Miss Amy - Mandela Effect: Unexplained Fingerprint Bruises All Over Me

This video was made in response to BlueBeard’s video about bruises he’s been getting and abductions he’s been going through. I had been getting a lot of bruising on my legs and arms recently that were unexplained so I thought I’d also share my experiences for comparison and record making.

In response to BlueBeard's Video about Bruising and Mandela Abduction, I too have been experiencing unexplained bruising for several weeks. Have you experienced any?

Most of the bruises appear like large fingerprints on my legs, upper arms, and inner forearms.

They appear either as single prints, or in groups, many times looking like several finger prints together.

I wish I had taken more photos, as the bruising seems to be quieting down. If I get significantly more I will post them.

Recently I had a dream-like state where a large hand cuffed over my mouth. Did someone want me not to speak about the ME or could it have been to keep me quiet during an abduction?

Also, I awoke to a huge hand print on my chest.

Last night my husband suffered a bout of sleep paralysis. He heard shuffling noises in the house, he could open his eyes but could not get up to check on it, or me (I sleep downstairs - snore girl).

By the way, all my recent blood work is normal, and the reason for these bruises remains a mystery.

Eph 6:10-11

This we do know. The Mandela Effect is evil, created by evil, for evil. We must prepare ourselves spiritually for battle with evil and evil entities as we ready ourselves for our wedding day with Christ our Lord.

The Whole Armor of God

From the Comments:

I've never seen this vid. I time jumped. 2 years ago I woke up with my right eye black and 3 deep scratches across my nose. I've been tie up in the middle of the night too...3 years ago. They were trying to scare me. It stopped when I said the Lords Prayer. Praise Jesus!!!

  • Oh, yes! Praise Jesus!!! By the Blood of Jesus!!! They are GONE!!! Proud of you for knowing what to do and knocking those things out of your life!!! By the way, mine are finally gone too!!! Praise God!!!
  • oh, I know it can be disturbing when those things are messing with you....hard to even let yourself go to sleep. You are so sweet...Thanks Sweetheart! But I've got super important Doctor appts lined up.....I've finally got an appt with Oklahoma's best Parkinson's doctor...Yay!!!!. I'll be able to use all the facilities there too!!!! I know I'll be feeling better this fall. Hope you're doing well.

I too wake up and find bruises on my body that look like long finger marks it's been happening my whole life.

  • You need to prayer a hedge of protection around yourself. By the Blood of Jesus, in the Name of Jesus all evil must depart from your home. And I order Angels to encamp about your home, at every window, every doorway. allowing no evil against you to enter. And Bubbles, put on the Full Armor of God, that you are able to come against anything evil in the Name of Jesus. Amen.

I've always had unexplained bruises all over my body. I don't know whether or not they are actually fingerprints or not. I've had others say they look like finger marks, but I never thought they were (although they look like the marks on your legs); nor do I ever feel anyone touching me. I never took these bruises too seriously.

  • I was writing mine off too until I saw BlueBeard2011's video and it made me put a few things together and wonder. Then I wondered how many of you might be experiencing the same thing or more. I've been researching abit further and evidently this has always been a strong sign of abduction or paranormal activity...if there is absolutely no other reason for the bruising.

Its always just on my legs. Right now I have 3 oblong bruises on my left thigh that looks like a pointer finger, middle finger, and ring finger. And a couple of what look like thumb prints on my right calf. No explanation for them. They just randomly show up. Just started getting them in the last 6 months or so. And they're always oddly oblong shaped like finger/thumb prints. I got sleep paralysis once many years ago and have experienced moving objects and other strange things in my home. None of it feels threatening though. Its just strange. I don't know if its ghosts, aliens or just my imagination.

