Miss Amy - Mandela Effect: No matter where you go, in Bozrah you will be.

A video recalling my anniversary weekend with my husband and what I learned about visiting old haunts and favorite places (Earth’s counterparts) while here on Bozrah. Let’s just say “There’s no place like home.”

Hey everybody. It's me Miss Amy. Here in ME Wonderland. Thought I'd do a short video for you tonight. Had something happen over the weekend I thought you'd find interesting. I just thought I would share with you because I think that it might help you to avoid maybe the same thing and keep you from having the same thing happen and I think that would be a good thing.

My husband and I, Sean and I, had our anniversary come up over the weekend so we thought we'd revisit our honeymoon spot which was about an hour and a half outside of our hometown and it's in the Wichita Mountains. It's called Medicine Park. It's a really cool spot out in Oklahoma. It's just really neat. We've visited there several times for our anniversaries and other times and there is a cool restaurant called Meers and they are nationally known for it's longhorn burgers and bison burgers and we just couldn't wait to get down there.

We skipped breakfast and took a couple of hours to get there and were starving by the time that we got there. Also, on the way down there we go by a national cemetery where my mom and dad are buried together and my mom on top of my dad and my dad was career military. Just a really special place.

I wanted to tell you my parents had met down at Medicine park outside of Fort Sille. My dad had been stationed down there and my mother was from Oklahoma and my mother was born and raised here.

So anyways they met down at Medicine park and…actually in Lotton which is right outside of Medicine Park and then they had spent their honeymoon in Medicine Park so it was just kinda special that we shared that and…anyways so we're on our way down I'm thinking about visiting the grave and then suddenly I realized…

That isn't my mom and dad. It's not their grave. That's back on Earth and the people that are buried there are the people that had died here…Bozrah…and that somebody else's parents. So I just told Sean..you know Sean that isn't my mom and dad. I just really didn't want to see them. It just really would have upset me.

So I just said let's just go on and we drove right on past the cemetery. We just kept going towards the Meer's restaurant. Then I thought that we're not really headed to the place where we had our honeymoon and my mom and dad had their honeymoon but we looked around and the mountains were pretty and it was a beautiful day. It was a little hot but we just tried to do our best to enjoy the trip and realize that we really shouldn't have gone somewhere that had meant something to us and that we'd been to quite a bit. We probably should have gone somewhere new that we might be able to make a new memory on this planet or something. I don't know…but definitely shouldn't have gone to somewhere that had meant something to us on earth because there was no way that we weren't going to…you know…get it out of our heads that we weren't there.

We got to the Meer's restaurant and there was about an hours wait. There's always such a huge line to get in. So we waited there with everyone else and that wasn't too bad and we were getting really hungry and the anticipation…you know…last time I had been there omg…I'm a meat eater. Since the Mandela Effect I haven't been able to eat as much meat. My stomach is just not the same and I get a really upset stomach allot and I don't choose to eat allot of meat anymore and…but…when I was thinking about the same burger I'd had a few years ago I was thinking about "OK I can do that hamburger" and they have fried green tomatoes and they are sooo good.

Then we finally got seated and they gave us a really romantic table and we were all excited about that. We were holding hands and it was really romantic and suddenly they tell us we have to be moved. They moved us right in front of the kitchen. Literally. Open to the kitchen even and so we asked since it was our anniversary if we could be seated somewhere away from the kitchen. They said sure and before we knew it we were seated in a separate room where they had placed all the families with little tots, children under 3, and babies.

So we tried to be really brave and so we ordered really big beers and thought well we'll down that as fast as we can just forget about where we're seated and just wait for these great burgers. It took an hour until they arrived. The minute we saw them we knew.

You guys…these were the WORST hamburgers we had ever eaten in our lives. They were so dry and so overcooked. Not burned. Dry. The buns I'm not sure what they were. It was like they had baked a cake and had shoved this burger inside this little cake and with some old yesterday's news on tomato and lettuce and shoved that in there.

I had to peal back the cake to find the meat and kinda nibbled on the meat and it wasn't any good. The fried green tomatoes were cooked in oil that had been used all day for hundreds of people. Worst meal I had ever had. It was 50 bucks for these burgers and these fried green tomatoes. The beer was good.

As we're looking around it was like…we're the only ones looking around and going…what have they served us? Everyone else is just kinda quietly eating and not commenting and kinda acting like well it's what they served us so we're going to eat it. Kinda like step-ford customers. We just couldn't do it. We left. It was just bad.

So here on Bozrah (laughs)…you know I know all the troubles they are having down on earth you know…we're in the middle of tribulation and everything. Meer's I'm sure probably isn't even running OK, but I've nothing bad to say about Meer's back on earth OK. They have all the A+'s that they can get but Meer's on Bozrah…awful! Don't go there! Bad! Bad restaurant. Bad burgers. Don't go there.

