a live stream on EYA Report recently and making space was on and he talked about his website. I went there today and then found this chat room. Praise God. We don’t go to church. Recent,y we tried and were abused again. Obviously it is not where the Lord wants us to be. I know His church is not a building. it is His body of believers so if he leads me to go back in the future I will. I know we are in the end times so I am very careful and discerning about who I let in anyway. My experiences have taught me that. Wolves in sheep’s clothing are rampant right now. Would love to chat with you all and even talk on the phone. I am so needing fellowship from ppl like you who are awake and awake to the MEs. Look forward to being here and possible hearing from some of you in the future. Please pray for me and my husband, John. We are both under spiritual attack every day for years. We have no family or friends (except the one friend I mentioned earlier) He has chronic health issues due to big pharma and tapering off meds for years. Thanks so much! God bless!

ElizabethC, from Discord

I was born again in 2014/2015 out of demonic and angelic experiences, I loved reading the word of God and would read it multiple times a day and was obsessed with and studied translational issues of the bible, which were/are completely evil in nature but now I would guess the modern versions read better than the KJV. In 2017 God was trying to show me the changes but I dismissed it as insanity and so in January this year I prayed that if I was deceived in anything to please let me know and here we are, lol. The scriptures that absolutely confounded me was the book of isaiah, its absolutely butchered, the wolf and the lion? Nonsense! wineskins/bottles. nebuchenzzer is now spelled nebu-CHAD-nezzer, he's now a "chad". God told me to read Mark 4 and I saw the word "abject" or something ridiculous and just put the bible down and so I havent read it yet but I'm just so upset I'm kind of still in the distressed stage of this all brothers... sisters... so sorry if I seem erratic, lol.

St Judah, from Discord

Wow so u organically noticed by simply reading them....it took a Bill Bean video to catch my attention had put the bible down for too long to notice i guess. @St Judah

Makingspace, from Discord

Yeah and brother God knows, I ignored him when he tried to show me this in 2017 but he foreknew I was going to do that and the same with you in that He knew what you were going to do. And I'm just so thankful to him for it and putting me with brothers and sisters who can SEE. The Wheat! The Remnant, whatever you'd like to call it.

St Judah, from Discord

My mom led me to Jesus when i was just a toddler. I always took God seriously because my mom showed me that example. In adulthood I definitely rebelled but never fully turned from God. In fact I found myself praying ever so much more intently when i put myself in a mess. I had a really long dry spell of diligent scripture reading from about 2010-2018 when a Bill Bean video came across my recommended YT vidz and it hit me like a ton of bricks. I immediately jumped back on the horse and have been fighting hard to get the warning out ever since.

Makingspace, from Discord

My testimony, i was saved at 6 years old, christian all my life. Woke up to the bible changes in 2018. Been thru much having seen the mandela effect literally change reality on 07-20-2020, and my friends changed too, drastically. Glad Jesus is with me thru it all. When it was first pointed out to me in a chat room 2016, someone said the lion changed to wolf, i thought they were a troll. Then in 2018 i started searching secular changes, then popped up bible changes on you tube, i watched, found instantly when i opened my bible, the changes. it was shocking, but confirmation to me that we are in the last days. I've literally also seen reality change on 7-20-2020, chic fil a changed to 'chick fil a' , and all my friends who i talked with about that, said 'its never been chic fil a', yet we had argued about it before never being anything but chic fil a. Also seen other people change, over night, their names change, they don't remember it happening, seen verses swap back in the bible, seen others change off. Observed so much happening. I asked God to tell me what the wolf means. Later, weeks, i had a dream, I talked to this man in a store for 5 minutes, he seemed like a learned man, like a preacher, dressed well. We talked 5 minutes about the bible. Then i decided in my dream to ask him about if he knows about the bible changes. I literally felt myself cringe in my dream knowing he was going to hate it, BUT, i was suddenly surprised when i asked "do you know about the mandela effect bible changes?" - He immediately said "You want to know about the wolf of I s a i a h 11 : 6" and i said "YES", then he said "The tribe that bears the symbol of the wolf shall be alive on earth at the time of Jesus 2nd coming." I then WOKE UP, went to G00GLE, and discovered the tribe of Benjamin is the wolf, and they are a LOST tribe so is Judah, i did not know they had that symbol. then i thought more about it. Rev 7 speaks of the 12 tribes, 12K from each tribe. Benjamin is listed. but there is no Benjamin or Judah now, they are lost. So i believe we will see the tribe of Benjamin located, alive, thus a sign from God we are so close to the time of Jesus return.

