Miss Amy - Mandela Effect: So We're in Bozrah. Now how do we get home?

This post covers the prophetic scriptures and biblical celestial signs that tell of our ultimate deliverance and return to earth by our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I will have a follow-up soon concerning our purpose here, and who the others are on Bozrah.

And the Rev 12 woman was given wings and she fled into exile, in the wilderness Bozrah, with God's elect.

I will surely assemble O Jacob all of thee

I will surely gather the remnant of Israel

I will put them together as the sheep of Bozrah,

As the flock in the midst of their fold

…they shall make great noise… Micah 2:12

The Deliverance:

The Breaker is (hath?) come up before them

…they have broken up, have passed through the gate, and are gone out by it

and their King shall pass before them

and the Lord on head of them. Micah 2:12
(AN: on head of them sounds really off to me)

The stars and planets are one of the most beautiful ways that God communicates with us. And with each of the heavenly alignments of 2017, including a special one just for the Bozrah Deliverance, the stars will be heralding the coming of the Lord.

Leo crowns the Rev 12 woman and represents the Lion of Judah - Our King!
Eclipsed sun during totality

And just as the "Star of Bethlehem" announced the birth of Jesus Christ, the Polaris star is now marking the coming of the Lord and the deliverance of the Lesser Sheepfold at Bozrah in a celestial alignment of the Big and Little Dipper and the Dragon Draco.

Polaris will be front and center in the coming Bozrah celestial sign. Meanings of the brightest stars in the Dippers include sheltering, hiding place, assembled thousands and lambs. When we look at these names we get a picture of these constellations as the sheepfold or sheltering place for a large magnitude of lambs.

Revelations 12:3-4 Then another sign appeared in heaven, an enormous red dragon with seven heads and ten horns and seven crowns upon his heads. His tail swept one third o the stars from heaven and flung them to the earth.

7 heads = 7 stars in Draco's head.

10 horns = 10 main stars in body and covers one third sky circumpolar.

A meteor shower called the Draconids occurs every year on October 7-9th. The falling stars appear to come out of Draco. This year, along side the Bozrah Deliverance Alignment, they will correspond with the Revelations 12 Sign of the woman, occurring two weeks later during the Feast of Tabernacles:
(AN: I don't remember all the feasts that people seem to be mentioning these days. Not sure if it just wasn't in the KJV or if it was something that was never spoken about in any of the churches that I've been to.)

God's Redemption Story as seen in the Stars

Will you be ready when the Shepherd comes for us?

Will your bells be on? Will you run to meet him?

From the comments:

I love that explanation of the Bozrah...amazing

I will be running with everything I got:)

  • Me too!!! When those sheep started running I just had to yell "run, little sheep, run!" ;)

that is why we hear ringing in our ears

  • bells ringing!!!!

You're one of the voices I trust on you tube so I was wondering if u could comment or maybe do a video on something I recently learned about and found very disturbing...apparently over 200 Walmarts have been converted into Fema/Department of Homeland Security death camps complete with razor barbed wire... underground tunnels...gutted stores with gun towers etc...the in your face reality of this is really too much for my sensitive heart...even with all my spirituality

  • I'll have to look into it. I had heard that Alex Jones had reported on them, but I also hear that Alex Jones may be actually working for the government to put out such blown up false news to throw us off from the actual truth. Remember that nothing super bad is going to happen to us here in Bozrah. Even though it is a place of exile and incarceration, it is also a place of protection and provision. Try to be at peace and seek the Lord. It will help you to stay centered. Love, Miss Amy.

BTW...is the entire planet Bozrah or just the section of it we happen to find ourselves in...😐

