Bible Changes Community - The Destroyer

Mandela Effect Bible Changes. Bibles are changing supernaturally. Even dusty bibles on dusty shelves. Think back to when Moses went to the Pharaoh to ask him to let God’s people go. Do you remember when everyone’s first born sons were killed? Do you remember the destroyer doing the deed? I don’t.

Bible Changes Community - Crying Over Corn

Mandela Effect. Supernatural Bible Changes. We know that there was always wheat/grain in the bible…but corn? Bibles are changing supernaturally. Even dusty old bibles on dusty shelves have been changed.

Bible Changes Community - Muslim praying is in scripture now

How are we supposed to pray to our Father? Do you know? Jesus told us perfectly how to pray to our Father using The Lord’s Prayer. We certainly never “fell on our faces” to worship Him. This wasn’t in scriptures before the bible changes but it is there now. Mandela Effect. Supernatural Bible Changes.

Changing Matrix - A Closer Look At The Division

A closer look at the division that is taking place between those that see the supernatural changes taking place and those that don’t. Why have our relationships with the people around us grown cold? What changed them? Who changed them? Where do we go from here? It’s the wheat and the tares growing until the final harvest when Jesus returns.

Miss Amy - End Times: The Ring of Fire. California or Bust.

Following an 8.2 magnitude in the Ring of Fire beneath Lombok Island and Figi causing the tectionic plates to move and adjust, all crazy has broken loose in the Ring with over 70 earthquakes in 48 hours and more to come. The “Big One” is forecasted for the West Coast we wonder what it would be like to have a 9.0 along the California coastline.

Miss Amy - Mandela Effect: While I Was Away I Wasn't

I have missed you all. Don’t forget where we are (Bozrah) and to remain in the sheepfold (our homes/private property as much as possible) until our master comes to break us out. There is no need to be wandering about in this place. It is all a bad forgery made by Satan and his cohorts at Cern. Pay no attention. It has nothing to do with us.