To The Remnant #47

To The Remnant #47. A message to our brothers and sisters going through these rough times during end days. Written from a dear sister in Jesus Christ.

{ 4.6} The Remnant
He is our Fortress, He is our Refuge,
He is our Strength. He is our Strong Arm.
He is our Shelter from all harm.
He is our Guard, He our Shield.
The earth and all there is yield to His Name
He is our Wall of fire and flame.
He is the The Truth The Light and The Way.
He is the same today forever, and yesterday.
He is The Words Spoken in the Beginning,
His Kingdom shall not end.
Forever and ever it shall be for He is The King of Kings.
Behold He is coming quickly,
His reward is with Him according to our works we do by faith it shall be.
By fruits we are known.
Let us have hearts of flesh and not of stone.
We are our brothers keeper, by Love we are known.
By Him who sits on the Throne.
Let us take root in The Truth.
Let us not eat of any other Tree.
For in the Truth there is no Captivity.

A Tribulation as there never was and nor will be.
Let us not be lead astray, or be deceived by there schemes.
Shield us Heavenly Feather from their arrows, and from there darts.
For you foretold us of this time of darkness from the start.

Do not fear, the arrow by day or the terror that tries by night.
For His Mercy, is as running waters, beautiful and True.
May His Peace that surpasses all understanding
Be a Shield, and a Comfort to you.
Traps, snares, and poison arrows from the air.
Learn to recognize for they are not hidden or in disguise.
They are lying arrows, and seeds of lies.
Do not let them grow, let them fall by the wayside.
For lies are like lions sent to devour and uproot.
Do not them by sown in you.
For He is The Shield of Truth

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