"Fallen Angel Technology is Changing the Bible" Says Prophetess Master's Voice

One thing I have asked myself about today’s prophets is, if they can know so much about what is going to happen, why don’t they know what is already happening, aka the Bible changes? Well, now there are 2 prophets that have spoken about them, and one is Vicki GoForth Parnell and now this one: Master’s Voice.

the bible will be changed until all the prophets are gone

If you want to skip to the part where she talks specifically about the Bible changes and how she first noticed the changes herself, skip to 1:11 mark. Notably, she created her Lion and Lamb channel logo from the words in the Bible, which are now wolf and lamb. She is also on Rumble.here.

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  • Tom Framnes.

    2024-02-07 21:11

    You are entirely correct in regards to the Millenial Reign of Yahusha physically happened on earth..

    The timeline 500AD- 1500, Azazel( Hasatan’s release) 1536 plus 500 years a short season= 2030..

    It all coincides.. look up Noel Joshua Hadley’s research on unexpected cosmology for more info..

    Look up: The Odes Of Solomon..

    Gog Magog= Titles, old names of the fallen angels that ruled Babylon/ Sumer.. Gog= Gaga
    Hegelian Dialectic: Annunaki.

    Book of Enoch: 200 watchers. One leader over them not mentioned when naming the leaders of the twenty…

    Azazel plus 200= 201.

    Isaiah 14: I will ascend above the Mountain: Sides of The North.

    UN declares 201 Nations..

    UN logo flat earth Map: refers to the 33 percent of the earth ruled by the fallen and the Nephilim bloodlines..

    Our area of Earth: Mentioned in Matthew
    The outer Darkness.

    Darkness: the place of complete lawlessness
    ( void of Yahs Law) proverbs 6:23 psalm 119:142.

    Search up : vibes of cosmos: Moon Map. There is a physical negative image imprinted on the moon of the entire earth and how it looked during the creation.: there is more land here known as the camp of Yah, Hidden Wilderness, Greater Realm, they hide this truth with esoteric symbolism everywhere as well as with the number 88..

    The alien agenda will reveal the 201 fallen angels, the world will follow them and invade the greater realm.. the war will be physical, Fire= Jeremiah 23:9..:

    Fulfillment of rev 20:8 and psalm 82:7… The fallen and the swine that worship them, shall all die, as men..

    Time is short.:

    You are not wrong..

    Praying for you and yours. Stand strong. No fear.. truly 🤲🙌❤️

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