The Mandela Effect Rapture

Welcome to another episode of “The Mandela Effect” or as I like to refer to this realm - the Twilight Zone.

Your spouse doesn’t see the Bible changes. Your kids think your nuts for talking about the Mandela Effect. You realize the whole phenomenon must be “lying signs and wonders” spoken of in the Bible..

We are close to the end of time.
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Finding out the Bible has been changed has rocked our world and thrust us formerly lukewarm Christians into hyperdrive. We know the end is near, and all we can do is worry that our family members won’t make it. 

Another side effect of seeing the supernatural changes is that we realize no one ever predicted this would happen, and even the pastors don’t know it. So how can we trust the traditional eschatological events that has us waiting on the rapture and the temple to be built?

 What if……the Mandela Effect is going to be used to wake up our family members? Listen to the following theoretical situation: 


Short Story: The Mandela Rapture

Carol is a married women with a spouse and 3 children.  Bob is her husband, and the children are Jonathan, age 25, Aurea, age 23, and Clay, age 16. Jonathan and Aurea live on their own, and Clay still lives at home. 

Bob has heard Carol talk about the Mandela Effect and the Bible changes for the past 4 years. Although that’s all she wanted to talk about in 2018, he has seen her get rejected by everyone she has told. Bob has no biblical training, so doesn’t know what to think. He still thinks we walked on the moon. He kind of believes she is right, but to actually delve into these issues is kind of scary. Bob prefers to ignore the whole thing, and watches sports and game shows instead. Out of sight - out of mind, is his mantra. 

Carol tried to tell several pastors about it, but was abruptly silenced. They quickly put an end to her suspicions that the Bible had been changed. Except she knew better.

Bob has told Carol not to speak to their friends about it, so they won’t think she is crazy. Carol is forced to associate with like minded people online. The story begins:


It is a Monday sometime in August of 2023. Bob wakes up to get ready for work and notices that Carol isn’t in bed. He saunters into the kitchen where Clay is making some toast. “Where’s Mom?” Bob asks. “I don’t know, I have to go to class early to serve that detention, so I’m outta here,” Clay responds. 

Shuffling into the bathroom, Bob calls, “Carol? Where are you?” It was unlike Carol to not be in the house at 7 am, when she made breakfast. He looks on the table besides the front door, hoping to find a note. Nothing. 

Looking into the driveway, Bob notices that Carol’s car is still there. She can’t be very far- her phone is still on the counter in the laundry room. Bob leaves for work, worried about where she is, thinking she is at a neighbor’s house, and will come home shortly. He will just phone her from work. 

Clay drives to school and goes into the detention room, to serve 45 minutes before school starts. “Clay” says the teacher, “Even though you are serving a detention, I feel it is important that I have a family session about this matter. After all, calling a woman by their incorrect pronoun is a very serious matter, and you really should have been suspended. I am going to send you home with a request letter for a family conference for next week.” 

“My dad works all day, and I don’t think he can make it - but my mom doesn’t work, so she can.” “Your mom?” asks the teacher.

“My records show that you have a dad, but your mom died about 5 years ago.
the teacher

I’m sorry about that, but your dad will have to attend.” 

Clay responds with shock, “My mom died 5 years ago? No, you have your records messed up. Don’t you remember she came to Open House at the beginning of the year?” “No, I don’t. Just because you don’t want your Dad to come to the meeting, you don’t have to pretend your deceased mom will,” said the teacher. Clay rolls his eyes at the obvious incompetency of the record keeping and says , “Ok, I’ll ask them.” 

Meanwhile, after his Monday morning meeting at work, Bob calls Carol. There is no answer. In fact, there is a canned text message that says that the call can’t connect because of disconnection. “She hasn’t paid the bill on time again,” Bob thinks as he eyes his busy calender for the day. “I’ll see her after work.” 

After his busy day, Bob arrives home and opens the door, expecting to see Carol. But she is not there. Bob knocks on Clay’s door: “Clay - have you seen your mom?” 

“No, she’s not here. But I have this letter asking you to schedule a family conference at school next week.” 

“Why do they want that?” Bob asks. 

“The teacher just said that calling that dude in a dress a “he” was a serious offense. Then I heard later from some other kids that the tranny’s parents want to meet, and maybe even press charges against me! I need you to make that go away, Dad! The school makes these freaks out to be so special and you can’t even look at them sideways! They are all screwed up. They even thought Mom died 5 years ago!” Clay exclaims. 

Bob shakes his head and says, “Died 5 years ago? They can’t keep anything straight over there. I can’t believe they want to press charges - that’s insane! I don’t think they can do that, but then again - I’m not sure! First they sued that company for not baking a cake, and now if you are a guy and don’t want to date them, you’re in trouble. This is crazy, but I think you need to go in there and apologize - as much as it is ridiculous, you may have to. We can’t afford to pull you out of school and send you to a private school right now.” 

Bob charges outside and goes to the next door neighbor’s house. “Hi, Janet. Have you seen Carol? She wasn’t around this morning and I had to rush to work, and now she’s still not home. I was hoping she was over here.” 

Janet looks at him suspiciously, “Have I seen who? Did you say- Carol?” 

“Yes, my wife. She’s over here all the time. Why are you acting like you didn’t hear me say her name?” 

Janet replies, “I heard you say her name, Bob. But I don’t know why you would be looking for her. I mean, she hasn’t been over here for a very long time.” 

“What do you mean, Janet? She is over your house all the time! Are you trying to cover up something?” Bob asks. 

