Tearful and Angry Mandela Effect Testimonies Part 2

Supernatural Bible Changes. Mandela Effect. There is no way to understand what people go through when they see the lying signs and wonders a.k.a. the Mandela Effect. The world we once knew has completely changed and it’s like we’re in a whole new reality now. These are the testimonies from those who have the eyes to see the lying signs and wonders.

This man's testimony is below.

"They are gone! Their minds are gone! You can't make any sense to them. You guys can't see it and it's so simple to see. Alright let's check this out. Interesting. Honeycomb Cereal. It was Honeycombs! (Editor note: I don't have a memory on that one so can't say). Depend! It was Depends!

I worked as a nursing aid that used this brand in the nursing home. It was DEPENDS before it was supernaturally changed!

"This is the most obvious ones. You grew up with Honeycombs. You grew up with Fruit Loops. This message is for the whole world written about in a book expressing itself through the universe for us to understand the message and none of you get it. None of you get it.

I'm watching people…we got Extol…she's still yelling out bible changes (Editor's note: Because who all will warn the flock of what is going on? Overall not many of us are). The word has left from the pages and manifested itself in the universe. You can see it when you look out in the sky. You can see it when you look into the stars. You can see it. I can see it.

Look at E.T. He says E.T. Home Phone.

E.T. Phone Home has changed supernaturally to E.T. Home Phone.

"That means homophone. Words that sound the same but mean something different ok? Logos. Logos. What are we doing? What are we going going to come up with guys? I don't have anyone hitting me up. Nobody wants to talk alright. Then I understood there was a Creator and there was a relationship that I myself personally felt like having alright. I picked up the "word". I picked up the bible. I know the book. I wrote it within as well and also look at multiple preachers that know all of these things and they have been quiet because they are too scared. This is what we've been looking for. What are you guys looking for? CERN! We're going to a different dimension! Go! Get out of here! Go to the other side of the Milky Way.

I don't know what you want to say. Look at the video for Dr. Quantum. He has a video about the quantum and there is a scene that is missing. The background is different and the reason it is different is because it is about the observer. About people that observe things in the world and nobody observed anything. That's what happened. We're all too busy running around and playing Pokemon Go or something I don't know what. Nobody observes anything. You don't look at road signs. You don't know how a Prohibition Sign goes. You don't know how the Lion and the Lamb is in the bible. You don't know about Depends. You don't know it was Braggs.

How do you not know this stuff? It's so basic. These Christian Ministers….they are so against the truth. They have to be. You have to put your head so deep down inside the sand not to pick up on one of these messages. E.T says "Phone Home". Forest Gump says "Life is like". I think they are all connected. We came into a new time period. One that proves a creator and a God. Is it exactly the words of the KJV bible? No. But I wrote the words that were in the KJV version in on my heart and I know what it is now. I know why these things changed. You get it? The logos. The three three. The Power. The amen. Did these all so you guys can see it and no one's going to see it. None of you. You don't want to see it. You just don't want to. I wanted to see this and it manifested to me.

All the things that I thought…you know what? I'm freaked out. I asked for these things to change for proof. I really really do. I really do and it happens dude. My life is going crazy because the things I want to have happen for proofs to show you guys are happening and I don't even ask for that much. I ask for only a little bit and I got it. I've shared and nobody cares. There's been a famine in the land (Amos 8:11) I don't need to know it all word for word. You played too much people. That is the box you stayed in your whole life and I'm sorry for that but I did not stay in that box. Because of the book! What are we talking about? The angels. The logos. Armageddon. What do these things mean? That's right they made a movie about Armageddon it's about when the end of the world is coming. Apocalypse it's the end of the world. (time skip) Nobody wants to observe. Everyone wants to run around in circles. Then when they think that they have been running around in circles for a purpose they want to fight for the reason why they have been stupid the whole time. Who cares? The time is over whether it is the time of a new awakening or if this place is going completely downhill. That's it for everyone. What are we going to come up with? What have you got? You got anything? Our whole life is based upon this thing. The book is now a control book and you have to have good discernment to read it now to tell who is telling the truth now and who is lying.

If you think that the wolf lays down with the lamb then that man is a liar."

This is Meegs and this is her testimony.

"For those of us who understand and see and are affected by the Mandela Effect and the bible changes…I've been seeing on the facebook group for this and other mandela effect facebook groups people are just really loosing their minds and really feeling really sad and upset and disturbed. Not only over experiencing and seeing these changes, but the havoc it reaps in your life oh my goodness you guys!

