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Mandela Effect. Supernatural Bible Changes. Surely the Church wouldn’t teach doctrines that would make homosexuality acceptable due to the bible changes. You’d be surprised…

Will You Follow Wolves Preaching From Corrupted Scriptures?

This is a re-post of a sister in Christ - Iabor Cern.

A friend and fellow church member told me something shocking. She said that our assistant pastor is teaching that Sodom and Gomorrah was destroyed because of their failure to help the poor, not because of their sexual immorality. She said this happened during the mid-week church class last week. The teaching was on Ezekiel 16:48.

This minister (I'll call him Rev.) is the same one I talked to about the Effect months ago. At the time, I gave Rev. Scriptures in the KJV. He pulled out a concordance and said the meanings of the words were the same. He said that I have the wrong version of the KJV Bible.

A few days ago, I asked you whether we could wake the Church. I now have the answer: no. Like Rev. at my church, most pastors will believe a lie. There's something about having the Word hidden within your heart and praying for the Spirit to bring all things to your memory that He has taught you. Both the pastor and Rev. were raised in the church and taught the Scriptures.

Last week, I heard the pastor read three scriptures that have been corrupted. He first read the Scriptures as he had been taught from childhood. He realized that what he read didn't match what they remembered and he then read the changed Scriptures. He didn't even stumble or pause to ask why there was a difference.

During the mid-week class, his assistant taught something that is contrary to Scripture. It seems that the changed Ezekiel 16:48 and surrounding Scriptures are making a way for homosexuality to be accepted.

The deception has started. The Church will not recognize that the Bible has been corrupted. The Church will believe a lie. My impulse is "Run, Forrest, run" but where can I go? My family is believing the deception. They refuse to leave. We are in deep trouble.

Note: The Lord has been showing me recently that the separation is beginning and you will have to leave those people. It is like at the Tower of Babel you will have to go with the people that are speaking your language. We have to let go of the things of this world and the people. They aren't ready yet some will come later.

You can't look back like Lot's wife you have to let go. If you trust God and know of His great love for people He will save everyone that He can. He does not desire them to go to hell what comes next is for their benefit to help them choose the right way. He chose us and saved us from this great deception so He will save them when they are ready. He knows their hearts.

Note: It is also known to those that much is given, MUCH MORE is required – so I would think that what has been given us – OPEN EYES that see - and EARS that hear - MUCH MORE IS EXPECTED OF US. – I also agree - the wheat and the tares are being separated – wow…. it should (at least) cause us to pause and consider the times we are in.

Editor note: Thank you to Jesus Freak Computer Geek for sharing this on Facebook. I will pass this on here now so that others are aware of what is going on in Churches today.

Please pray for everyone. We really don't have that much time left.

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