The Mandela Effect Dilemna in the Bible-My New Book

I have written a book titled, “The Mandela Effect in the Bible”. For those who want all the information in one place, this book is for you. It has over 100 pages of Bible changes, in order by book and verse, loads of pictures of residual, a 50 question Bible quiz, and discussion of all the various theories explaining the phenomenon.

It is a large book, 8"x10" with 325 pages. Here is the Table of Contents:


Here is one of the pages from the book, including pictures of residual:


There is even a chapter devoted to the idea that our entire historical timeline and events have been covered up due to the idea that perhaps Jesus actually did return in the first century. It is theorized that the Dark Ages may have actually been the Millenial Reign of Jesus, a time of great peace and prosperity, where man created beautiful architecture and unsurpassed art that we see still standing. Buildings that are so magnificent, we could not replicate them today. Music that was so beautiful, that we don't create today. Art that was so intricate, that we can't duplicate today. Statues that are so perfect, we don't create today. Where are the great sculptors, classical composers, architects of magnificent cathedrals, today? They don't exist.

Even if we don't have proof that Jesus actually came, it is prudent to keep an open mind regarding the idea that he may have, as it expands our eschatological expectations to include how we may not be entering into the great tribulation. if we accept that the great tribulation is not necessarily a given, it allows us to consider that maybe there will be a time of great revival, even prosperity, before Jesus returns again.

If we keep that possibility on the table, and events unfold to reveal alternative situations, we will understand what is happening. For example, if we adhere strictly to the notion that the expected fake alien invasion will consist of actual demons in fallen-angel-technology spaceships, then we would be ok in going to a World War to shoot them all down. After all, the demon-aliens are just manifestations of demons led by Antichrist himself. Why not shoot them all down? Kill them all!

However, if we keep the theory on the table that we may be living in Satan's Little Season, then we understand that a large city descending from the sky may not be the Antichrist and his demons, but may actually be the New Jerusalem, with Jesus and the saints. Remember, there has to be a "camp of the saints" somewhere. The Greek meaning of the word "camp" means "on the outskirts, the coasts". Could it be that the "camp of the saints" is on the outerskirts of the earth, like Antarctica, near the firmament, or as many now think, at the perimeter of the "north" in the North Pole? Or maybe it is in an area of the earth that has land that has been hidden from us? Maybe our controllers already know where it is, and keep us away from that area.

I believe that if we are in the Little Season, we are near the end of it, and the great event to be expected is the war of Gog and Magog, with Gog and Magog meaning "the whole world". So the whole world will gather together in one big army and encompass the camp of the saints, the number of which is of "the sand of the sea". to destroy it. This is when the fire of God will utterly destroy them. So no, you don't want to be in that group.

When the time is right for their alien invasion scheme, all of a sudden this "alien-ship-city" will be all over the TV, calling for a World War to annihilate it. At that point, Satan will have succeeded in getting the whole world, INCLUDING THE CHRISTIANS, to fight his war of Gog and Magog, for him. To destroy the New Jerusalem.

One thing for sure -- we are living in an era of deception. Maybe the greatest deception that has ever occured.

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