Bozrah Theory Miss Amy - Mandela Effect: The Lost can't See the Mirror World

The people original to the Mandela Effect Mirror World (Bozrah) can not see it. They have been blinded to all of the changes that are so apparent to us. Included in this video is one of my latest Mandela Effects I thought I’d share with you. Note: If you remember “The Girl with THE Pearl Earring” you are not from here.

The god of this world (satan) hath blinded the minds of them which believe not, lest the light of the glorious Gospel of Christ, who is the image of God, should shine unto them. -3 Corinthians 4:4.

So they are blinded to the truth…to the Mandela Effect…

…to satan's playground…to this Mirror World, a forgery of Earth.

They never see the changes taking place around them, as if they are asleep under water and we can do nothing to reach them.

The Girl with the Pearl Earring…a famous painting, well known book, regarded movie…Mandela Effected with the typical cringe worthy "a" substituted for "the" in the title. Still, if googled, residue is to be found. As a further discomfort, now this can also be found as "Girl with Pearl Earring."

Old Earthers recognize even the smallest discrepancy and don't dismiss it as frivolous.

While the Mirror World remains blind and unmoved by the multitudes of changes swirling all about them.

Though End Time Prophecies are being manifested at an alarming rate, they continue to live their lives as if nothing happened…

…or they eventually become overcome by fear and hate.

All the while we turn our lives toward the Father and the purpose he has for us.

Unafraid we pray.

"Come Quickly Lord."

"I am the way, the truth, and the light. No one comes to the Father except through me.
– John 14:6

From the comments:

The lost seem to be put into a deeper sleep from what I've observed. Heavy witchcraft. They feel distanced from me. The past 3 weeks to maybe a month.. the change is very noticeable. I see more clearly what Jesus said and meant as he was dying on the cross... "Forgive them Father for they know not what they do." They don't know. The others (evil ones) are fully aware of what they are doing. Please Father God of Abraham, deliver us from this earth. I'm humbly asking you. Come quickly Father. In your Sons name Jesus I pray. Amen. God bless all of you.

  • Oh, my. The scripture here about Satan blinding them really reads true for these days. At a point the Lord Jesus will have to stop the clock for the Saints sake due to things getting too bad, but he will tarry as long as he can. A lot of unsaved came with us from Earth. We need to be reaching them. If someone is Mandela Effected, they came with us and they are ripe. Do your best to reach them with the Gospel. Satan has not been allowed to blind them. They are not his to blind. So do what you can. Otherwise stay at the Lord's feet with your lamp lit. He will be here soon. Much Love and Peace to you my Sister.
  • Are these sleeping people even real Miss Amy? Or just evil copies.
  • They would be the descendants of Esau...but not literally. I believe they are mirror images of the people they represent. You know how when you look in the mirror the reflection is actually flipped? Like a poster that said AMY would say YMA. That's why the people seem strange to us. They're off. Not right.
  • Thank you. I've yet to meet another M.E. personally. No ones awake around me. That makes me leery and sad.
  • You know how the sleepers call us crazy? Fine,... I'm nuts. Lol. The word crazy kept repeating in my head over and over about 2 months ago and I saw a name in my mind... Seal and the song "Crazy". I couldn't stress enough for you to just read the lyrics. It was released about 29 yrs ago. I was floored. It's about Jesus and us. No joke. No one back then batted an eye on exactly what was being said. Jesus is going to shatter the Bozrah and we're gonna fly.
  • You are so right! The words are so cool! And did you know that the Berlin Wall that was constructed by Hitler during WWII to separate East Berlin from West Berlin got torn down while he wrote this song and people on either side got to see each other for the first time since WWII....story goes that he was influenced by the tearing down of the wall and the reunification of the German people. Now, if that doesn't sound like the Breaker and our flight back to see our loved ones I don't know what does!!!! Thank you so much for sharing this with me. Incredible!!! Love and Peace Always. Miss Amy
  • Oh wow... I remember the wall being up and then President Regan saying..."Mr. Gorbachev, tear down that wall." Maybe I got that miss worded. Lol. I was a teen. Been awhile. Thank you for telling me the history on that song. That's really cool. The Breaker is coming. Our King Jesus will be that breaker.
  • Yes!!! That's the correct quotation!!!! The Lord gave you that song to edify your spirit, and mine!!! A new video will be out in a week, two or three....soon. It will have a lot of very important biblical edification as to who we are and what our role will be in the near future. We truly are a blessed group of followers of Christ. Talk soon.

For me it was sex in the city and thanks giving went from the 3rd Thursday to the 4th. was real sick for about 2-years when I did feel better the world and people were all different found out was no longer in Sagittarius arm but Orion's arm.

  • It was the videos of JFK that did it for me. Yes, I was very ill too when I first arrived. It took a couple of years for me to wake up. When I did it was very sudden and I immediately sought the Lord and rededicated. I knew we had to be in the end times for this to have happened. I could barely keep it together at first.

