Bible Codes continued

Why are people so accepting of these digital ouija boards?

I really hope there isn't another segment done on this. I think one was enough as it is.

Interesting I get attacked personally for pointing out what they are messing around with. That it doesn't seem to bother most of them shows that something is obviously wrong.

set apart. On this world but not of this world.

And I heard another voice from heaven, saying, Come out of her, my people, that ye be not partakers of her sins, and that ye receive not of her plagues. 
Revelations 18:4
Hey Will (Sharpest Blade), thank you for answering. The comments between you and I are very necessary as people need to hear both sides of the debate and then do their own research and make their own minds up about this, but to do so they need to read all comments presented, both for and against the topic. To be honest, your exact words in the vid I mentioned were "within the bible were the past, present and future" and this DID in fact relate to the bible code, you were NOT speaking about the prophecies, after all the prophecies are clearly not hidden. God has never used His words on the "surface to" "predict" the future; that is an insult to God our Father in Heaven; He would not predict, nor claim to predict, knowing the end from the beginning, as He is Creator of all, not some occult-based prediction guru, so that is nonsense. The hidden code underneath the apparent and obvious prophecy of the Lord, is in fact totally different, and not the same, as you suggest it is, due to the fact that it is inherently hidden, only in the Torah and unable to be discovered or deciphered without a unique and modern computer programme.

To claim that this is part of the current End Times unveiling of knowledge is a false claim, in my opinion, as it is only knowledge available from a select group of programmers and mathematicians and thus was passed on the general public via books including one by Drosnin, who as you say, claims that he himself is not of God. Now why would a person not of God want to study such, and write a book that is then made into a film, and have the things publicized in the daily press if he was not of satan, for he surely is not of God? He then put his work in to the public domain and thus roused and rouses interest and therefore could cause the Lord`s sheep to further investigate, and be led down the unsuspecting path of occultic study unknowlingly. God does not hide His prophecy. He writes it in full view, it is available to all those that He wants it to be available to, for the Holy Spirit leads us into all Truth, and I can still find prophecy myself in the changed bible. However, it is true that God does not write symbolically in prophecy without telling us exactly what each symbol means, including in Revelations, thus we can conclude that God is not a God of hidden things, wanting us to know and understand and come to Salvation via his symbology and His prophecy, freely given to us by His grace and not hidden.

You state that we cannot tell future prophecy from the code unless things have come to pass as there are too many options, but one way would be to plug in some of the information to be found in Revelations, and find out a matrix surrounding the terms there, and then it would be only too easy to find out some future information, even if some of it may be guess work. Nobody who knows God doubts that the book was always the way He wanted it to be, and that God Himself was the author, even those who see the changes and clearly see the other voice coming through scripture.

We do not need a code to validate that, therefore that is a moot point as far as I am concerned. There is always the temptation to go digging for future information once a person has found how to use a computer programme, as we can see from the comments here after this stream, that people have already thought of this: so for me it is just a way to create a false sense of spiritual security and a path to open doors that God tells us should be permanently shut all the way through the bible but are especiall prominent in the OT. Another small porthole into the spiritual realm that needs to remain closed. To tell people otherwise is short sighted and very dangerous for them if they listen to you and do not do their own research and take it to God. We are all, hopefully, aware of the failings of the rabbis that Jesus called the "synagogue of satan"- I hope we all understand their shortcomings, and in our own attempts to please the Lord, I hope we try not to emulate those.

You state the fact that "most people" are like this today, and then link that fact to the fact that most gatherings in the name of God have no obvious spiritual outcome. I fail to see the relevance of this topic for the conversation as a whole, unless it is to point towards the fact that you yourself were involved in a spiritual gathering which influenced the presence of the Lord, which is amazing in and of itself, but is a moot point as far as this conversation goes. I agree that the Kingdom of God is in His power, but the bible codes do nothing to promote that, in my opinion, as they are too hidden for the lay person or most of the world with no access to computers to make any sense of, so I am not sure how that can promote the Kingdom in any way, as only a small and elect group will have knowledge of this and the ability to access it, with relation to timeframe, culture and various other variables. To refute a further point, I did not say that the rabbis "invented" the code at all, but accept that they worked hard to "find" it.

In my opinion, if God wanted the world in general to benefit from a code He had placed in the bible, then the rabbis would be the last place He would have started with, due to their inability to acknowledge Jesus and also the fact that they hold up the Torah as being greater than ther rest of the OT and NT and thus would be limited in the audience they would care to share with, or reach. Would God trust them enough to disclose such information after they let the Messiah down in such a grandiose way? Again, the codes being found in the Torah and the rabbis claiming that the codes are only in the Torah, show us that although we are aware of their forthcoming redemption due to spiritual jealousy caused by the relationship they see with the Gentiles, at present they still are far, far from God, and it seems dubious that God would trust them with such a precious gift to the world, if it were genuine.

