To The Remnant #34

To The Remnant #34. A message to our brothers and sisters going through these rough times during end days. Written from a dear sister in Jesus Christ.

The Remnant
Before the walls of Jericho.
For 40 years they wondered to and fro.
Before they left there unbelief and sin having faith to enter in.
The Land of Canaan.
After 7 days, at the joyful noise and the Trumpet sound.
The walls Of Jericho fell to the ground.

For 40 days and nights the Israelites ran away from the fight.
As goliath taunted day and night.
In the valley of the shadow of death.
David, so much smaller then them all.
Yet one who stood tall.
For what evil did he fear even when the enemy was near?
With his sling and stones alone.
David knew the battle was not just flesh and bone.
As the Creator of all things, even He made the rock and the sling.
For hearts sing,a joyful praise at the promise of His face.
For when goliath fell, the philistines ran away.
None of His children perished. For He was in the Rock that saved the Israelites that day.
In the same way, it was only by grace and Davids faith goliath was slain.
For it was and always is The Heavenly Fathers Victory to proclaim.
In Him alone we trust. By Him alone we are kept
By Grace we have met and know of Him.
He who Loved us first.
Will the King of Kings find Faith on the earth?
Or will His Children be as they were in the dessert.
Will He find any that will bow and give Him glory now?
Though the earth is already being shaken.
He is the Rock of our salvation that cannot be moved.

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