Bible Game Reveals Supernatural Bible Changes

Evidence of how the King James Bible used to read is uncovered in a Bible trivia game. Surely, when the game was created, it simply asked the players for answers based on what the Bible said. This game is pretty advanced and detailed, asking 5400 questions.

The front cover of the Bible Trivia game

The Bible Trivia game states it's "the game where trivia is not trivial" produced in 1984. lt is rightfully presumed that a game creator would take the time to check and recheck the answers in the Bible before spending time and money in printing hundreds, if not thousands, of games. Not only are the questions and answers rife with mistakes, but even the Bible text printed on the front cover is wrong. In fact, the wording presented is not found in any version of the Bible. Let me show you:

Bible Trivia Game Front Cover Proverbs 8:11 wrong
Proverbs 8:11 on the front of the box is not found in any Bible version. The box cover reads, "For wisdom is better than rubies, and all things that may be desired are not to be compared with it."
I wonder where they found that, because I can't find it anywhere.

Below you will see screenshots taken of all the Bible versions for Proverbs 8:11:

Bible Trivia Game Front Cover Proverbs 8:11 wrong
The end of the verse on the box reads: "compared with it". This first section shows all the Bible versions that read "with" at the end. They all say "with her". Her, describing "wisdom" using a female pronoun, like "wisdom is female".
Bible Trivia Game Front Cover Proverbs 8:11 wrong
These also show "with her" except for the GNT, which read "with me".
Bible Trivia Game Front Cover Proverbs 8:11 wrong
All these version use the phrase "with her" with the exception of the NLT, which reads "with it" just like on the box cover. However, the rest of the sentence is not even close to what is on the box.
Bible Trivia Game Front Cover Proverbs 8:11 wrong
The above version all use"with her" with the exception of the last, which does use "with it" like on the box. But the rest of the verse doesn't resemble what's on the box.

Yet now we see that this game has numerous errors. and apparently that matter "is trivial" to many Christians and pastors.

The Mandela Effect, or quantum effect has changed thousands of observable items in this realilty, with the Bible being the most consequential.

Mandela Effect: Let's Play Some Bible Trivia by Residue for the Remnant on Youtube
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