  • The entire planet. The people here are of a different kind than us. That's why everything seems off center. Try not to revisit too many places where you use to go. Even the subtle differences can be upsetting to your subconscious. Stay close to home and your inner circle. If you want to travel or go out, check out places you've never been before. I will be doing a video about it soon.
  • I am not so sure this planet has always been here. Cern is of Satan and the Fallen angels. God has allowed them to have a lot of power in the end of days. They may have been allowed to instantly recreate nearly everything the way it was on earth in another dimension or parallel universe. Who knows? The other theory I have is more biblical and has to do with the balance in the universe between good and evil in which we do have a twin along with a twin planet. But believe me, despite looking like they are leading identical lives, ultimately the two are very dissimilar. I'll be doing a video on that very soon. Promise.
  • We are the same but this place is all different including our place in the Milky Way Galaxy...the size of this version of earth is smaller...the geography is drastically different...there is more evil here including in the people...the vibration of this earth is stronger in a way less conducive to human beings...8-12 is ideal and here it shoots up to 30...I forget which measurement scale they referred to (Schumann resonances)...I'm also not sure if all of these people were here before we were moved here in 2012
  • Yes. The two planets are NOT the same at all and are NOT in th same place. That's how we KNOW we are NOT on earth. And I'm with you. I'm not sure these people were here before 2012 either, or that they even existed. And I agree there is a lot more evil here and in the people. Best to keep in mind that we are we and they are them. Whatever happens on this planet has absolutely nothing to do with us. I've said before: Not our circus, not our monkeys. Cern and cohorts would love to get us all tangled up into this realm....don't do it. Stay home. Spend time with the Lord. Mind your own business. Spread the ME. We'll be out of here soon enough.
  • On this version of earth...timeline...parallel universe...whichever...there is the Great Wall of India...130 underground bases in US that we have funneled trillions of dollars to...a high speed rail system underground in US...Pedophilia and murder everywhere u turn...satanic ceremonies at fern and for the Swiss tunnel...planet Nibiru system on its way...empty ghost cities in China and Myanmar...chem trails being sprayed everywhere...a possible inner earth advanced civilization with an entry point in Antarctica...this is not my Earth
  • Nor mine, for sure.
  • It's all very complicated and I certainly don't have all the answers but I love Miss Amy's visions and video as she ties it all together from a Christian perspective...there are only some things I am sure of...I believe in Jesus because he saved my life more than once...I was shifted sometime towards the end of 2012...there was so much upheaval and everything changed in my life then and so did the lives of many people I know when we look back at that time...so I'm hoping Jesus will protect me from the hundreds of Wal Marts that are being converted into Fema camps or any other tribulations that come along...as to the others that will be "left behind"...i have seen a number of videos from people who preach the Gospel who have had visions of Jesus and they convey that time is up and that Jesus is in anguish that the church is not ready and the people are not ready and I even heard that he was slowing down time to offer more Grace so we need to tell people about Jesus...I even went to church today for the first time in a while...but believing I am in a Bozrah actually helps me sleep at night...we have to pray in the Spirit believing in Jesus with our whole hearts...Blessings to u and Miss Amy...I hope I am friends with Miss Amy on the other side...
  • Jumping in on this one....I've been praying more in the spirit lately....I hadn't in a while. You're right. It's very important right now, as we are having a hard time understanding everything the Holy Spirit within us can pray through us and for us. Pray in the Spirit? I believe our ME friends we're awaiting the Lord with on Bozrah will be our friends in the Millenium and onward, just like the ones that are awaiting His return, and ours on Earth. So Friends Forever!
  • Some research into the background of the word Bozrah: The root verb בצר (basar) describes the act of separating something from its maternal environment, with the purpose of letting that something mature in peace until the final result can be extracted. This act is usually achieved by building a strong wall around the something that needs to mature. The sheepfold is an excellent example of a Bozrah. It is/was a rock wall enclosure of loosely stacked stones, and this provided protection against "thieves and robbers" (John 10). The enclosure also provided protection from wolves and other animals of prey. The enclosure also contained the door of the sheepfold, an opening for the sheep to come in and go out. It was at this opening that the Shepherd would lie, in order for a thief or Wolf to come in he would have to climb over the Shepherd at the door. I have simply been calling this planet Bozrah because it is the place that we are being held until Christ comes to retrieve us and it is what the Bible calls it in scripture. The natives here can call it earth all they want, but I will never believe it is anything of the sort.
  • You are so welcome. That is so cool that your Dad had sheep. So you have had a first hand example of a sheepfold. Cool! Yes...we've been kidnapped for sure. I guess you could think of us as being from another's fold..and we're being kept illegally by wrongdoers who've surrounded the sheepfold with wolves. We can not safely leave until our Shepherd comes and breaks us out of the Sheepfold. Always feel free to ask. I'm sure there are a lot of nuances I haven't shared in video, along with lots of things I just haven't gotten to yet. Other questions make me think and study and present an answer if at all possible. So keep them coming. I enjoy your curiosity.
  • I do feel we are not on the same planet we were born in, even many are feeling this way. I think your theory makes sense, things even people are off here. God did say he would pick a peculiar group to be his top people, I am kind of peculiar and even some people's site or channel, I checked seemed also peculiar as well. You also said that the changes may have started in 2012, but to me, it started in '09, even some people were noticing it too. I seriously doubt God would allow evil to completely take over the planet as He does not tolerate darkness and neither should we.
  • ​There are several places in the Bible where the Lord describes the 144,000. We are the meek that inherit the Earth. Luke 14:21 The Parable of the Banquet tells the story of the Remnant, which is referred to as the least of these in one way or another throughout the bible. Here the story refers to those who were originally chosen who did not accept Christ (The Jews) as the ones who had all sorts of excuses not to accept the invitation to the Banquet. That is when the Gentlemen sends his worker back out for the least of them...the remnant. And then once again for the Great Multitude.
  • …20 Still another said, ‘I have married a wife, so I cannot come.’ 21 The servant returned and reported all this to his master. Then the owner of the house became angry and said to his servant, ‘Go out quickly into the streets and alleys of the city, and bring in the poor, the crippled, the blind, and the lame.’ 22 ‘Sir,’ the servant replied, ‘what you ordered has been done, and there is still room.’…
