If you think we are under the strong delusion...

Do you think we are under the strong delusion? It was called the great falling away for a reason.

A Message Brought To You By The Mandela Effect Community:

The people who believe this are talking about themselves. THEY are the ones under the strong delusion. If you are a bible reading christian and have a relationship with God and you have a love for the truth then you will see that the bible is being changed to support the coming of the antichrist.

If you think that it took Jesus twice to try to heal the blind man, you are the deceived one. If you think it is ok to call Jesus "that Holy thing" then you are the deceived one.

If you can't see how the bible is being turned into supporting homosexuality, then you are the deceived one.

If you can't see how the bible is changing to support cannibalism, you have been blinded by God and you should seek repentance and pray for God to show you the truth.

So you may say to yourself? But I'm not religious but I still see the changes!

This has to do with people who love the truth. That's the bottom line in my opinion. This is occuring whether you are christian or not. Only the people who take time out to look something up to try to understand it better are the ones who have a love for the truth. It's the people who say the mandela change and you tell them it never was that way even though they were100% sure, and you SHOW them and they just go Hmmm. And that's as far as it goes with them. THOSE are the ones under the strong delusion.

We SEE the delusion. The ones who don't see it are the ones UNDER the delusion. They are being deceived by it. Not us.

It says in scriptures that they would be sent a strong delusion because they didn't care about the truth. How many people really care about "Truth" honestly? Most of the world is trying to shame you into taking an unapproved vaccine that states right in the pamphlet that it may not prevent you from getting c-vid that is most likely killing people.

Those are the people that are delusional. The ones that refuse to see the world for what it is and continue to worship the material life as if it has some sort of meaning of who you really are in the spirit. They are the ones believing the lie because they never were looking for the Truth, thus they do not truly know the Father. God is talking to you. KNOW I am your Father. The VW logo is a separation of wheat and chaff. Jesus now says "For my people are DESTROYED for a lack of knowledge" no longer just "parish".

Most of the world does not see what is happening and most of the world would be the ones deceived so people are falsely accusing those that see the changes when they should remove the planks from their own eyes first.

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