They still won't wake up 4/10/2021

Mandela Effect. Supernatural Bible Changes. It’s been close to 3 years since I personally woke up to the bible changes. Much longer for others. The same problem persists for all of us. No one understands what we tell them about all the changes taking place. No one seems to care. Why?

If most of the world does not see the changes then it's hard for me to say if they are even Christian or not. They cannot tell the difference between the voice that is now in scriptures and the true Son of God Jesus Christ that the disciples had written about many years ago. It's a falling away that has happened in plain sight without people even noticing.

They call the scriptures the Word of God which is a title that only belongs to Jesus. They call him the "Son of Man" when He was only ever called the Son of God. Neither was he called the "Son of David" either.

They read words in scriptures that are foreign to the KJV that shouldn't even be in there. They read along with sentences such as when Jesus is referred to as a holy "thing". They think nothing of things called "wave offerings" that never existed. Instead of supper they think it's ok that the KJV said they sat down to "meat". MEAT?!?!?!? WHAT IS THIS? WHO ARE YOU PEOPLE AND WHY ARE YOU EXCEPTING THE FALSIFICATION OF SCRIPTURES BEING CARRIED OUT RIGHT NOW IN FRONT OF OUR EYES?

People don't care. For some reason you could go up to just about anyone and they won't even care. WON'T. EVEN. CARE!

"That's odd."

"That's strange."

"Guess I learned that wrong."

Then nothing. It's like their capability for thought process and reasoning is completely gone. GONE!

I don't know when exactly this took place. How this took place. My life has been a series of just non-stop heartaches and letdowns. In a way I think we were targeted because they knew exactly who we are and kept trying different ways to make us fall away. To turn our backs away from Jesus. Even scriptures said they would try to deceive us...IF it were possible. IF!

Most of my family have gotten sick at one point in time or another and passed away. The rest slowly fell under the delusion to believe a lie, this false world with all the false truths in them that are even documented as being accurate, to the extent that it's in the oldest texts of the dead sea scrolls! They're changing everything up to and even including are loved ones, family, and friends. They have different feelings, memories, and cares than how they did before.

It goes to the point where I even wonder if they have an inner monologue anymore. Is it the same? What has changed? I sit back and just sigh with each new change that I learn about wondering when people will eventually take notice. The changes have effected everything from science, geography, biology, even going to changes in the varies media that we consume. It is right in front of your faces each and every day yet for some reason the blindfold stays on. You don't have the eyes to see. You don't have the ears to hear. You for some reason don't want to even try to understand...and that is just completely baffling to me. It boggles my mind how everyone is oblivious to what is going on.

Wheat and the tares. The great falling away. The delusion to believe the lies because they do not have the love for the truth. The famine for hearing the words of the Lord. The wolf dwelling with the lambs....and it is completely horrible to witness this all play out.

No one knew the flood was coming while Noah was building the ark. The world was over-run with sins. Noah was mocked and ridiculed for building the ark because there didn't seem to be a need for one. Just the same we tell that we are in the last days and we are mocked and ridiculed. There's no possible way the bible could be changed because it is "God's Word". Completely rediculous because scriptures was just the recorded message from followers of God who wanted to pass down their knowledge to future generations. They wanted us to have the same relationship with our Father and Jesus that they did. The bible is just a book just like any other that can be burned, water-logged, it deteriorates given enough time and turns to dust.

If for some reason we are not in the same geographic location we were in, the question then turns to why? It almost feels like the persecution of the last days would be better and quicker than this slow mental anguish of watching people that don't act the same anymore following the teachings of corrupted scriptures or even the rest of the population as they follow the "normal" sinful way of life that everyone seems to do without thinking anything is wrong at all. Definitely saw the run-on sentences there but just trying to type out the frustrations I'm feeling right now.

How do you not remember that the heart was located on the left side of our bodies? How do you not know that the Statue of Liberty was always on Ellis Island? How are you not COMPLETELY FREAKED OUT by planes when you see the engines extended forward in front of the wings instead of directly underneath them? You don't remember Jiffy Peanutbutter. You don't remember Stouffer's Stove Top Stuffing. Social media stays silent on the WHITE SUN that is supposed to be YELLOW. No one talks about the chem-trails that are covering the skies everywhere.

Just like scriptures told us there is a lack of love for even their own loved ones. Earthquakes taking place in diverse places. Everything on earth being altered as per Enoch Chapter 80.

I can't make you see the truth. I can't force you to. You have to have a love for the truth yourself. I can try to point the way but everyone has to make the choice themselves. To turn back to their Shepherd Jesus Christ and quit following the wolf. Quit believing the deception that is taking place. Quit living the lifestyles that are accepted by the world but are not how God would have us to live.

Jesus said, "I am the way, the truth, and the LIGHT. No man cometh to the Father, but through me."

Jesus, God's only begotton Son, lived the perfect life and died for us because we were uncapable of doing so. The old covenant was exchanged for the New Covenant because God loved us and wanted to have a relationship with each and every one of us.

"For God so loved the world that He SENT His only begotton Son, that whosoever believeth in Him SHALL NOT perish but have everlasting life."

I hope that someone will listen and that this will help even one person before it is too late. It's just so discouraging when we see the same rejection over and over again. Rejecting us. Rejecting our message. Rejecting our testimony. Rejecting how scriptures was and rejecting how history truely was told about Jesus Christ of Nazareth The Son of God and our Father in Heaven.

I wish you all well and hope for a better tomorrow. God bless you all,

The TSBC Team.

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  • ElizabethC

    2021-06-13 01:09

    I so can relate to everything you said. When you said even our loved ones are changing, ie, their feelings, cares, can you elaborate? I watched an ME video once where ppl talked about their loved ones becoming unrecognizable. Almost like they are no longer who they used to be. I figure that’s what you meant. Ty

    TSBC: Many in the group see family that their cares don’t seem to go much further than what is currently in this world. Their curious nature that we remember many having though seems to be gone as we don’t see that much in depth discussion. For me personally, my ex-wife (not by my choice) became cold emotionally quite suddenly on me which is the polar opposite to the loving wife I had instead chasing after a career and other men. Awhile back I even tested what she remembers and much of it doesn’t match with who I knew her to be. Completely different. I’ve also questioned child-hood friends about what they remember me to be as a kid and was shocked to hear that I was a “mean” person to many. I wasn’t that sociable but I was polite to those around me.

    Currently I would say it feels like everyone around me is existing in the moment, but there is nothing beyond that. Nothing is going on much mentally. No drive beyond what is worldly. No spiritual/mental development going on at all. It feels almost robotic in a way. Predictable….which is quite unfortunate.

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