Secret Messages in the Mandela Effect

This video explores one person’s theories of clues in the Mandela Effect that are attempting to send us different messages.


In the following video, the author talks about the purpose of the supernatural changes or the Mandela Effect? He believes that CERN is a major reason. He says there is a door to hell in the book of Revelation built on the city of Apollyon. He looks into the connection between the Bible and CERN. Islam is the religion of the Antichrist. as they cut off heads, as stated in the Bible. and also wants to take over Israel, which is the Muslim country of Iran.

The author has a photographic memory and also worked in the car industry. He distinctly remembers the Ford logo being different than it is now. He also bought Coke Zero for 20 years, but now it has never existed. The letters of signs being joined together is a sign that they are "merging realities". He theorizes that as the CERN D Wave computers access alternate realities, they could go back in time and alter things.

CERN is built on the ancient city of Apollyon mentioned in Revelation 9, saying that a portal will be opened to Hell. He says the merged letters are a sign of the realm of Hell being merged with our earthly reality. Like the statue of Moses now having horns!

In Daniel 7:25, "he shall speak pompous words against the Most High...and shall intend to change times and laws." The entire Old Testament prophets are giving prophecies about the last 3 1/2 years. The "times" could be going back in history and changing our times.

9/11, the plane that hit the Pentagon, no one was killed because it was under construction, yet now, 139 people were killed.

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