Janet slowly and softly replies, “Bob, I know it’s been hard for you, being on your own and all, raising your kids by yourself. I understand. 


Maybe you had a bad dream, or something. Have you been to a doctor lately?

Bob screeches, “A doctor? I am simply asking if you’ve seen Carol, and you are acting like she’s been sick and doesn’t even raise the kids! Why are you saying these crazy things, Janet?" 

Janet looks puzzled, and says, “Bob, don’t you remember? Carol hasn’t been… with us for several years now. Yes, she was sick, and she didn’t make it. I know it’s hard to accept something like that, and I miss her too, but looking for her over here - well, she’s obviously not here, Bob.” 

Bob raises his voice, “She didn’t make it! What are you talking about? She was fine yesterday, so I don’t know what you mean by, ‘She didn’t make it.’” 

Janet replies, “Listen, Bob. Carol had breast cancer and didn’t make it and that was about 5 years ago. I know it’s been hard for you. Have you been sleeping lately?” 

“I don’t know what you’re trying to pull, Janet, but I’m going to get to the bottom of this! Didn’t make it, 5 years ago - is that the best you can come up with???!” Bob sharply turns and storms away. 

He runs into the house and goes to Carol’s cell phone, still in the charger. Clay's words come into his mind:

“The teacher told Clay the same thing, that Carol died 5 years ago. Is there some sort of conspiracy going on here?”  

Bob goes to Carol’s phone and sees that it is fully charged, and scrolls to the “call log.” “I will see who she called this week and get to the bottom of this.” Bob thought. As he looked at the “call log” he saw many numbers, but the dates were all wrong. It showed the last calls she made were - 5 years ago! 

Are you kidding me? I just spoke with her on this phone just yesterday! Maybe she erased the log. I will call the phone company. So, Bob called Verizon and verified her information. “Sir,” the Verizon employee stated, “That phone has not been in service for 5 years. If it was, I would have payment information, and I don’t.” Bob hung up in bewilderment. Was he going crazy? 

No, of course not. Clay knows Mom didn’t die. I’ll call my other kids- maybe they picked her up and she is with them. “Hi Jonathan. Listen, your mom wasn’t here today, and I was wondering if maybe she was with you.” 

Jonathan says, “Dad, no, she is not with me. Why, is she not with you?” 

Bob replies,”No, let me call your sister!” 

Bob is glad Jonathan didn’t say she died. He phones Aurea, “Hello, sweetheart. I was hoping you might know where mom is.” 

Aurea’s voice wobbles and she sadly says, “Dad, of course I know where mom is - she thinks she is in heaven, with all that religion she was into. But, I know all that stuff is nonsense, so I would say she is actually reincarnated in another body and having a nice new life.” 

Bob was shocked, and said, “Aurea, are you in on some kind of secret plan? Did Mom put you up to this? Is she over there now?” 

Aurea said surprisingly, “Dad, are you serious?!” She sounded concerned and said, 

“Dad, I wish mom were here, too. I wish she didn’t die of cancer, but she did, and we have to accept that. Do you not remember the funeral?” 

Bob is angry now, "I can’t believe you are saying what you’re saying!

“Of course I don’t remember the ‘funeral’ because there never was one! Aurea - are you saying that mom died?” 

Her voice breaks even more, ‘Of course she died, Dad! Sure, I miss her…she was a wonderful person, the best. So kind-hearted and sweet… For goodness sake, I can’t even talk about it! Why are you asking me if mom died? It’s been 5 years now!” 

Bob says, “Are you joking, Aurea? This is not funny at all. I need to know where your mother is!” 

Aurea speaks quietly and says, “Dad, don’t take this the wrong way, but I think you are having some kind of psychological breakdown. I know you wish she were here, and I do too - but-- I think you need to go see a doctor. Have you been sleeping?” 

Bob snaps,”I am sleeping fine, and I can’t believe what you are saying! I have to go.” 

Bob hangs up the phone in disbelief. Has he gone mad? He can’t be, as Jonathan and Clay also know mom didn’t die. But what about Aurea, the school, the Verizon records? 

He runs to their home office where all the important papers are. He combs through birth certificates, passports, their marriage license, and then he sees something he never expected. Dropping down to his knees on the floor in disbelief, he reads the heading on the document- Carol’s death certificate, exactly 5 years ago.



Carol’s disappearance is the rapture, and Satan is covering it up with the Mandela Effect. The fact that her husband, Jonathan and Clay still remember her is God seeing that their hearts have the ability to be saved. They will now know that what Carol spoke about the Mandela Effect, the Bible changes, the rapture, Jesus Christ and the end times - is true! This will wake them out of their disbelief and have them running to Jesus. 

Aurea doesn’t remember her mother being alive for the last five years because the deception has infiltrated and rewritten her memories. God allowed this because she was too steeped in the New Age beliefs and actually practiced some "white witchcraft", and He is not giving her another opportunity to repent, because she has rejected the truth for so long. 

Maybe, just maybe, the Mandela Effect will be used to “save our family”. 

This concludes another episode of “The Twilight Zone” .. Mandela Edition

There was a video linked here previously called "Time Theories & The Mandela Effect - A Book Of Revelation Bible Study With Special Guest "Katriina" by 1260X2 Day Countdown on Youtube". The theory that something would have happened somewhere during the month of either August or September. I stopped thinking about it after the date passed and I still didn't notice anything. The video was later taken down.
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