But anyways. The moral of the story is…I think while we're here until Jesus comes and gets us and takes us back where we belong…maybe don't go to your favorite haunts and don't go on your favorite trips and that sort of thing because I think it is going to haunt you. It did for us. You're just not going to be able to get it out of your mind that you are not really in that place and you're going to be able to see the differences and even minute changes…and even if you're not even thinking it it's going to be there on the subconscious level bothering you and maybe what we can do while we're here is make new memories that we can take back to earth with us. There are pretty places here and fun things to do. You know.

We all need a break every once in awhile. We all need to be spending time in the bible and being careful while we read it because of the changes but spending time with each other and us studying…just spending time with the Lord.

I just think that maybe looking for new things to do instead of trying to relive the old because while we are here we just can't. It's just not going to happen. Find new places and maybe even find a new coffee shop. Just new things…to do. I think I'm going to do that. I haven't been going to my old coffee shop because I'm just like…just not going to and it's been going on for a long time now. I haven't even been there…and maybe it's just time to pick a new coffee shop…you know.

Hope you guys are doing well. Just thought I'd pop in and give you guys a bit of an update. I'm going to have a real serious video out real soon about Bozrah…about who all these other people are and what's really going on here you know. Mainly who are these people? Why are they here? We know why we're here. Why are they here? What are they about? You'll find out very soon. Ok.

I'll see you soon. Love you. Bye.

From the comments:

I have to say I never thought that I would actually bear witness to the End Times personally in my lifetime.

  • I knew for sure the minute I woke up to the Mandela Effect....we were for sure in the end times and would see Jesus return. The whole realization was such a shock to my system it took a couple of weeks to regain my footing. What an awesome responsibility that has been bestowed on us. We must never allow the oil in our lamps to run low....be prepared for anything and everything as we enter these coming years, so that we may witness for the Lord even until our last breathe, if so be it.

by "You" you mean GOD?

  • No. I simply meant that no matter where you go on Bozrah, it will always be Bozrah, and not Earth.

Me too food tastes different, for me at least half tasty, got also stomach problems, our bodies need time to adjust to the food here. Although I do like to change things in my diet now.

  • Maybe our stomachs are actually different? I don't know. I do a lot better with fruits and vegetables. So I guess that's a good thing.
  • well, they are in a different location now so... and it takes a lot of condiments to make something remotely edible anymore
  • They should have left that Longhorn out to pasture if they couldn't do any better than that. .
  • you misunderstand, i meant to imply our stomachs are in a different location now, so they may very well be internally different. or maybe the culprit is wonky taste buds here or combination possibly
  • Ha! Yes, our insides are definitely different.

Just wanted to let you know that its so hot in Arizona that peoples houses are literally melting...additionally...people are hearing and recording mysterious booms and sounds all over the world of unknown origins...the sounds on one video sounded like a Torah being blown if you've ever heard that sound...and animals of every species are perishing en masse...

  • Yes, my husband and I can hear the sounds here in Oklahoma quite often, though faintly, in the distance. And yes, the animals, it's unreal. No one really can tell us the cause. I've covered it some in a past video. It breaks my heart. Now just how hot is Arizona??? The homes are MELTING?!!!! What do you mean by melting? This is crazy!!! Once I had a house fire and my mini blinds melted and the paint on the woodwork bubbled up and the tiles popped off the walls......what is happening there?!
  • The plastic on the houses on the parts made with stucco type plastic...mailboxes made of industrial plastics are melting...the street signs are melting...the car dashboards are melting
  • Oh my goodness! How hot is it?! I bet you can't touch anything outside! This is CRAZY!!! End times for sure. Leslie, you might want to consider moving if you can, I mean, if it gets any worse, you'll have to. Right?
  • Funny enough...Florida isn't really that bad...aside from 2 weeks straight of rain it's a normal summer for the most part...but I think they can control and create certain weather conditions from what I see on you tube videos which is unbelievable but I don't believe that there will be a safe spot on earth when the sh#$ goes down...some say the Ozarks underground but that could have it's own set of variables...so I'm just going to believe and I've seen protection in my own life from Jesus over and over again and tell others about your Bozrah theory as that resonates with me
  • Oh!! you're in Florida! How nice! Yes, Jesus will come get us before anything really bad happens here. No worries. Bozrah can not touch us.

Now small aircraft planes are just falling out of the sky and crashing...it started with one right here in my area...then there was another in California I think...now I just saw a video on Secure Team you-tube channel...this is all in a week...pilot stated strange local weather phenomenon...sheriff said they were dealing with things "no one wants to speak about"...

  • That does not sound good. But remember that all the craziness created by the devil BEFORE God''s wrath will cause many to finally turn to the Lord. If it takes men's hearts failing them to get them to fall on their knees and cry out to the Father, then so be it. Many are being saved right now or finding their way back home. Praise the Lord.

Good video...sorry about your trip...that sucks...I know nothing is really the same here...it's weird...I'm married but I know my ex boyfriend is literally not the same person...so even if I get sentimental I wouldn't speak to him...many children are having visions of the tribulation now but I wonder if that's for here in the future or the old earth...look forward to next video

  • Thanks. Hadn't heard about the children's visions....that is super interesting. Talk soon.
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