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How are we supposed to pray to our Father? Do you know? Jesus told us perfectly how to pray to our Father using The Lord’s Prayer. We certainly never “fell on our faces” to worship Him. This wasn’t in scriptures before the bible changes but it is there now. Mandela Effect. Supernatural Bible Changes.

Yet another NPC adopting the Bible changes as truth and justifying Islam now in a viral religious meme:

"All messengers of God are Muslims, observe the way this messengers of God are worshiping is the same way Muslims are worshiping, so Christians is better to turn to true as you knew no verse of Bible indicate Jesus singing or dancing"

Muslim Prayer. Christians do NOT pray this way!

From the comments:

I do not recall in Mt 26v39 the Lord "fell on his face"(and this passage about praying not worship, God does not worship God) Also in NIV and NKJV so probably other versions.Gen 17v3 and Ex 34v8 also suspect.Re Jesus /God singing, see Mt 26vs30 and OT Zeph 3vs17.

  • Jesus always looked up to heaven.

We have an Islamic agenda being embedded into scripture.... this new language is one putrid example.

I found some residual evidence on Google Search, but I bet when you click on the link and go to site, it will be changed: Why did Jesus kneel in prayer? | Verse By Verse Ministry International Q. The only time Jesus is shown kneeling in prayer is in the garden of Gethsemane. ... from them about a stone's throw, and He knelt down and began to pray,

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