  • Yes, sounds like what has and continues to happen to me. I no longer get sleep paralysis thank goodness. I woke up 2 days ago to a hanging art piece completely rehung to a different and difficult location. That I believe is related to the matrix being messed with by CERN. But my bruises over the past week were horrid and actually extremely painful. Several doctors have seen them during checkups but they are not concerned about them. I don't know how this could be imagination...I mean, others can see them...so there is no doubt they are there and you know whether or not you fell, tripped or bumped into something hard enough to leave a bruise. And they don't look like regular bruises and they are shaped strangely. No getting around that either. So it IS something. But what I just don't know either.

Miss Amy I don't know what to think about the bruising, it's troubling. You may want to consider playing some type of biblical audio very low through the night to keep away unholy things. It could have something to do with health but I doubt it, it's just more weirdness to add to the ME list. Stay safe as we move into the unknown.

  • Very good idea. I'll leave something on tonight. And I'll definitely be posting Angels around and in the house tonight. They won't get past the Angels. Everyone needs to be on alert for this. I think especially the ones of us who are speaking out publicly against Cern and the evil forces behind it. Thanks for thinking of me. yes, I am covered by the blood of Jesus Christ, praise God. But we all need to take heed and be prepared for spiritual attack and whatever else while we're here. This mirror planet has been produced by Cern and Satan and there is all matter of evil about. We must have our armor on at all times. Oh, I just wanted to add that I addressed this in the spiritual realm and the bruising has stopped.

Yeah my wife and I both wake up with matching cuts on our legs at times. I think it’s the Angels. I’ve been traded around a lot. And then some real mfo of light showed up and took me with ownership showed on paper work. Made the bad ones travel me soooooper far at great experience. I could hear them talk. 😂 they where soo incredibly lit over it. Suckers.

  • Well you know something went really wrong after we were given "eagles wings" to take us to our safe harbor while Tribulation would take place on Original Earth (our Rapture) and we ended up in this evil concoction of a place. Maybe you are actually remembering some of that. No worries as I see you are awakened and have now been moved by the recently unveiled scriptures about Bozrah and the 144,000.....Jesus our Lord will break us out , though at the last minute. So hang in there Brother. Be on watch for Him. He wants us to stay "awake" with him, just as he wanted in the garden with the disciples, though they disappointed him and fell asleep. This awake is different. It is a 24 hour a day awake. Even in our sleep we should be in a state of waiting for our King. Stay in the Holy Spirit, allow Him to dwell fully within you. God bless you Erik, and your wife as you are one in the Lord.

I have one on my right foot. It begun to burn. it happened to me a few years ago and now it's starting again.weird yes

  • You too? My sis just told me it's happening to her also. All of us Mandela Effected. Check out BlueBeard2011's video on this....his are just horrible and he has what he thinks are burn marks. Might be similar to yours.

I think you have a vitamin deficiency. Also aging (especially if you have alot of sun damage) aspirin and alcohol can cause this.That being said. Evil is relative. In my world there are no demons. Manifest beauty not evil my friend.

  • My blood work doesn't show any deficiencies and I don't drink alcohol, but I am aging...57. I have been thinking it could be just about anything. I just thought it was interesting when BlueBeard2011 posted his video a couple of days ago. His bruising is much worse than mine ever got. Mine has been about 4 or 5 times worse than it is now. His is awful. And he remembers the abduction. I just remember a hand over my mouth. And my husband heard someone in the house. I don't claim to know what caused the bruising, just open to ideas. As for your world not having demons, maybe you would call them aliens or whatever. What matters is being taken against your will in the dead of the night and being held down to the point that it leaves bruises all over you. If that is what is happening, I want to know. And if it is happening to others I want them to know they are not alone and there is a way to take control of the situation and not be a victim. The truth sets you free.
  • Miss Amy Yes that's really frightening. Maybe set up a camera and record threw the night. It might show something unusual.
  • Whoa....hadn't thought of that...don't know if I want to see!!! LOL!!! But if it keeps happening I guess I'd best do it. Thanks for the great idea.
  • Miss Amy... Your welcome.
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