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Mandela Effect. Supernatural Bible Changes. The Bible Changes Community discusses the four horsemen.

I don't have the link but wanted to share the discussion I had printed out and saved for family in the event of a rapture. It was just things that I had found interesting.

These great articles about the timing of the judgements in Revelations were shared by a brother in Christ on another thread.

"I disagree with the author's take that the rider of the red horse is communism/socialism. I believe he is the spirit of violence. I'm still thinking about the pale horse.

So my take:

White Horse - Spirit of False Leaders
Red Horse - Spirit of Violence
Black Horse - Spirit of Famine/Economic Stress
Pale Horse - Spirit of Death

I personally don't think these are contained within specific governments/regimes"

"The rider on the white horse removed peace from the earth."

"Yes but keep in mind I do not agree with the author's view of the singular figure anti-christ he presents toward the end of the article. As I mentioned before, I believe the church is erroneously "looking for the anti-christ" in our day and age which is the inverse of the Jews "looking for the Messiah". In both instances people of faith were/are looking for literal figure imagined from the susceptible to the same folly and is overlooking the real possibility that he (the anti-christ) has already been revealed."

"Right. I like that he spells out clearly the possible timelines of the judgements outside of the "it's after we're raptured" view."

"The Jew's Messiah DID come in the literal figure form of a man, Jesus Christ…so how does that support your argument that the anti-christ will not come in a literal figure form? I understand the argument about not "knowing' him, but that is a different claim."

"Not disputing your claim here, but actually requesting that you strengthen it. Classic debate tactics for when you do encounter someone that wants to actually dispute it."

"The Jews crucified Jesus in part because he did not fit the description of what they had expected in the prophecies…yes some of the Jews accepted Jesus…the disciples and apostles but He was largely rejected by the Jewish community because he was not a radiant powerful, and visible leader of armies and men…like David or Solomon. So because of that imaginary expectation, they missed the fact that Jesus was the Messiah. So Israel was soon destroyed after they crucified Jesus. In the same way but inversely, Christians today expect some single figure of power, and evil and supernatural ability who will lead the world and deceive the world. Many are looking here and there and everywhere, and yet do not recognize that he is already here…he is changing the times and laws just like the prophecies said. He has changed the Bible into an abomination that makes desolate just as the prophecies said. He is against Jesus and is many…Just like the prophecies said, yet because we are expecting this literal evil king, a single figure that would fulfill our darkest imaginations, we are missing the real evidence both in the world and in the scriptures right before our eyes."

"Ok I get you, but do you see my point? The 'in the same way' or 'inversely' defense actually weakens the position. Because the 'same way' would mean that a literal person comes, but your entire argument is that it IS completely different in that an actual person figure in visible form does NOT come. However, the circumstances surrounding the 'expectations' and all you describe ARE the same way. There is a distinction. Basically remove those phrases and you have a more 'solid' position in my observation. Just thought I would throw that out there for your consideration."

"Yes. It is not exactly the same way literally. The point is that the Jews expected a literal fulfillment of their imagination of who the Messiah would be just like Christians are expecting a literal fulfillment of their imagination of what the anti-christ will be. Both are proven wrong by the facts of history…that is how I should have phrased it."

"Oh good! Yes, you can see what I am saying! I write for a living so sometimes I tend to get a little hung up on the details. I like the new phrasing."

"Revelations 9:13-`8 quoted in this article is a mish mash of word switches and changes! The writer did not know Revelations! Mentioning parts of the locust in here with a horse is not accurate! Also the 4 riders on the 4 horses were listed in the 7 seals and not the 7 trumpets!"

"The horsemen are mentioned in the previous article about the seals I haven't finished the trumpet article yet."

"The article is flawed with scripture changes which he is basing his understanding in error!"

"This guy is way off and has many of the changes of scriptures!"

"The point is that by not using a hard literal interpretation, the author has found some relatively strong correlations in past history that fulfills prophecy. While he may be off on some of it I find other aspects of his interpretations pretty solid, especially the one regarding the plague of locusts. I came to a similar understanding just a week prior to finding this article."

"That was definitely a great point…as if the hard literal interpretation is veiling the fact that wow…prophecy when considered from a different perspective could be fulfilled. I always wondered why Israel was reinstated and then there was this rediculously long stall…like someone pressed pause on the whole end times button. But when you consider the world wars, weapons, and everything that has already occurred as part of it…wow."

"But it is true…there are many changes in the scripture. I was surprised when these articles were posted…these scriptures could have changed even for him!"

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