They May Be Able to Change the Bible-But They Can't Change Jesus' Death and Resurrection - Happy Resurrection Day!

This weekend we celebrate the Jesus’ death and resurrection, whether or not the date is correct. I refuse to say the word “Easter” as that is definitely pagan, but the commemoration of our Lord and Savior is a good thing. As I watched a live re- enactment of the Lord’s Supper in church on Good Friday, and partook of the communion,

jesus hanging on cross

it made me think of this whole Bible change thing. WIll the Bible be rewritten to change Jesus' death and resurrection? You say, "No way - no one would buy that"!" But, would they?

The Pastor repeated many iconic verses the way I remembered, saying "by His stripes" we are healed, Peter denied Jesus 3 times before the cock crowed, my sheep know my voice and follow me and more. "But what version is that from?" is the standard comeback, so I am actually tired of the minutae of it all.

Yes, the Bible is being supernaturally changed, but unless you knew the Bible somewhat well, you wouldn't notice anything.

Maybe it was a sign for us believers to wake up and get our houses in order.

And all this discussion about how people can't see is really becoming a fool's errand. What is happening is so advanced, that we will never know how it is done. It is frustrating that people don't care to know about the supernatural changes, or think it is unimportant. Perhaps we feel it is important as God has appointed us to play a part in the near future.

At that point, our knowledge of the Bible changes will be valuable in some way. Will the Bible change so drastically that we will be sought after to testify what it used to say? Will we be the advisors to small church groups, after they make going to church illegal? Will pastors actually be asking us how and when we found out about it, to bolster their own discovery?

Or, to the point of the title, will they erase Jesus' death and resurrection from the Bible? And will there be but a few who stand up against it?

Or will there be a grand scale Mandela Effect that everyone will fall for - except us?

I was listening to Andrea yesterday and she thinks the purpose of the Mandela Effect could play a part in the rapture. You know how when people died (the second time), like Nelson Mandela, or John Goodman, or Billy Graham? Only those who remembered them dying the first time noticed anything odd. Either they never knew of the first death, or their memories were wiped or rewritten. Just like the people in a previous non-existent gas station said that the gas station was always there. Or the people whose last name was changed, saying "it was always that way."

Could it be that after the coming rapture of the saints, people will not remember that they disappeared, having their memories rewritten as to the non existence of the people in the first place?

The way that history is being changed by the Mandela Effect has people believing the new way, saying they must have not learned it, or never noticed it, before.

I firmly believe that the Bible is being rewritten to deceive Christians into doing whatever "they" want them to do, including killing other Christians.

So I don't focus on minor words and phrases anymore. The Bible is being changed so rapidly that it is impossible to keep up with. Literally almost every verse is different. And as I read it more, the more I remember what I read, and forget how it used to read.

I am adamant that we are not to stop reading the Bible, as many in this community advise. If some very learned readers choose not to, to preserve their existing memories, then that is their choice, and I can't disagree with that. But for me, after I found out about the Bible changes, I was feeling very guilty that I didn't read the Bible more in my life. Why didn't I keep at it every day? Why didn't I memorize a bunch of passages?

I know the themes and the character of God, and am now reading it more, albeit different translations, as the KJV is just too hard to decipher now. Reading it requires comparing it to other translations, looking up Greek word meanings, and on an on. If something is said that is totally out of God's character, then I will realize that and move on.

On this holy weekend, we honor Jesus for the great sacrifice He made for us, and how much He loves us. Jesus died for us, and gave us eternal life, and that is what is very, very important. I would have to say, it's the most important thing of all.

God Bless You All this sacred weekend, as we all look forward to Jesus second coming!

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