You cannot even compare the bible and its prophecy, in plain sight, for all to read, before the changes and with residue still there, mostly outside of the KJV, to a code hidden in sight and hard to find, and impossible to find without ai computer programming, it is impossible and I reject your use of the terms "stupid" and "flawed" in relation to my "mentality" as that is just an insult to an intelligent and spiritually aware woman of God. Again, without much thought, it is easy to see why the code, if of the occult, may encode things relating to the Messiah, simply becase that is exactly how satan operates, lies mixed with truth to hook people in and take them down a path that leads far away from the narrow path they need to be on, for he seeks to "steal, kill and destroy" and remember, these are the very same group of rabbis that Yeshua spoke to, well descendants of them, and they were then told that their father was a liar and the devil.

The quote did say that "a house divided against itself will NOT STAND" and that there is exactly why this could be a ploy from satan, as he will use EVERY trick in the book to make you and everybody else think it could not possibly be him that is taking you down this occult path due to the fact that he mentions Jesus. Your logic is flawed, my friend. As for your comment which states that I claimed that you did not hear views fairly, I did not say that but I did say that "people are not being gracious in the words to each other over this" and this is in fact the thing that has caused the divison that you do not see, as you have not spoken to those affected personally, but I feel were quite hostile in your comments towards them. You claim that their theories or arguments were "dismantled" by your own claim to the Truth, which is again, not true--you did in fact tell one person that the problem with her dislike of the whole concept was her own problem, in your words "but following your heart is a major problem for any one saved or unsaved for the heart is deceitful above ALL things"

So you actually blamed her response upon her own heart, and although the concept is of itself a biblical one, without knowing her or her motives, you attribute that cause to her behaviour in not wanting to explore the concept of bilical code, which is sad. For another person here, you stated that their objection to the codes upon occultic grounds was their own fault and that they were somehow to blame - your words were "To also claim that this makes you feel frightened and sick is obviously something of your current state of being and nothing to do with the codes at all." The last person that I saw that you had issue with, you in fact openly rebuked her and called her racist, when she in fact had some idea about the way Yeshua viewed these self same people who promote only the Torah and the occultic Talmud and deny the Kingship of our Messiah.

The word racist means "prejudiced against or antagonistic towards a person or people on the basis of their membership of a particular racial or ethnic group, typically one that is a minority or marginalized" and I feel that is entirely the wrong accusation to charge her with on the basis of her interpretation of scripture. Upon this definition, then you could extrapolate and clearly describe Yeshua, God forbid, in the same terms, as being a racist for owning and speaking out the truth about a group of people who wanted to kill Him. The woman was clearly referencing Jesus own definition, and there is nothing wrong with that, for as we know, the same groups still refuse Him and will soon bring about their own contrived version of the Messiah. The woman was simply stating what she knows to be true about Christ who saw fit to openly reprimand and rebuke these people himself. We all hopefully compehend that our roots are within Judaism, but I do find your words to be inherently threatening when you say "I warn you to be careful of your words from this point on as you have been openly rebuked now by myself for your racist attitude which you have towards those of the First Covenant. Please humble yourself and seek the Lord whilst he may be found."

My advice to you is to remove the plank from your own eye and do not deny that you have been ungracious with your words, for you clearly have, and as much as you take offence with me then I too take offence with you. As Paul says, “Reprove, rebuke, and exhort, with complete patience and teaching” (2 Timothy 4:2). Sadly I find your comments and rebuke sadly missing patience and teaching- your exact words were placing the blame squarely on their mindset- "Just their wrong mentality or error stated" - therefore it is apparent that you did exactly that to these people and you also did this to me. Instead of thinking that my background in tarot cards and mediumship was a good grounding to be able to spot and disable any attempt at occultic practices creeping into my daily life, you accuse me of having some ‘mental’ cobwebs that need "addressing and blowing away? " which is of itself an insult to me and a ridiculing and twisting of a very important topic that I will seek to demolish once it tries to establish it`s own stronghold in any platform or interaction I see. God graciously forgave me the sin of the occult, of dabbling with new age tarot and mediumship and He showered me with untold blessings including a huge bathing and ongoing bathings in the Holy Spirit, the gift of "eyes to see and ears to hear," a unique level of spiritual discernment.

Now that we know above all to love God, and to love our neighbour as ourself, we should be aware that people will differ in views and try to be patient and loving in our responses to them. After all the world OCCULT or occultick as now found in the bible, means in and of itself (from the Latin word occultus "clandestine, hidden, secret") "knowledge of the hidden" and what is more hidden than this code. So for me, love is the key in any communication and our views are equally as valuable as your own, and we should be adult enough to discuss varying viewpoints without resorting to use tactics that undermine any opposing view, in order to quieten the opposition and ally others to a single cause. If you wonder why I spent so much time on this reply rather than following you advice to spend a few weeks or months on studying the bible codes, it is because I can see the occultic origin of all this, it is as clear as day to me, and for somebody who lost a child due to spiritual warfare, one of my main aims in life is to assist others when they may not see the manipulations and tricks of the deceit of satan and his minions, as that is my duty to God for allowing me to live and come to know His glory, and the majesty of Jesus.
A Sister in Jesus Christ
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