Jack Frost, from Discord

I am only born again a few years back but I was aware of the new world order and the evil at hand and I find comfort in Christ and our God and the Holy Spirit speaks to show the way... without that I would feel lost! So lost! I was raised by my family who weren't believers but were both Christian raised and my grandmother took me to church as a young child..from that age to about 29 years old I wasn't born again, that's where it happened for me [12:11 AM] It's stuck with me all my life and I didn't find God until I searched him for myself and realized the GIFT that GOD GIVES us, salvation in Jesus name!!

radiantsoldier, from Discord

I had only gone to a few catholic masses as a child with a friend, my folks were atheist back then. But that was written on my heart because it was the first time I heard of his lion side.

Breener, from Discord

Hi all! My testimony begins in 2015. At the time, I was a practicing Catholic. Until my Priest (who was not an American citizen) began chastising parishioners for not acquiescing to Obama’s call for gun control. He then proceeded to tell us what a great family man Obama was. I printed out a stack of legislation showing all the times Obama supported abortion and asked the priest if the souls of those children would agree with that assessment. That started my journey down the social justice component of the catechism of the Catholic Church. I came to learn that, as a Catholic, it is my duty to acquiesce to government and governments right to use violence if they see fit. I couldn’t understand why the church would involve herself in such matters. Then when the Pope came to America, something in my spirit stirred, as I witnessed him, the United Nations, and Obama celebrate Agenda 2030 being implemented and I KNEW it was evil. The veil began lifting. Then the attacks began. Had to pull my son out of Catholic school because he was being ostracized for me speaking my truth. So, I went to confession, where I encountered what I absolutely knew was a demon. We subsequently left the faith. As one rabbit hole (church) led to other rabbit holes (government, Hollywood, media), the attacks intensified. In august of 2016, my (now ex) husband of 17 years almost killed me in front of our son by strangulation. This resulted in immediate separation. The trauma of witnessing that, coupled with the toxicity that followed, contributed to my son’s behavior (11 year old) becoming horrible. Expelled from school. Rude. Disrespectful, etc etc. Not one to be deterred, I continued on my journey of truth. As such, I have come so much closer to Jesus. My eyes began opening more and more as the veil was lifted. One day, a rabbit hole mentioned the Mandela Effect. All this time, I simply thought I had dreamed sitting in my Mom’s kitchen in the early 1990’s when news broke of Mandela being killed in prison. I was also the only one who would sing “of the world” at the end of the Queen song and everybody would look at me like I was crazy (that actually started happening also in the 1990’s). As a nurse practitioner, I KNOW that HIPPA was Health Information Privacy Protection Act. When I learned of the supernatural Bible changes, although devastated, I was not surprised. Of course the evil one would target the Bible. The. When I began reading the history of the Bible, my eyes were further opened. This satanic matrix we live in IS the great deception. And it all started with Satan’s plan with the fall of man.

BethD, from Discord

As I was reading and studying my Bible on Saturday, I was focused on the book of Genesis. I spent 14 hours before I even realized that time had passed. Prior to 2015, the Bible was literally gibberish to me. May as well have been written in Latin. As my desire to grow closer to Jesus increases and as my desire to discern truth blossoms, my understanding grows daily. What was revealed to me over the weekend is terrifying, but definitely answers a few questions that I had regarding the disparity in the God of the Old Testament versus the God of the New Testament. The popular narrative of the wrathful God versus the merciful God Never quite sat well with me. For whatever reason. Then I saw it. Please pull out your Bible and look at Genesis 1. God is mentioned only as the creator of heaven and earth. Then, in genesis two the name shifts to Lord God. Who is the Lord and God? Jesus Christ! And what did He do an Genesis 2? He breathed life into Noah and the earth and created woman from God’s rib. Of course he did! He is the life. What a revelation. Genesis three goes on to discuss Jesus’ curse for Adam and eve and the serpent.

