Miss Amy - Mandela Effect: While I Was Away I Wasn't

I have missed you all. Don’t forget where we are (Bozrah) and to remain in the sheepfold (our homes/private property as much as possible) until our master comes to break us out. There is no need to be wandering about in this place. It is all a bad forgery made by Satan and his cohorts at Cern. Pay no attention. It has nothing to do with us.

I spent the winter bedridden with Parkinson's. Like other women all over the world, I had a long and hard battle to win.

Finally the day came where I had the strength to get up. And I wondered what the Lord would have me to do.

Should I get involved with all that's going on in Bozrah, this counterfeit world?

Should I gather weapons and join others in righteous battle?

And then the Lord spoke gently to me.
…Stay within the Sheepfold…

Stay close to home, don't wander about, and keep your hands and feet in your garden.

So I gathered my weapons (a shovel).

And I readied for battle (to work in the garden).

I dug, I sowed, I planted, and I weeded.

I toiled, I sweated, I bled, I muddied.

But most of all I reaped, created, and loved.

Have you been staying in the Sheepfold?

Some comments on this video:

I'd say this theory makes sense since I've been noticing things were off since around 2009. I also barely aged since then, Last year I think, used to work at Wal-Mart and was helping this lady and don't remember what she was talking about, been a while. She asked how old I was,I said 32 and she said I look younger like 22, that I look the same age as her niece or granddaughter,don't remember. Maybe I didn't change at all and even some people are feeling the same way. Even people younger than me now appear older than me. I think it's cause we're in this counterfeit world and everything even the people are likely rip offs. I also think time is an illusion here cause it seems to be going by fast. You said on another vid that we might have took off at different times, I probably took off in '09, I may have been 22 or 23 and I am probably still am.

how come no one ever seems to know what goes on at Cern. It can't be good though...instinct says they have been erasing our memories en-mass....globally many times. And there is about 100 years missing since 1990 .......from our memories...I know I'm close to seeing through it.....this holographic swill is almost not...... and never were....

  • Yes. I believe this is some sort of distorted false mirror image of our Earth that they've concocted. Holographic could certainly be one of the ways they could have done it. It's satan's attempt at creating his own little world and holding the elect hostage in it. Revelations and the other biblical end prophecies right in your face. I see through it. And it has absolutely no power over me. Prepare for the Lord's coming. Be ready. That is your escape. Peace and love to you.

What is this I was led here its important supposedly so i will ask lazily. Why did that" BTW paragraph ring in my head like true and wow"....what is this post?

  • So glad you stopped by and left me notes. I would suggest you go back and watch all the Bozrah videos from the beginning. That should catch you up. And give you scripture references too. But basically, I believe we have been kidnapped by Satan and his co-horts at CERN but God is using this opportunity to keep us safe from the tribulation on the real Earth and to ready us for Jesus second coming. I believe that when the Woman of Rev 12 escaped Draco with the elect that we "flew" here "Bozrah" and that we are being kept safe in the "Sheepfold". Jesus will arrive when we are finally awake and ready for him (We are on a different time than Earth at this point) Jesus will destroy Bozrah and take us with him back to Earth for the 2nd coming. God Bless You....be sure to check out the videos and study the scriptures for yourself and pray. Ask the Lord for confirmation on your heart. I do believe this with all of mine.
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