  • When the Father asked him to pick out 144,000 of His choice among all mankind to be His very chosen as His guaranteed purchase by His blood sacrifice who did you think He would choose? Of course Jesus chose us as His First Fruits. Who else would He want to save from the Tribulation? Who else would He want to have with Him, next to Him, judging with Him, singing with Him, following Him wherever He may go? We had Him at hello! We are the sick, downtrodden, the lonely, the sad, the abused, the addicted, the persecuted, the lost. But when we find him, when we hear his voice and see his love through his words we fall to our knees and we know Him. We are home. And we fall in love with Him. And after he cleans us up, he opens the Door to the Father and we know we are accepted and a child of God Himself. And He gives us the Holy Spirit to live within us and guide us in everything. So, we are not The Chosen because we were the Greatest, we are The Chosen because we were the meek and the least and yet when we heard and saw Him, we still loved Him with all our hearts no matter what we'd been through. We had innocent, soft hearts, not bitter or hardened. If there is something even more personal why He chose us, I do not know. This is all I have been shown.
  • But I also strayed on and off for a while and I am starting to regret it now especially due to bad things going on here. I also did lots of bad stupid mistakes on planet earth, I also suffer from mild traumatic brain injury when I was a little girl, got ran over by a car and also got crapped on a lot. I accepted Christ back in '06 but was also struggling, I also strayed from there. In 2009, I was 23 and started noticing some differences as well as other people did. Do you think that maybe we might have got taken in '09 rather than 2012? Also there are different calendars and years like the Mayan, Gregorian and Jewish maybe more, have you looked into that? Also I didn't appeared to have aged very much since then. Maybe time is gone by fast here cause we are actually in like a simulation, just like in one of those sci-fi movies where group of people got taken and later woke, thinking they were still on their home planet but notices something is off and trying to figure out then later realized they're actually on a duplicate or near carbon copy of their planet.
  • I have theorized it like this: we were loaded on to our ride as we were gathered up, and we all started our ride at the same time....like when a ferris wheel is loaded up and started. Then the ride was stopped here , at the wrong place, and we each got off the ride at different times as it was unloaded....just like the ferris wheel. Time is very different here also. It really doesn't exist at all. Because this is just a mirror image we're in...like you said, a simulation of sorts. Dark Majik is used to manipulate things so that we think time is passing, but Satan is also playing with it to conjure all sorts of things in the past to change the here and now. Gee, I'm tired tonight. I hope that made sense. LOL.
  • Ok. I just hate Satan so much, don't get why God let's him live still if he no longer loves him, I even cry about this at times.
  • Well, I don't know how Satan was able to be so evil in the first place, I suppose we'll know someday. But I'm sure being that He was one of two of the Father's most beloved creations I'm sure the Lord was so hurt by his evil deeds in Heaven and the 1/3 of the Angels that fell with him. I can't even imagine. But when the Lord decided He was going to make Man in His own image...His very own children....He decided he wanted them to have the choice to love Him. They would not be forced. You know the story. So Satan was allowed to tempt Adam and Eve and they fell away from the Lord. Originally the Earth was made to be a garden where the Lord walked with us in the cool of the day. A paradise where we neither toiled or had pain or grew old. But after we fell, it was turned over to Satan and the dark angels and it would be a place of toil, pain, death and troubles and the Lord would no longer walk among us. But the Lord loved us so much that He sent (AN: I remember SENT in John 3:16) His only begotten Son to redeem us by conquering Satan and the dark angels. The battle for our souls is still playing out, though Jesus has already had victory. When Jesus returns He returns as a Lion, as a King, and He will claim His Reward and devour His enemies. Satan will be placed in a holding cell with his angels until the 1000 years is over on Earth, and then Satan and his dark angels will be loosed one more time for a final battle and then thrown into the fire pit for eternity. You need to trust the Lord with the timing and the reasons for allowing this to play out. Never question Him. Praise Him and Thank Him in everything. And in the things you don't understand or can't thank Him for then just trust. Tell Him you trust Him. And if you can't, pray to Him asking for help and guidance in learning to trust Him more. I hope this helped a little. Like I said earlier, I am super tired tonight and I just hope my comments are making sense! LOL ;)
  • If you read on Ezekiel chapter 28 that God is actually gonna destroy or kill Satan, Reduce him to ashes, not burn him for eternity as commonly taught by majority of Christians. Evil has an expiration and God will not allow it to go on for eternity, why do you think He put his angels to guard the tree of life? It's the tree of immortality. Research it.
  • Yes, He will destroy him at the end of the 1000 years after a brief release from the pit. And that will be that. Isn't that what I said? What did I say last night? I was so tired, and still am today. I'm sorry if I said something stupid. As far as the the Garden of Eden, Tree of Life, I am just starting a new in depth study under my Teacher, with the Holy Spirit as my guide, on the very subject. It could take quite awhile to finish it he has me starting several other studies at this time and I am having to catch up with the rest of the students in his class. That being said, I also must work in the studies for my videos which are quite in depth and take weeks to months in preparation. I am waiting on the Lord right now as I am overwhelmed and am in need of His counsel so I don't get pulled in too many directions. Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts with me. I truly appreciate it. Again, I am sorry if I misspoke. Miss Amy.
  • Ok, you just rest and well talk more later.
  • I haven't been feeling well. I have Parkinson's and I'm fighting it hard right now. Sometimes when I don't feel well I can get kinda spaced out. No worries though. The Lord has allowed my afflictions for reasons that have made me grow spiritually and He never leaves my side. Much Love, Miss Amy.
  • We can talk later....See Rev 20:10. Revelation 20:7-10 King James Version (KJV) 7 And when the thousand years are expired, Satan shall be loosed out of his prison, 8 And shall go out to deceive the nations which are in the four quarters of the earth, Gog, and Magog, to gather them together to battle: the number of whom is as the sand of the sea. 9 And they went up on the breadth of the earth, and compassed the camp of the saints about, and the beloved city: and fire came down from God out of heaven, and devoured them. 10 And the devil that deceived them was cast into the lake of fire and brimstone, where the beast and the false prophet are, and shall be tormented day and night for ever and ever. King James Version (KJV)