BethD, from Discord

The Word has many dynamics/facets of understanding. I have personal testimonies of our Heavenly Father's Holy Spirit walking me through the different ways I have personally walked in the antichrist spirit and how to identify what spirit we walk in and therefore how to identify when someone else is being high jacked by another spirit. Teaching us how to go to war with that spirit with the Holy Spirit of Truth and Love versus the flesh. Hope this makes sense.

Rodeo Angel, from Discord

I woke up to The Bible changes because I was raised in a churchgoing family that went 3 times a week and competed in a group called Awana that competed in memorization of the King James Bible versus. I noticed the changes about 2 years ago when it all came together why I was seeing things and remembering things differently in all areas of life not just in The Bible. Bible. I had the time to really look at this over the last decade because I was sick and even on hospice for nearly 10 years. The 1st 5 years I was bedridden and wheelchair bound on a feeding tube but still could do some research online. I was a civilian physician assistant and a Air Force medic for nearly 20 years a clinical practice. My life in the outside world completely ended in 2010 as a became so ill and nearly died multiple times so my relationship with God became a priority like never before. I am sad to say it took this amount of pain to get me to turn back to him. Because of this when The Bible versus started appearing as changes not only to my own reading but to those at churches online I was floored and that was about 2018 or just earlier. The moment I proved to myself it was happening the verse from Amos about the famine of the word in the land posed into my brain because I also had been raised around alot of prophesy teaching all my life and that verse finally made sense in a world with libraries and the internet. So for the last 2 years I began to understand that this world is not what we think and it is more spiritual then I had ever imagined. Because of this it changed my Faith and the way I prayed. This change then became a miracle as I applied what I knew was written on my heart and connected with the Holy Spirit to ask for healing or to go home to heaven with sincerity. Well I got my miracle as I had the tubes for feeding removed 2 years ago, and then in January I was finial out of the wheelchair and and able to even drive now after a decade. I got off all medications and was told I would die if I stopped them but didn't. I was supposed to be placed in a nursing home in January because I was unable to care for myself and that also was canceled thank God as cv was taking off. I have been able to tell many people I knew and family too that this virus thing was all wrong as my military career had been involved in bio-warfare and the way things were going and how the governments handled it was all wrong if it was as deadly as they claimed. So I have lived without fear during this time but I also have no family who talks to me now or friends because of ME and biblical cosmology. I even had some say I faked my illness or it was caused by mental problems but then how did I have all the scans and blood work to have doctors put me in hospitals and eventually on hospice. So God knew I had to be free of my military and medical career to find the truth and not to be part of the lies that are destroying our world. If I had still been in the military I would probably be giving out the vax and not thinking anything was wrong or been imprisoned in Levanworth for disobeying orders because I couldn't do my job. I still do not know why I didn't die other than I must still be needed here for something so I keep trying to tell people the truth but it is so isolating as no one wants to here so I write in comment sections and post wherever it is allowed. I must say though I am never lonely as God is always with me but I do wish I had people physically around to talk to but these platforms like this are a great. I found this group the other day when I was on duck duck go just putting in diffent Mandela terms and spotted the website with the link for discord. So here I am. So some other background: I am a female combat veteran from the Iraq War 2006 and it was the toxins from years of vaccines that triggered my illness, I have a service dog who saved my life 3 times as she could tell if my sugars had dropped or I was having anaphylaxis , I live in Spokane Washington and was raised originally on a organic self sufficient farm my first 20 years of life, I have traveled the world and done more then most have in 48 years of life, I have multiple science degrees and years of clinical experiences that make this whole waking up to the truth all the more mind boggling, I used to love to fly fish and walk the woods but it will be awhile before I can do that safely on my own as I am rebuilding my muscles strength after the decade in a wheelchair, I still love to read but much more selective and I research alot of history trying to find out the real truth there as well, I do not have a TV and I rarely watch any movies unless it is for research, I am not having to work as I am still to weak and suffer the autoimmune disease side effects of pain and I am given disability by the Veterans Administration so doing better then so many others and I have lots of time to be in prayer so that is a big part of my daily life, I follow alot of different YouTube channels but am very new to discord. Ok that is enough about me and I hope I am able to make some friends here to share with and support as this world is not getting easier. Thanks for asking.

