U2 Concert Flashes "Nelson Mandela" During Subliminal Brainwashing Session

The video below shows film of a recent U2 concert in which rapidly flashing words are played for a half hour straight to the hypnotic song “The Fly”. Among various phrases were the Bible, 666, Your Vote is an Illusion and the name Nelson Mandela.

With all the US based politically correct phrases being shown, I wonder why an African president would be mentioned. Just what kind of brainwashing uses him, and why? Or could there be a deeper programming going on?

Nelson Mandela
This is the large screen shown on the concert stage
666 is being flashes repeatedly on the screen
Your vote is an illusion
Your vote is an illusion is being flashed

32:25 Nelson Mandela is shown again and discussed in relation to the Mandela Effect, acknowledging that many people believe in it.

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