Do you see the deception?

Mandela Effect. Lying Signs and Wonders. The texts have changed supernaturally. Do you have the eyes to see and the ears to hear what we are telling you?

If I told you that scriptures right NOW are being supernaturally altered, then would you feel like something is very wrong and the time of the end is on our front doorstep?

Luke 19:27 from Jesus words tells people to slay anyone that is unwilling to follow him. We know that Jesus would tell us to love our enemies. This clearly is not the voice of our Shepherd. You can check different versions but just about all of them have some form of this scripture.

What you have to realize is that at this point it's ALWAYS been that way regardless of what your memories are or the fact that you know this was never there. The verse was changed in every bible, in every translation, and every version going back to the old dead sea scrolls.

This is part of the great delusion/great deception/great falling away that is now taking place within the Church and the people that are now reading the bible stating that it is "God's Word" when in fact it was always known as the "Inspired word of God" which is something completely different.

The church is now following a wolf in sheep's clothing. Take for example now in Isaiah 11:6 where scriptures now says the "wolf will dwell with the lamb" instead of the "lion laying down with the lamb". The same can be said for this verse as the one mentioned previously. You can check any translation or verse. It doesn't matter how old your bible is. It will say WOLF in any bible you can get your hands on.

I've been trying to wake people up to this deception since 2018 when I became aware of the changes but have not had much success. It is just like the days of Noah where only few were saved. It is like when Abraham was trying to find anyone righteous in the city of Sodom.

These are the days we are living in now. Look around you! Look how wicked this world has become! Things will not continue to stay this way forever. Our Father in heaven will not allow this to go on forever. We have only a little while more before tribulations truely kicks off. I pray that you will look into this with eyes wide open, with your ears open to hear, a mind that wants to know the truth, and the heart to follow Jesus wherever He goes.

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  • Paul Donschietz

    2020-11-21 12:05

    I have a clue of this mystery. In this generation it seems what is written or painted by hand of the original source cannot be altered. The same way as what is written on our personal thoughts such as I know it is Lion not wolf for it is written on my mind. There is also evidence in the writtings of John Bunyan Exortation to Peace and Unity half way through under the number 5 Divisions and want of peace, goes on to say the Lion shall lie down with the Lamb. These changes in the bible and other places are in my opionion are Lying Wonders. How I do not know but I do know what is written on my mind will not change.

    TSBC Response: It’s 2021 now and we’re already testifying that our hand-written texts are being changed as we speak. Not only that but this admin has seen the texts for this very website change. I have to monitor it from time to time to make sure that my testimony is accurate.

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