damselmedic, from Discord

I honestly don't remember how I even got in here. Probably something to do with the massive MEs going on and I saw something major involving God and some other religious stuff changing which possibly led me here?

ZetaFunction, from Discord
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Addition: After I learned about Flat Earth, which was quite hard, I had no hard time to accept the fact of the Supernatural Bible Changes.

Thorben, from Discord

I'm 54, I live in Villa Rica Georgia, which is about 30 miles west of Atlanta. The change that confirmed to me that this was happening was wineskins being replaced with bottles.About 35 years ago I went to a service and the sermon was about not being able to put new wine into old wineskins, I had even bought the evangelist's book that he had written about it.

dutchman, from Discord

Am I aware that the bible is supernaturally changing? Absolutely. Its in believable. I grew up in awana’s, Sunday school, bible college, and i was in ministry for 7 years. Hadn’t read by bible in depth in over 6 years it’s NKJV and iv just been re reading through the New Testament and its shocking. I’m seeing word updates and changes on every single page. A lot of stuff I haven’t seen anyone talk about but I knew this bible so well. Iv read the New Testament in there over 100 times and iv had this bible for 20 years. I’m also a really detailed person. But ya when I saw how bad it actually was (I knew the KJV was really bad) I cried. Could not believe Christians can’t see this. Its literally so obvious if you know your scriptures.

Josh from Oregon, from Discord

I was told by a Christian that I was not saved until 7 years ago. I WAS saved and obeyed the Lord. He told me to go to the prison so I did. I worked there 12 years and I became my environment, no matter how hard I tried not to. I became evil living in sin. The Lord broke my neck twice and returned me to repentance. I was saved, lost my salvation/faith and was brought to repentance by the Lord. My life, only few people can understand. I have fought people, more that 50 times. I have fought officers. I have been hungry and I have been hurt many many times requiring many surgeries. No one can tell me my sould was not saved/lost/then returned to salvation. My name was written in the Lambs book of life/blotted out/ then rewritten. I have lived a life few understand. I know what it is like to be feared by all, hated by all, denied by all. Jesus is my only hope. To believe I was never saved is a lie. I know salvation and I know hell on earth. God had blessed me many many many times before and after. I shall never deny Him. I truly love you and even my enemies, and I do have enemies. I had to train my wife because of death threats to my family. I had to be moved in the prison to an area more contained because of hits put upon my life and my family. I know hate, unforgiveness and real forgiveness and I can tell you that I was/before prison/ and now am saved. God bless you all. Good bye

David, from Discord

Well, I’ll just give the short details of how I became aware of the Mandela effect. I’ve been following the vaccine information these past months including Dr. Tenpenny’s feed on Telegram. I saw a comment about TruthShockTV on youtube, so I went to watch one of his videos. I was startled when he mentioned the Lion and the Lamb because over the last 2-3 years, I reread the NKJV Bible and do remember reading “The wolf also shall dwell with the lamb” and was puzzled by it, but I figured the lion & lamb must have appeared in a different passage. I've been taking many notes and analyzing the changed scriptures that people have mentioned. I know satyr would not be in the Bible, and I know Abraham did not laugh, it was a bit strange to see Italy, and also there were two different Morning Stars. I don't remember bottles; he would have spoken of wineskins because they expand. Anyways, when TruthShockTV mentioned about the mandela effect, I encountered other mandela effects outside the Bible, which were further convincing. The Volvo logo and Da Vinci's pencil drawing are different than what they used to be. I have been noticing strange things for 10 years, but always seems like I'm the only one who notices....I found this discord discussion group when I searched for Bible changes. I have already discussed this topic with 4 different people. (edited) 1 August 9, 2021

