To The Remnant #7

To The Remnant #7. A message to our brothers and sisters going through these rough times during end days. Written from a dear sister in Jesus Christ.

The Revelations Effect.
{ 6.} To The Remnant

What is it then, for the hearts of all who seek.
Yet do not seem to find, let them knock I pray before the final time.
What can the righteous do in this hour, when such evil as this has sought to devour?
What can one do against thousands, what can one do against a flood of lies?
Is the flesh not weak, are bones not frail?
Let us remember He alone Prevails.
His Heavenly Mercy beautiful and True,
With outreached arms He reaches for you.

For He loved us first.
Even before the foundations of the earth.
I pray we walk in the Abundance of Truth given by the Spirit.
His Word Shall never pass away, it is our daily bread.
By His Spirit we are fed.
We need no pages, inks, or pens.
For He is Almighty, The Beginning and the End.

The prayer of one who is righteousness availeth much.
Let us than seek to be Righteous, as He is Righteous and True.
For in Him, there is all Freedom, even in the Famine that is here.
No cry is to soft, no prayer to small, that He does not hear.

No evil too great, no scheme too grand.
Can remove us from His Holy Hands.
He carries the World upon His shoulders.
He is The Rock on which we stand.

His thoughts for His Children outnumber the grains of sand.
Can any darkness, or valley of shadow.
Defeat Light of The World? Surely It cannot.
For the Victory is His alone.
No flesh or blood, no power or principalities, no evil from above, or below.
Will remove Him from The Heavenly Throne.

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