It is by far the worst kind of mental anguish and trauma I could ever possibly imagine. This stuff like knowing that your whole earth is changing…your whole reality is changing and having to keep that quiet from people around you…people that you love friends and family…having that take over your entire life but having to pretend in your day to day that it doesn't exist is so mentally taxing I could cry for a whole week straight about it. I mean it's so bad. It was another day where it was extreme even though I got 16 hours of sleep.

It was so hard to just get out of bed and be a person and exist and go to work and be in a normal mode and have to interact with people normally. It was just so much to bear for me today but I had to have like a 20 minute session of just screaming bloody murder into my pillow to the point where I felt that I was getting vocal nodules because it felt that I didn't have the physical capacity to let out how deeply disturbed I was feeling inside that it was just going to be another day where I had to completely like you know exist (laughs) in two forms at once like I have this Mandela Affected form where I am freaking out constantly that my reality is changing and I feel like something huge is going to happen and I wish I could talk about that with people. Then I have my other like completely different form where it's just like a mask where its "normal me" of course there is nothing wrong with me and there are no quantum changes being taken place at all…yeah there is nothing happening at CERN.

I have to be in my "work mode" me half the time and that is so extremely taxing guys to have to like edit yourself and pretend there is absolutely nothing going wrong and that is the me that I have to be around friends and family just to keep them from putting me in like a mental ward.

There are emergency type changes that everyone should be talking about. Then there is the other part of you that has to still exist in the world and have like your normal operating as normal you know and pretend that this other part of your life doesn't exist. Nothing is wrong in the world! Everything is fine! What did you watch on Netflix last night? blah blah blah! Everything is great! You know it's just like…arghhh….it is just so mentally extremely taxing to be like everything is fine and completely normal for the benefit of the people I care about…everyone on the outside world…it is so mentally taxing because all I want to do is like yo Netflix is really cool but the world quantumly changing we don't have time to watching every episode of this show and the north pole missing and you know sometimes it's just nice to vent and understand and see other people talking about how upsetting it is to exist in this new reality where you feel like you have stumbled upon this hidden information that you know most other people in the world just have no clue about. If they have a clue about it THEY DON'T CARE!!!! It's like for those of us who know about stuff like the Mandela Effect and we really truly do care about it cause we know it has life changing and very important implications for those of us that know that this is going on and it's taking up large parts of our lives and for us not to be able to share this with our friends and family….oh my goodness!

Worse yet if we do share it….if we do you know get risky and crazy enough to start talking about it with our loved ones and people we care about or even with you know like co-workers or whatever you know…acquaintances…if we bring this up and get shut down or people don't understand or they just hear a stream of craziness and like wing dings coming out of your mouth than it can be just miserably heart wrenching. It can feel like you are getting completely squashed and crushed like whatever it is you are saying can feel like a big NO you just see NO in people's eyes like NO DO NOT TALK ABOUT THIS. Like you are WRONG or you are CRAZY! NO! Don't talk about this. We don't like this. This doesn't belong. You don't belong. You are wrong. You are crazy."

Another testimony written below this image.

"I just want to talk to you a minute about the Mandela Effect. So we call it the Mandela Effect because our reality is starting to change. We have memories of things that are no longer there like the Monopoly Man no longer has the monocle anymore…"

The Monopoly Man in this reality no longer wears a monocle

"..just all kinds of different things. You can look up and find all different kinds of videos. What a lot of people are talking about is that we are changing and our memories are changing. So it's scary enough to know that things are changing but when you start to realize that you are changing also or people around you are changing consider yourself that you still have your memory. You know that alot of people don't remember. A lot of people are still asleep to it so I'm making videos trying to wake people up. This is not a game. This is not a joke. This is real…this is really happening and not enough people are talking about it."

His testimony is below.

"People saying that oh those of us have seen the changes are from one universe or chosen for something and the other ones are from another universe or whatever. No! That is not the case and here's why. If there is different people merging from different dimensions then why is it that 100% of the people that I've told or asked and it's been dozens 100% remember "Life is like a box of chocolates".

Forrest Gump no longer says "Life is like a box of chocolates."

"100% of them remember "It's a beautiful day in the neighberhood."

This song no longer says "It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood".