Mayjune, from Discord

I remember the traffic lights turning upside down in the 80s and jiffy peanut butter changing in the 90s the lords prayer changing to debts in the late 90s. All the shampoo for different hair like oily hair dry hair normal hair all disappeared in 09. I had even just bought one for oily hair and when i got home it had changed to just shampoo no type. In 2010 adams family name changed to addams with two ds and i had just watched the show like 2 days before it changed. In the mid 90s the first unicorn was now in the bible. Now its nine times. Watched it change at least 6 times. In 2011 our body temp changed. I went thru countless thermometers thinking they were not reading right all said 97.3. Lol way off. 2013 items i had that i collected changed color. One day in 2015 my mom was heavy one day and like 40lb lighter the next. I was living right beside her and saw her everyday. I really believe i got a different mom. In 2016 everything around me was like morphing is was so intense that i was having massive dizzy spells. Land was changing houses were changing highways changed routes road signs changed north pole dissipated South America was moving every day i could pull up maps and literally watch them change.one of the biggest state changes was Minnesota it was changing shape in massive waves and the state next to main grew and grew and then it wasn't a usa state anymore. When i checked the number of states we had lost not one but 2 states then Minnesota flashed huge and Wisconsin no longer bordered Canada. I watch it happen from one day to the next. And people are like "Your nuts you better see s shrink" Then our hands changed into monkey hands. I was so flabbergasted that i was like paralyzed and numb from disbelief of what i saw. In 17 our eats changed so much that it still bothers me when i look at people the look almost elvish now. The hard cartilage that our glasses always hit when we got new glasses and struggled with from just the slightest pressure rotated down and the ear that points up used to be a big lobe pointing up is now almost nothing you cant even hold s pencil behind the ear now like we used to. And glasses. How is is no one sees that glasses literally take like no adjusting at all now to fit on our faces. Ive watched our bodies morphing into something completely different than it was. Literally everything in our bodies has been changed. History has changed immensely. I could write another 2000 words on just history changes. 2000 words no where near enough

captan kirt, from Discord

Do you remember the last two states? That still bothers me.

Dracmas, from Discord

@dracmas yes one was beside main almost the same size but set a little lower and new Brunswick was the capital now that area is huge like 600 times bigger and the history now is it was to big to purchase imagine that the other was Quebec as a capital. I thought it was strange in high school that we had a state capital with the same name as a territory. And Montreal used to be the baseball capital of the world. When i was collecting badebal cards back in the 80s now its out in California. Haven't researched why we don't have that as a state now. Really makes no sense being its on this side of the waterway. State may have been Quebec and capital Quebec city. Not sure but i know without a doubt it was a state.

captan kirt, from Discord

Doesn't sound familiar to me. For me there was no state to the east of Maine. Just water.

Dracmas, from Discord

Wow that's a comprehensive list - I know of most of those changes but had no idea when they happened. You have much more awareness than most people - I know it probably feels like a curse sometimes, but it's a blessing <3

terrilp, from Discord

I've seen my coffee pot change. My front door used to change every other week utill I removed it and put in a new one. Now it seems to stay put. Dimensions on my house have changed a couple times. I've seen ponds appear and disdappear and then appear again. Seen the bones in my own body change from one day to the next. It's crazy. And people especially family think I've lost it. Completely. This summer the mcdonalds sign moved over night. Used to be on the corner and now it's in their parking lot. Family I go to town with looked at me like what you're nuts then I remind them of all the times I had pointed out that the sign had changed again from the stop sign a block away. And they are like looking at each other and then look for sign while at the corner and it's no longer visible from there anymore. And being an empath I could feel their fear as they came to realize it did move. I watched the mcdonalds sign change so many times it's just plain spooky. Colors change shape changed the humps changed the highth changed the bass it set on changed. The pole it was on changed sizes a couple times. It is maddening.

