To The Remnant #33

To The Remnant #33. A message to our brothers and sisters going through these rough times during end days. Written from a dear sister in Jesus Christ.

The Remnant {3.7}
All His children are precious in His sight.
They do not walk in darkness as the world does, for they are Children of The Light.
As the stars shine in the night without number. So are they.
Forever to stay with Him.
The end from the beginning so it shall be.
Let us ask Him, what it is we do not see.
For the time soon shall be.
Behold He tells us all things beforehand.
There is no mystery on earth we cannot know.
Yet many mysteries in Heaven that no man can perceive.
By Him alone, we have been given The Truth.
He knew us even in our youth.
The reverence and fear of the Creator of all living things, the Heavens and all the earth.
Is the beginning of wisdom.
For He created them all, the great and the small.
Who was chosen among you? Was it David, or was it Saul.
In the eyes of the Creator who is mighty?
Let us not appoint ourselves a king of man.
To serve the arm of flesh again.
Rather, in Spirit and Truth, forgetting not the lesson of our youth.
David took several stones, yet only needed one.
For The Heavenly Fathers glory to be done.
He takes the feeble and the small, He chooses the meek over the tall
Few choose to listen, yet many are called.
Looking on heart of man He sees all things.
He can read the heart, as man can read a book.
To Him there is no mystery found in you.
For He molded you like clay.
Even from the womb He knew your name.
His Love remains, when all else fails. He prevails.
The Truth is not hidden or in a place that cannot be found.
The Rock of your salvation is your solid ground.
For soon the King of Kings will come.
In all His His glory His Will Shall be done.

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