"They all get the same look on their face like huh? Ok so. Maybe there are multiple that have something to do with it. Things are merging, different universes, CERN and all that, but this is a psyop in so many ways. This is a psyop somehow that "people" that I have encountered who say no there have been no changes are online things that say your memory is bad or faulty or you can not remember right. I haven't met a real life person who hasn't seen at least one change. Ok? So maybe there are all kind of different realities merging together from different universes. Maybe. At this point in time we have to face the fact that this is probably a psyop and the ones that are getting psyop'd are the ones that are saying no no no no it's always been like this…you don't remember right…everything is always status quo…the way it has always been….BS…because even people who don't really have any passion about this will say yeah I remember the Berenstein bears and now it's Berenstain bears and looking back through history and it's always been Berenstain…that's weird…I know it was always Berenstein…but they don't care."

So we can't say that those that see the changes are the ones that are the chosen ones. I think if anyone is the chosen ones it's the ones that see these changes and are obsessed with this bs you know? Because everyone has seen the changes. I mean South America has been shifted a thousand miles east, people see that, and when I point this out to them well continental drift…I'm like a thousand miles in one lifetime? People are trying to reconcile the differences…cognitive dissonance is what it is.

Testimony below belongs to her.

"It's no surprise to me that there is a wide swath of people that cannot see what is going on with the Mandela Effect. It's neither here nor there. It's happening. I mean like I said I feel like this Mandela Effect stuff with them tinkering or trying to open up portals to other dimensions and what not and things bleeding through to our dimensional timeline however you want to put it the shifting of timelines or time itself. It's going to be to where there is going to be such a huge change that no one is going to be able to deny it and it's going to be right out there for everybody to see. I feel like it's coming quick. It's not going to be too far off in the near future where we're going to see a major major change either to our past history that effects the present right now which it seems like that's what they are doing.

It seems like that is what they are doing is going back and changing previous past history whether it has to do with products, history itself, or any kind of information from the past which then reverberates to the future and the changes become apparent in our new current reality we are in.

So they are like sliding between past, present, and future. Sliding back and forth and it's all connected. It's hard to specifically how it's all connected because there is so much we don't know. These D-Wave computers I also feel like that is not even the tip of the iceberg of what these people of capable of or what they actually have. I think they are bringing out D-Wave as you know D could mean door. It could be a doorway. A computer that helps open that door to the other side, however like I said I just feel like they are not forthcoming obviously not about everything all the technology they have and them rolling out this D-Wave stuff is just something to be like "Oh look what we can do now! We can quantum compute forwards and backwards and up and down all at the same time to where we can get all these probabilities and whatnot like that and you know it's self computing and self replicating and all these bites and other stuff".

That's just where I'm at right now. The Mandela Effect has a cause that is creating the effect and they are causing this causality (huh? nice word lol) to the Mandela Effect. Sounds like I'm not making very much sense at all but it's just stuff that is just tinkering around in my brain because look at the things that are changing.

You got the Eurythmics. Sweet dreams are made of THIS when it was always these. Sweet dreams are made of these, who am I to disagree, travel the world in the seven seas…it all rhymes…it all lines up. But "these" changed to "this" so it went from plural to singular.

Braggs Apple Cider Vinegar. Now it's Bragg. So that went to a plural to a singular. So there is definitely a code a meaning here however there are so many things that have been changed. It's so vast now. It's so hard to keep up with. I don't know but these physical changes as far as marketing and branding stuff like that labels and insignias and you know car emblems and things like that you know when you know it was a certain way and now it is something else apparently has always been that way. They can change the Matrix that we are in. The construct that we are in but they can not change our memories.

It's like that is where the line is drawn. They can't change our memories. If it was that easy they would go in and mind wipe us all and put in what they want and then we would be their little drones but they can't change our memories. That brings us back down to free will (which God gave us). They are going to create a reality to where we will be like "ok it's always been that way" and then we agree with it which means we will allow it into our memory banks as "this has always been this way" and that's it. The other way you remember is wrong. You are miss-remembering. You are confused…but when you accept that as your new reality and that it has always been this way you're almost giving them permission so you're accepting what they are giving you or you are agreeing with it. I don't agree with it. I'm sickened with what I know as far as my memory goes. I know it always said Sweet dreams are made of these. I know Chewie got a medal at the end of A New Hope with Luke and Han Solo.

I mean all of this stuff is so petty and trivial but you have to realize the things that are being changed are part of their matrix. I mean I'm still the same person. I still have the same memories. I'm not accepting this new false matrix that they are trying to imprint onto us. We're being imprinted upon. D-Wave computer vortexes portals opening up. They are trying to condition us and bring us down to a level to where we are going to be more easily accepting of what is coming upon this earth and I feel like the bible changes are a big part of it as well because they are just getting bazaar and "out there". It just seems like someone is just going in there and having all sorts of fun messing up scriptures. It's a shame because there are going to be alot of people that are deceived out of their own free will. You are going to be deceived right out of it.