captan kirt, from Discord

I saw the state of reality as a child, however, as such, one convinces themselves it was the imagination playing tricks on them. Then in the ‘90’s I discovered Jiffy peanut butter changed to Jiff then changed again to JIF. I started asking what happened to Jiffy? I’d bought it for my child starting in ‘84. At the time of noticing the change the internet was barely functional. I knew it wasn’t a logo change because it changed twice in a couple of year’s time frame. Then I noticed a change in the physical body. I’d had Maxillofacial surgery in ‘91, upper and lower jaw surgery which was broken in four places. In ‘98 I noticed a change in my face and became quite disturbed over it. By that time I was emphatic that this was a change and brought it up to my family as I had done with regards to the Jiffy change. Almost overnight I was hit with severe pain. Thus began a 20 year stint on opioids and thusly fell back to sleep. I believe I was targeted because I started waking up. It took two years of multiple diagnoses and near misses for suicide due to pain. Fast forward to 2010 and I experienced a time loop. I was in my kitchen cooking, listening to a radio station as the announcer reported on the death of Corey Haim. Three weeks later I was in same spot, doing the same thing as the announcer started reporting, I started to say the words with him once he announced the name. I thought it was 2013 but it does make more sense that it was 2010 as the weirdness kept on. I started researching not long after, mostly conspiracy theories and the nature of reality but it was a fruitless venture until I saw Nelson Mandela’s press conference re-run during his term as President of South Africa but the reporter was announcing his death. I spewed coffee all over my living room and tv. I’d never even heard he was President of SA. I watched his funeral in the ‘80’s. He died in prison. Apartheid civil unrest followed. I met a dear friend who had been sent to the USA due to that civil unrest. From then to now, much changed but I did not come out from under the veil until the ear’s changed. It took a year to a year and a half to hold the thought long enough to check the mirror.

teeburgher, from Discord

I also saw a change to my collar bone prior to the ears. The two pointy bones sat lower by an eighth of an inch below where there is still a slight indentation. Since then, I’ve noticed the Kennedy assassination of six people in the car instead of four. I did a book report and had watched a documentary one year before change. The Statue of Liberty held the torch in the left hand and was on Ellis Island. My Volvo changed from female (circle) logo to male. All the while the circle stayed on my steering wheel for approximately 9+ months while there were two incarnations of the male symbol added to the front of my car. There is now a 1970’s speaker grille where I always packed my cigarettes. My gas gauge and water gauge switched sides so that now I look for the gas gauge on the wrong side of odometer. It was during that change that I had a visceral reaction such as vertigo, nausea, and ear ringing. It was a perspective shift. From then on I was fully out from under the mind control beast system or so I thought. I noticed much after the car change, then that change of perception with gas gauge but that beast system likes to pull you back under. Then in 2016 I took note of the sky. I was so disturbed I had my husband pull the car over and I saw nothing but a whiteout. Then I saw multiple light sources. One day I was driving and saw a “sun” moving across the sky at an alarming rate. I almost hit a parked car. I started to study the sky, I found out The Bible changed as I was reading it. From there I slowly but surely realized God was real.

teeburgher, from Discord

I have an extensive childhood history of Bible study. I went to church for Sunday school, main church services, Sunday night services, Wednesday night Bible study, Saturday witnessing. I also attended private Christian school for four and a half years. Memorization of Bible verses were mandatory. As an teenager I became agnostic throughout most of my adult life. Once I realized God was giving me a wake up call I fell to my knee’s crying like a baby. I did not go gently back to our Lord for I did not want God to be real. I had great anger with God but finally it was the flat earth, my last final truth that convinced me God was calling.

teeburgher, from Discord

Flat earth made so much sense when I first realized that it has to be like that. How else could we always see the same stars. I've looked at stars all my life and wondered why we never saw different stars when we moved around the sun. Just never made sense.