99.9% of the folks in my environment

  • I think that is true for nearly everyone. There are not that many of us. I have been deeply blessed with a husband and sister who woke up when I did. I think the Lord knew I needed them desperately and spared me.
  • oh wow...very good questions. I'm interested also.
  • Yes, I do believe that is exactly how it happened. The people on earth are probably disagreeing on what happened. Some may think it was aliens, some that it was a partial Rapture of some kind. Hopefully pastors are realizing that it is the Bozrah Deliverance of the Lesser Sheepfold and are comforting their flocks with those scriptures and preparing them for our return and the real Rapture. They have been in Tribulation since we left, but when we return with Jesus we will have only been gone for 3 1/2 years no matter how long we've been here in Bozrah. Time is not the same here and they keep running it back and forth so it feels like forever!!! I do think some pets came. I don't have any concrete idea why other than maybe they volunteered or we just needed them really bad for some reason. I will make a video just for you April. Thanks so much for suggesting it. I think it may really help a lot of people. And don't be worried about your Mom. God left behind the tough ones April. I promise.
  • April, I just posted a video to share with my subscribers about Bozrah Deliverance from another YouTuber. It was made quite a while ago and she was not aware of Mandela Effect and the Mirror World but she's right on about everything else. You might want to watch it. It's on my home page at the bottom.
  • that's great. I'll be finding more videos to add for edification so be watching for them. Oh, that's so wonderful that you've been praying for all the animals! God loves them so much too! He knows when a sparrow falls and takes care of all of them and even the flowers. My hope is that all the animals will go too. I will all the pretty flowers and trees could go. Be sure to always be thankful for the flowers and trees that grow in your garden...take notice of them...that they are growing or blooming...they love to be noticed by us. Tell them they are beautiful and thank them for blooming just for you and the birds and bees. That means the world to them. My Goodness. The Lord has made so many beautiful and wonderful things
  • Yes, I worry about all of the above too. I feel so bad about your friend. It would be wonderful to be able to put something like that together and if the Lord enables me I certainly will. But at this time I am nearly bedridden and sleep most of the time. But the Lord finds a way to use me despite my illnesses. I am very obedient to his calling. If he asks me to do a video I do it. No matter how hard it is for me, no matter how long it takes. It is very difficult for me to gather my thoughts and put them into a coherent sequence that people can understand. That is why I use the slide shows. It helps me straighten out my thoughts by manipulating them back and forth until it comes out right. So, unless the Lord step in and enables me past what I've been able to do I don't think I can do a long drawn out video. But maybe I can think of something maybe a series that is more coherent. Hmmm. I can't get in over my head though. Has to be the Lord's doing 'cause otherwise the stress of it will make me so sick. Well, lots to think and pray about. Thank you so much for you insight and suggestions. I so appreciate your care and concern my dear one. Sending you kisses!!!
  • I made the two recent ones and then I got a question from a subscriber about wanting more details in a longer video. So. I've been listening for the Lord. All he has had me do is study. So I decided to share some of what I've run across on YouTube which includes reference to some of the scripture studies that I have done about the Lesser Sheepfold being flown to safety/captivity in Bozrah, followed eventually by Jesus arriving in Bozrah to conquer Bozrah and break out the Lesser Sheepfold to accompany Jesus on his way to his glorious coming. Most of the writings/videos I have found were written before the Mandela Effect. People tried to imagine a great flight of airplanes taking us to an unknown location. Some still believe it is the original deserted Bozrah desert and that it doesn't include the Gentiles who have been grafted into the Olive Tree and partake of the Original Root. But mostly the eyes have not seen this first coming of Jesus, as if it lay secret in the scriptures for this time to be revealed to us. Once we experienced the Mandela Effect, then we could interpret the meaning. So, please, as we await my next video, do check out the ones I have set aside for you on my channel. Be sure you have watched all of mine about Bozrah first, and then you'll be able to discern as you watch., May God Bless You. I'll get a new video up as soon as I can. Love, Amy
  • I think the mandella effect doesn't have a start or end date...the parallel universes are flowing in and out...flipping back and forth constantly between dimensions...may be from CERN...and evidenced by all of the photos of split skies
  • Yes, it is flipping and flapping and who knows what all. I feel like there's a guy with pull chains and curtains manipulating the sun, moon and stars these days. But I have to differ on the start and end date. And the end date is creeping up on this majik trick.
  • I meant no end date to the mandella effect up till now...things still changing moment by moment
  • Oh, I see. Yes, changing constantly. I think of Satan, CERN, and their co-horts as the silly old wizard of oz, hiding behind that old musty curtain, punching the buttons and pulling all the levers as fast as they can as they hear Jesus' white stallion being saddled and harnessed in the distance. The faster the changes, the sillier they look.
  • for example...a friend of mine had a mandella effect in real time...he heard someone passed on the radio and when he got never happened...and he heard it clear as day...but within hours it was gone
  • Check out the recent video by Strange Things to see the split skies I was referring to
  • I used to believe in parallel universes but now I consider it to be a red herring and there is also another theory that even some Christians believe that the earth is actually being altered nothing else, which doesn't really make much sense and doesn't hold water. I do believe that we are in a near carbon copy of earth called Bozrah, the mirrored world as Miss Amy said while others call it the Matrix. It is an alternate reality or simulation of sorts and I believe there is only one actual earth and this counterfeit one, that's it.
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