Thank u...but re of Alex Jones...Walmarts all over the country are closing...over 200 of them now...u can see videos from regular people all over US...anyway...security cameras...gaurd towers...barbed wire fences...the whole 9 yards...I saw the movie The Shack today...wayyyy better than the book...my husband and I cried our eyes out...a must see for Christians and everyone else too...thanks for your response

  • Oh, yes! That movie looks SO good! I'll have to go see it. Thanks for the heads up on that. I need a break anyway. Wow, that's super creepy about the Walmarts....definitely going to look into that. I'll get back with you about it. I've got a crazy schedule right now so feel free to ask me about it again in a couple of weeks....I'm going in quite a few directions right now and I might need a reminder. Try not to worry in the meantime.
  • Miss Amy I seen the Shack last night. but that is not what I wanted to ask you. I am RH neg blood and what I have notice is most people who see the Mandela Effect have RHneg blood or a parent with RH neg blood . do you know anything about this. thank-you for your time.
  • I haven't seen it yet. I heard that I should go. Hmmm...I saw something about the RH neg blood...something about people (maybe certain scientists) thinking that those with it may be from a different lineage...maybe mixed with another type of humanoid or alien or something like that...I had not heard that a number of us MEs might have a link to the RH neg type . It makes sense to me that we might be different from the rest of the population since we are from another planet. The skeletal design here does not match ours. I am RH neg also. I am definitely going to look into this. It's certainly very interesting, isn't it? Thanks so much for bringing it to my attention.
  • Miss Amy very kind of you to return a comment. many polls have been done on Facebook to see what the percentage of RHneg blood see the changes and usually it will be very high considering RHneg blood is less than 7-15 percent of the human population. Strange !!!!
  • Wow. I find that very odd indeed. I'm staying up watching a few videos about the RH neg blood. My oldest brother is an O neg....very rare. I'm not sure about anyone else. My little sis just had her DNA done and she (we) are British, German, French, and Spaniard. She is ME also. As soon as the hour is decent I'll call her and ask her blood type and RH factor. My husband is ME also. And he's asleep also. He's European, but all I know is Dutch and Spaniard. I can hardly wait to find out. What background are you? Now you've got me started!!!! I bet I make a video about this! I'm just all over it like white on rice!
  • Miss Amy I am native american , French ,and German . my son is RHneg he sees the changes but doesn't like to discuss it . my daughter is pos blood and does not see any changes. many that do see the changes and are positive blood have a RHneg parent
  • My mind is going a hundred miles a minute with this. I'm going to have to stay in study and prayer until I feel totally assured of what the Lord is leading me to about this. I believe He may be showing me something even deeper about why this all happened to us. I can never thank you enough.


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