To The Remnant #36

To The Remnant #36. A message to our brothers and sisters going through these rough times during end days. Written from a dear sister in Jesus Christ.

To The Remnant
Who will defend His Words, and The Truth?
In a world that is drunk on lies.
Let us be sober and vigilant
For there is darkness masquerading as light.
Though we are given sight.

Who will defend The Truth, and His statutes?
To be bold as lion, to be gentle as a lamb.
For He is “I Am who I am””
For there is no other, nor will there ever be.
For He is the King of Kings.
His Majesty who sits on the Heavenly Throne.
We cannot live by bread alone.
This world is not our home.
We are in it, but not of it.
Separated as day is from night.
Shining as stars so bright.
For the sword is The Truth that comes to divide.
Separating Truth from lies.
His Mercy, is as running waters, in deserts so dry.

For there is nothing in this world that can satisfy.
Those who thirst, let them thirst no more.
He is coming quickly, His Judgement, and reward is near even at the doors.
As a threshing floor.
The wheat and the chaff.
The first shall be last.
The last shall be first.
For the meek shall inherit the earth.

He is Faithful Righteous and True.
Let His Truth be a comfort to you.
His Words are without blemish, perfect in every way.
For there is no other Name that is Mighty to save.
Let us, His Children proclaim.
Holy Holy is the Lamb that was slain. The One who was, and is to come.

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