God gave us free will for a reason. It is our one major defense. It's our choice. So you do have a choice. You can accept this false new history that they are trying to imprint upon us with this Mandela Effect stuff or you can hold on to what you know because it is a knowing…and I know that things that wasn't like that. I know that the lion laid down with the lamb. I am not going to accept that the WOLF now dwells with the lamb. I am not accepting that. I am not freely of my own free will going to accept that into my memory banks and say "yes it was always like that". No. They are trying to make it seem like the people that remember things how it used to be that we are crazy. We're just miss-remembering. They are trying to make us seem and question ourselves and our own memories.

"Am I wrong?"

"Was it always the wolf?"

"Why do I remember the lion?"

"Why do all these pictures show a lion lying down with the lamb?"

Isaiah 11:6 when the Lion shall lay down with the Lamb.

You know I think that all of this residue that's left over that they can't quite get it all is what we have as proof to say we are right and somebody is messing around with our reality. You have a group of people ready to cast spells on other people because they don't like them and they are bringing it out into the mainstream like people are going to think "oh yeah. I don't like you so I'm going to cast a spell on you."

What is up with that? It seems to be working to an extent because alot of these people are brainwashed zombies that do not engage their free will. You have free will. You have a choice. You always have choice. There is ALWAYS a choice. Never let anyone tell you different. You always have a choice and that is where your free will comes in. Are you going to accept this? I'm not."

This guy's testimony is below.

"…where we are shifting in realities. Our realities have been shifted and we wake up this morning and reality is different then what it used to be. Now it appears to be the same but when we think about how things used to be last week last month last year over time we remember the past being different than what it is today. If it was an an isolated experience you or I did it once or twice oh we might be thinking that something is wrong with memory but with thousands of people remembering things differently than it is now then we wonder what has happened. Have I shifted realities?"

This guy's testimony is below.

"Alright. Here is what I want to say. I want to say that the other day I was looking at some videos and I kinda noticed…I kinda stumbled upon something called the Mandela Effect. I don't know how to make videos. I'm not into the youtube thing. I just felt that I had to say this because when I try to tell people about this they act like I'm crazy or something. I don't remember certain things that you do.

One of the biggest things where they got me was the Kennedy Assassination. Now listen to me. I know because my only and first wife birthday was on November 22 1963. We were together for 16 years so I know for a fact every year comes around they showed this video over and over again so I know that this car was a 4 seater car with two people in the back and two people in the front. Even the assassination was different. I look at these videos and somehow it comes out as a six seater limo. I'm like what the (deleted). That's what really sold me. I said no that can't be that can't be.

In my past it was a 4 seater car. Not a 6 seater.

So I kept looking at examples. Then I see the Queen song "We are the champions". Now I know that at the end of the song it says "of the world". When I was little when wrestling came on when I was little I would run to the front room because me and my brother would start watching wrestling. Ok. I know it ended like that but now in this timeline it never ended like that.

The ending "of the world" has been removed from the main version of this song. Not to be confused with live events which didn't carry over fully with the supernatural change.

Another thing that got my attention. I was snooping around and I found out Eli Whitney the guy who invented the Cotton Gin was a white guy. Wow!

Then I look and see the Star Wars guy used to be all gold and now he has a silver leg in this timeline.

I'm like wait a minute something ain't right. So I start to tell people about it and they say it's always been like that. Bull (deleted). It's not always been like that…not the way that I remember. I remember because I had the Star Wars book when I was little. What is going on? So I started studying and found out that a bunch of things are changing. Then I start to think if things are happening to us and we're starting to notice it then it could have happened a long time ago. I mean think about it. The kids if they read the bible they are going to believe it's always been this way if they read how it is now. I notice things in the bible that have been changed and it doesn't roll off my tongue right. It doesn't feel right but everyone says it always been like this. Ok. Fine. That's the Mandela Effect. Some are going to remember like that and some aren't. This could have been this way for hundreds of years. I hear about CERN and everything and I'm confused about what is going on you know. It gives me a new respect of life about what is real and what is not. I just thought I needed to get this message out because I know I'm not crazy and I know a million people behind me that believe the same aren't crazy either.

No way that Moses has horns. There is NO WAY that Moses had horns.

