The Lost History of Flat Earth

From the mudflood to the impossibly built buildings to the Cabbage Patch babies to the Orphan Trains to the Starforts - all the evidence pointing to a Great Reset from a highly advanced civilization to the unadvanced, just coming-out-of-total destruction civilization we now live in, this video has it all. No, it is not about flat earth.

lost history of flat earth/HIDDEN HISTORY

It is not about flat earth, but it is about Lost History. From the mudflood to the impossibly built buildings to the Cabbage Patch babies to the Orphan Trains to all the evidence pointing to a Great Reset from a highly advanced civilization to the unadvanced, just-coming-out-of-total-destruction civilization we now live in, this video has it all.

Watch it now before it gets removed. It has over a million views and is 2 years old. If you are not interested in these things, then you may be self-censoring yourself. Remember, we are to be aware of Satan’s goings ons in order to not be deceived.

But --you can’t trust anything you see before the Mandela Effect in 2016, because they told you that Black Tom happened and created fake pictures to back it up, you say? And you saw a gas station pop up down your street?

If that were true, then Satan has the power to recreate entire cities all over the world that never existed. Say that is true and God allowed him to create all that magnificent unexplainable architecture out of thin air. So Satan Mandela Effects all these buildings all over the world to pop into existence. But he would have had to do that at least 150 years ago, as we have great grandparents who grew up with the same courthouses and post offices that now still stand.

So, Satan manifests all these beautiful buildings, insane asylums, prisons, palaces, Starforts, elaborately constructed canals and pops them into existence in the 1800s. Then almost immediately, he methodically has them torn down, demolished, and especially catch on fire (yet stones don’t disintegrate). He created Worlds Fairs and World Wars to use as a cover to destroy these buildings out of existence, starting in the late 1800s.

This pattern of action demonstrates an effort to demolish and extinguish these buildings, not to pop them into existence. You don’t pop something into existence to only turn around and try to demolish it in any way you can find.

Ever wonder why all the pre-1900 built buildings were made with elaborate masonry and carvings and we never do that today?

Ever wonder why these buildings that could stand for another 1,000 years get torn down? 

Ever wonder why the old courthouses and post offices looking like castles? How did the primitive horse and buggy, no power tooled farmers and cowboys build them, when they could barely even survive?

Just how were these 1800s buildings built in 2 years, with architecture so complicated we can’t duplicate them today?

Why is there so much evidence that there was a major worldwide flood that buried buildings under 10-20 feet of mud? It couldn’t have been Noah’s Flood, as that happened too long ago and would have completely destroyed these buildings that are now still standing and being used, yet partially underground.

Why are there so many buildings all over the world that show they were melted at an extremely hot temperature, hotter than regular fire? And with zero historical explanation?

Why do many mountainous areas actually show that they are composed of old buildings that were melted and are not actually hills?

Why did barely surviving cowboys and farmers of the 1800s build so many insane asylums and prisons in a time of low population, no money and the only transportation being horse and buggy?

How did these poor pioneers transport tons of 20 foot slabs of marbles from remote quarries over muddy roads with horse and buggy?

How did these same struggling settlers pump out elaborate courthouses in 2 years when they couldn’t even work through the snow-laden, icy winters?

And how would a horse and buggy carry tons of 20 foot long marble slabs to a job site over muddy dirt roads in the summer and ice and snow in the winter?

Why were there so many insane asylums in the 1800s as compared to today, when we actually need them? Why were the reasons people were put into those old insane asylums so generalized as to include excitability or “religious fervor”? You could literally just throw anyone into them for no reason at all!

Why are there no bathrooms in some huge palaces that house hundreds of people and have elaborate spouting fountains outside?

Why were the bells in building towers collected and destroyed?

Who built all the elaborate canal systems that would take us decades and trememdous amounts of money that our civilization can't afford or doesn't have the skill to do today? Don't we spend billions on space travel? We apparently have the money.

The overwhelming evidence points to our recent past being a much more advanced civilization than ours, with free energy, free healing and airships that looked like blimps that allowed you to travel in a hotel like setting. Ever wonder why the people in the early 1900s knew how to speak with a much larger vocabulary than us, wrote so eloquently, everyone had the skill to learn at least one instrument, knew how to master various methods of elegant dances with a partner, listened to healing and complicatedly composed classical music, dressed like kings and queens in suits, top hats and gowns? Because they came from a previously more advanced civilization than ours, and those skills were passed down and taught to them.

Today we can hardly speak English, you are considered gifted if you can play one instrument, no one knows how to dance other than twerking around like a stripper, and the few people left that can actually think are shamed and ostracized as being “conspiracy theorists”.

And you think we are evolving into a more advanced society? Who told (brainwashed) you to think that? On the contrary, we are devolving at a very, very rapid rate. We are being dumbed down, poisoned and killed at Satan’s attempt to destroy and control us.

Being able to watch a screen is not evolving. It is an enslavement device masked as entertainment. Watching television or a thousand movies is a brainwashing scheme that creates mind-controlled slaves. This “advanced” civilization has devolved into: Mind controlled slaves that work and pay for their own prison, poisoning and death.

Enjoy the video! Sorry to be so depressing. It is what it is. For more current archeological information that shows a cover up, go to: Jon Levi and My Lunch Break on Youtube.

The Lost History of Flat Earth by FLat Earth, Sun, Moon and Zodiac Clock creted by Ewaranon
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