A dream I had last night

Just keeping this saved so I can think about it later. I still don’t know what to think about the dream I had.

I thought about posting this but decided not to since it's not really the norm for the quantum boards on social websites. But the second part had me thinking of all the movements Satan has been creating with his lies like the Hebrew Rights Movement and the Serpent Seed thing as well as aliens and some thinking the ME has to do with parallel universes. Running down the clock until Jesus returns confusing the people to make wrong decisions. I know there's not much in this dream but still wanted to share.

First part: I was sitting beside my ex-wife inconsolable just crying my eyes out while she sat there emotionless. I wanted to hug her so badly but for some reason I just couldn't move. Just looking at her it felt to me like she felt dead inside. Like she was in front of me but the spirit within was gone. It's the same way we feel when talking to family when they just don't have the same responses as when we used to talk to them. The curiosity and love for finding the truth just seems to be gone.

Second part: My ex-wife and I are walking up stairs that end up physically impossible to go up. We end up falling off out of the sky and end up on a football field. The referee has everyone in groups and they are scattered all over the field. It's like the referee was intentionally trying to disqualify everyone from even participating. I just stood there wondering what was going on until I realized that this was the referee's intention all along for not being where they were supposed to be all along. I woke up repeating in my head was that the referee had rand the clock out. Just like time is speeding up and we know the end is coming sooner than we think. Many don't even know we are in end-times and often they refuse to even discuss it.

With the times we are in and the people that refuse to listen my only thought ended up being:

What can we do?


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