To The Remnant #12

To The Remnant #12. A message to our brothers and sisters going through these rough times during end days. Written from a dear sister in Jesus Christ.

Revelations Effect: The Remnant : The Word verses the bible.
The Bible. a book Inspired by Holy Spirit.
True accounts witnessed, and written down by men, later translated by more men.
A bible is not something we were ever promised to always have.
Many have found the Creator without the bible in times past.
People stored up bibles for such a time as this, fearing they could be taken or destroyed.
What we didn't realize was that the thief was already in our midst’s.

The Word of God, is not a book,
The Word of God created and brought fourth All Life.
His Word, brought day, and night.
From The Beginning...
For He is The Beginning and The End..
The Word of God is without blemish, Beautiful and True, never to be changed.
For He is the same today and forever, always to remain.
For the Word Is Christ, The Lamb who was slain.
Holy Holy Is His Name, Name above All names
His Word shall never to fail, it shall never to depart.
Let us remember He has sealed His Word in our Hearts..

The bible maybe taken away, however, The Word shall forever stay.

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