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There is darkness in the world, but in the end it shall all come to light. So many things have changed but we remember the truth. The Supernatural Changes was created in order to help shed light on the darkness, but we can always use a helping hand.

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To The Remnant #29

To The Remnant #29. A message to our brothers and sisters going through these rough times during end days. Written from a dear sister in Jesus Christ.

The Remnant 3.3
The Israelites. Although freed from slavery, and no longer captives.
For 40 years they wandered without entering in.
Due to unbelief and sin.Let us not grow weary in doing good.
Or surrender our faith for a lie.
Rather let us testify of His deliverance.
As the Red sea was parted.
The dry earth, and the sea.
So will the coming of the King of Kings be.
For He comes to divide Truth from lies.
Putting all unbelief and doubt aside.
For He alone is where Truth Abides
For He is the Truth and the Light.
As the walls of Jericho cracked and fell to the ground.
At the last trumpet and the joyful sound.
We wait for His return.
In those who love the Truth His Spirit abides.
The Truth cannot lie, for there is no lie that is of the Truth.
To Love the Truth is to know the Truth, that which sets free.
For In Him there is no captivity.
For He is The Truth, and Freedom Absolute.We know, and have been told He so Loved us first.
Let us not return to the unbelief of the dessert.
Rather let us sing a new song, of love,faith and hope.
For without love we are a brass sounding gong.
Without faith, it is impossible to please Him
For Faith is the substance of things hoped for, that which is not yet seen.
Let us live by faith in hopeful proclamation of the Love of The TruthWith those with eyes to see, and ears to hear.
The Victory found in Him is already here.
For He is the Rock our salvation.
That which cannot be moved.
For there is nothing that man can do.
Even if all the world were to gather against The Truth in all its might.
It is nothing in the sight of Him who Created all Life.
The Living God, The Creator of Heaven and Earth.
Holy is His Name. Name Above All Names.
Holy is He. The Almighty, The King of Kings.
Let our heart sing a new song, for it is unto Him we belong.

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