Just like the zodiac sign of Capricorn never had a fish tail it was just a goat. Just a bunch of stuff that is just really weird now and I cannot explain it. Try to talk to people about it and they say it's always been like that. I know it's not. I'm not crazy. I know what I remember. So what is going on to where it can happen like this? Yeah I know about the Mandela Effect now but what is the world coming to? Even world geography has changed. It's really bothering me because I can't figure out what is going on so like I said. I decided to speak out to see if someone can comment and help me figure out because I don't know.

Bill Bean in a debate about the Mandela Effect

"…and to say that I was shocked that it shook me to the core was an understatement so. Whether that means they are literally going back into time and making these changes. Look. I don't know. This stuff is beyond my understanding and it's probably beyond all human understanding. This we're talking supernatural I mean think about this now. Some supernatural external force is actually coming into homes or businesses or whatever it may be where we are keeping our bibles and making these changes. Now Danial I sent to you earlier two pictures in my home. I have the Lord's Prayer in a picture frame and nearby to that I have the Lord's Prayer that's etched into a rock on top of my book case and I got up one day and the Lord's Prayer on the picture frame on the paper was changed. It was definitely altered but yep the Lord's Prayer in the rock was not."

"Ok. So you're going to be looking at the affirmative that you do believe it is real. Let me go over here to Kevin Shrum. Kevin. Same question to you. Do you believe that the Mandela Effect is real and possible and if it is possible could it have an effect of changing the bible or anything else or do you believe there is no possibility that such an effect of any kind would be able to make those changes."

"I don't think there have been any changes. I haven't seen any kind of evidence of evidence. As Bill mentioned I have a bible from the 1850 here as well. I've examined it and don't see any changes. Once again I logically I can't fit where all this is going with the changes."

"Alright Danial can I answer this now?"

"Yeah direct to you. I'm going to stay out of it as you guys talk about it back and forth then we'll get to scriptures as we go."

"First of all. In regard to Kevin's previous statement about what happens if we don't have the Word anymore. This is why we were TOLD to hide the Word in our hearts. Amos 8:11-12 says The days cometh sayeth the Lord, where I will send a famine in the land. Not a famine of bread nor a thirst for water but for hearing the words of the Lord. And they shall wander from sea to sea and from the North to even to the East and they shall wander to and fro to seek the words of the Lord and shall not find it…here we are. We are here NOW and as far as when this originally started I truly don't know. I was just made aware of this about a year ago so I don't know how far back before that it goes and I read the bible all the time and I'm going to people every week somewhere around the country and reading the bible so for me I wasn't made aware of this until almost a year ago. I've also seen plenty of videos and read from other pastors that talked about words such as the Lion laying down with the Lamb instead of the wolf. The Lion of Judah Jesus."

"Wasn't that just the pastor or preacher using alliteration lion and lamb as most preachers do…"

"Absolutely not."

"Alliteration a memory to us that helps you to remember the lion and the lamb."

"Well if that's the case then let me ask you now. Why are there depictions of that scripture alone all over the world in artwork, in paintings, in sculptures, statues, in songs about the lion laying down with the lamb. It's countless things. This is one of the most well known scriptures in the bible and now all of a sudden it now says the wolf."

"…and why the selection criteria. Why were some changed and some not?"

"Well let me ask you this. Does that even sound natural to you? Does that even sound…I mean I've shown this scripture to people all over the place and they look and they jump out of their skin because they know it was lion and now it's wolf and people you should see the look on their faces. It is not correct. That is just one."

"What are you basing this on? It's just miss-understanding of the scriptures."



"Now can you recite for me John 10:14. What did Jesus say there."

"John 10:14? I can read it for you. I don't have it committed to memory but I can read it."


"I am the good Shepherd and I know my sheep and I am known of mine."

"That's not right. I am the good Shepherd. I know my own sheep and they know me."

"That's what I said I am the good Shepherd."

"No, but the last part is not correct."

"Based on what?"

"The last part says and am known of mine. That was never there."

"What are you basing that on."

"I'm basing it on what it used to say…and they know me."

"How are you determining what it used to say? Is your memory the absolute standard for biblical truth?"

"Is yours?"


–Please won't somebody listen to us?!

–Thank you to the following channels:

  1. Andrew Bachanov

  2. Meegs B

  3. Truth32


  5. Rich2150x

  6. Derrick Ford

  7. Daniel Ott

  8. Testimony list compiled and put together in a video by: Vanessa VA

– Cover image made by Eric Ward on Unsplash.

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