To The Remnant #35

To The Remnant #35. A message to our brothers and sisters going through these rough times during end days. Written from a dear sister in Jesus Christ.

-The Remnant {3.9}
How can I deserve your Love, Oh Heavenly Father above?
How can I deserve your mercy or your grace?
Is it true that you would even look upon my face?
Though you are with me daily, I know I run from you in part.
Even though you have been with me from the start.
I feel your loving kindness towards me, as the stars above.
Without number you have saught to sow your light and your love.
Yet still I am afraid and ashamed and I hide my face from you.
Although I long to look upon you. In all my ways I seek to acknowledge you.
Within my heart you speak words I could never know.
You make a heart of flesh, were there once was stone.
You are my home, with you I am not alone.
I am not only flesh and bone.
By the Spirit In Love and Truth you have never forsaken me
even in my youth.
When the world rejected me, you were my comfort.
When I was forsaken, you took me into your place of rest.
You did not leave me in the temptation of the wilderness.
You saught me even when I was in the depths of sin.
You saught me out, when I repented.
You heard my cry in the dessert.
You lead me into the path of righteousness for Your Name sake
I follow you, for you alone are Good Righteous and True.
By Faith I seek you,
Yet I still I hide my face, for how is it you have such grace?
The King of Peace in every storm.
By your shelter I am kept, in a world without comfort
For by which I am met with your Love and set free.
From captivity.
How can He know me and Love me still?
Are we not like Israel, struggling to enter in battling with flesh and sin
Though He is the one who molded His Children like clay.
His Love surpasses all understanding.
For He alone is Holy, and True,
All His children are precious in His sight.
For even so, unworthy to be called.
Without number they more than every grain of sand.
For He is way to the Promise Land, He will never fail.
Let us answer, and not hide as Jonah and the whale.
As His spirit is as a Dove.
For Truly He is the Author of Love.

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