captan kirt, from Discord

As a young girl, I memorized Bible verses from the King James Bible, but as teen and an adult, I switched to NIV and similar versions that were easier to read. I have a great memory, and I can still quote several KJV scriptures verbatim. Most importantly, over the years, I have learned the voice of our Good Shepherd, Jesus Christ, and I will never follow a stranger. His words are written on my heart forever. When I first noticed the changes in the Lord's Prayer (Matthew 6:9-13), I dismissed it as a different translation. Then I started to notice some major contradictions in certain scriptures I was very familiar with. I asked a friend about it and she said she ONLY reads KJV. I started to read KJV again, along with other versions as a comparison, but I began to realize that something was just not right. I was not hearing the voice of our Shepherd, I was hearing the voice of a stranger... the voice of a wolf. I asked God to open my eyes and I started to see many changes. Luke 17:34 "Two men in one bed..." and John 3:16 "shall" changed to "should" and many more. When I looked up the Lord's Prayer online, I saw that it had been changed in all 60 of the English versions on Bible Gateway. I knew this was supernatural. I soon found some other people online who could see what I see, and I discovered I wasn't crazy and I wasn't alone in my discovery. Praise God! I believe Amos 8:11 is unfolding before our very eyes.... a famine for God's word is happening. He warned us. I also believe this could be the "Abomination of Desolation" standing in the "Holy Place," as the scripture implores the "reader" to understand. The "reader" is reading the "Holy Bible" and is instructed to pay attention to what they are reading.

LVGammy, from Discord

In October of 2018 I received the biggest miracle; besides the day I was saved, the Lord delivered me from an 8 year battle with drug addiction. I was so on fire for the Lord, walking with him daily and reading my Bible more than I ever had in my entire life. I walked for about two years and had a fall that left me going back to drinking, sex outside of marriage, and not seeking the Lord. I was absolutely miserable in my sin and in the year of my fall I kept trying to get back up and turn to the Lord. It was like this spirit just took right over me and never had the urge to drink like that before.. just recently I found a video from truthshock on YouTube talking about Bible changes. I had been seeking the Lord again and asking him to help me get back up and fight. He did and in the meantime showed me what was happening to the Bible. I no longer have the urge to drink and have been spending more time in prayer, something he was calling me to before I had fallen. But I do remember questioning things that didn’t make sense to me that were in the Bible. I barely picked my Bible up in that year I was in disobedience but when I did I frequently was questioning things. After watching that video about the Bible changes my eyes were opened, I cried that first day and came to realize how much of an idol it was in my life. I was spending way more time in the Bible than I was seeking the Lord. It’s so clear to me now and so much has seemed to change in just a year of not reading it and being in it daily. For the last week I’ve been searching what others have found and what I remembered as well. The word matrix was new to me and I found a smiley emoji in my kjv Bible and distinctly remember saying to myself why is there a smiley face in my Bible. My eyes were just opened to the heresy and ugly truth. I now firmly believe this is the abomination that maketh desolate that was spoken by Daniel.

Melody-Star, from Discord

Growing up, I was used to the KJV version of the Bible. However, since I started to do more research into Holy Scripture, I started to learn more about the problems with the standard scriptrual canon. I looked into the deuterocanonical texts and even some pseudepigrapha, Gospels, and prophesies that were never considered as part of the Scriptrual canon by the Catholic Church. I realized that the authoritative canon employed by Christians everywhere is not infallible, and was in fact compiled under the influence of unbelievers (particularly Jews). The Gospel is a "living word" and Jesus ultimately answers all of our questions (Matthew 7:7-8) so the Bible not being definite or infallible is no obstacle my faith cannot surmount. I began to be more openminded in my study of the Bible and started to study it esoterically, reading Gaskell's dictionary of scriptrual terms and their symbolic esoteric meaning, as well as reading Swedenborg's Bible commentaries. Recently someone brought to my attention the Bible verse reading "the wolf will lie with the lamb" and this shocked me because I always remembered "lion." According to Gaskell's dictionary, the two symbols are completely different; the lion symbolizes strength and power, where the wolf is the more negative symbol symbolizing deviancy. This drastic shift got my attention and I researched more into mandela effects with the Bible, eventually coming across this Discord server. I look forward to learning more about this strange issue.

stardust_11, from Discord