What's this about a name anyways?

What do you see? A look at current Meme’s Part 8.

The only problem I have with the name Elohim is that I did not know this name growing up. We used the KJV or NIV mostly so the only names that were used for the most part were Father, God, and Lord. I may ask Him for confirmation on this name after the Tribulations are over with, but not sure I will think about it then.

With that being said, the supernatural bible changes are altering and tainting scriptures in every bible. The lying signs and wonders of 2 Thessalonians Chapter 2 is trying to turn everything we know into a lie...except for the people that kept His Word hidden in their hearts. "Thy Word have I hid in my heart that I may not sin against thee." It's creating the famine of Amos 8:11-12 where the truth is slowly disappearing over time. It is a great divide between the few that remember and the majority that follows allong with every change like it doesn't matter at all. Not only are they following this new voice...but they believe that it is the voice of their Shepherd in scriptures now...when it is 2 voices speaking now. One of is our Shepherd and the other is the Wolf, but it is constantly changing to where the Shepherd's voice within scriptures is getting blocked off.

This is a separation between those that follow our Shepherd and remembers what He taught us...and those that really were not with us from the beginning.

I'm glad that some people are listening and know the truth. The mask is just an occultic ritual that people are following. If it is helping some sort of witchcraft I know not what the end result is but that it will not be what we would want it to be. With that said, the masks block off how much oxygen the body takes in, causing all sorts of problems with bacterial infections and oxygen deprevation that can make you loose brain cells at an increesed rate. The lying signs and wonders practically removed people's ability to think for themselves so I'm not sure how noticable this is though.

We know that it is because of Jesus that our sins can be forgiven when we pray and repent asking for forgiveness of our sins. No other man has the ability to be the go between for us and our Father in heaven. With the lying signs and wonders I would suggest a decent level of discernment before reading the bible since it has changed. There are still truths in the scriptures but they have slowly been altered over the last couple of years. I would recommend continuing to follow our TRUE Shepherd Jesus Christ of Nazareth The Son of God, keep in prayer with our Father in Heaven, and if you haven't ask for the Holy Spirit to dwell within you to help guide and show you which path is the right one to take.

With all the supernatural changes that have taken place it's like a minefield out there. Best to be prepared.

They tell us our children have physical and mental defects...when it is their fault from the beginning that we are stuck with these problems. Cruel and unjust punishment against nice people that do not deserve what the world is doing to them.

Somewhat current although it's not really the format for what the posts are in this section. I did want to get a quote across though from these changes that are happening now though...

In the year 2015 2016, ALL Authorized King James Holy Bibles already in our Homes, that we already owned for decades, old or new, in Museums, in any place on the Earth, the King James Holy Bible SCRIPTURES began to SUPERNATURALLY Change... Starting with
Sister Yvette

I will say now that we should not be considering any bible to be The Word of God when we know that this title belongs to Jesus Christ alone. HE NEVER CHANGES! But even the AKJV that had been worked on for a long time by many to make sure the translations were completely accurate was changed supernaturally.

So WHY do people STILL call the Bible the Living Word of God? I don't know. You tell me in the comments.

The Supernatural Bible Changes that are aligning scriptures closer to "the son of man" and "the son of david". It's said that Israel may have a false messiah that has been made known though we don't know for certain. The supernatural changes may be linked to Cern. As well the shot may either be the mark or the precursor to the mark yet people take it not thinking about anything. It's been said by some that once they took the vaccine they "didn't feel God anymore" and "after I took the shot it felt like something left me".

Perilous times we are in now.

Like they haven't been doing this for years now?

Yeah those lines in the sky certainly are not "clouds" nor are they "contrails" that disappear right after they form behind planes. So what are they when they do not disappear like they are supposed to but slowly spread apart across the skies? Chemtrails.

Side note while scrolling through memes to find: I'm finding it quite frustrating that people that see the bible changes continue to quote "My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge" when we KNOW that this said "My people PERISH for lack of knowledge." It's been pointed out that this has been changed multiple times yet for some reason they continue to get it wrong? Odd.

We know that the shot changes your dna using mrna within the shot. It's not made the normal way from a weakened virus that most people wouldn't even consider thinking about. Then if you think of pandemic levels you would see chaos with the TV trying to stop the public from completely freaking out. You'd see long lines of cots because there are no hospital beds. The hospitals would be over-run. You would see people around you dying left and right. The black plague comes to mind when I think about this, but nothing seems remotely similar to what is going on today. It just looks like fear mongering, false reportings in the news, and falsifying statistics and documentation to make this look realistic.

Big brother tracking you with gps. It can listen to every phone call. It can look through every text. It sees what you are posting to social media. It sees what you buy in stores. It uses webcams to see you through phone cameras, webcams, and security cameras. It can listen in through voice-over-internet-protocol taking microphones hostage.

Only by getting away from computer technology can you get away from this, but you cannot keep away from the system for the most part legally. You must still pay taxes on the land you own. The craziness that may end up taking place in tribulations as we will not be able to buy, sell, nor trade. I only say that because it's possible that the mark of the beast as described was symbolic....BUT...if we see this play out literally you do NOT take the mark of the beast or you will loose any chance of salvation and get thrown eventually into the lake of fire. I'm not judging but saying what I know to be true from scriptures. Your battle with trying not to commit sins is up to you. Every man is judged for their own actions. It's only through Jesus Christ that our sins can be forgiven though because we are not able to live a perfect life like He did.

Taking something that is prescribed for something that you do not see any symptoms for nor anyone around you has it either. When there is around 98% survival rate and the side effects can be worse than what they are fighting against, why exactly are people taking it? I'd be more afraid of the mrna within the shots that change people's dna on a molecular level.

Quick question: If you are a genetically modified human, does that mean you are now the property now of the people that created the product?

Seems as though the current leaders have dumbed everything down to where people don't have to do much struggling while learning how to get things done. It's like they are treating everyone like children and are slowly leading people to fall away to the antichrist.....they wouldn't do that would they?......that would be crazy talk wouldn't it? Maybe not.

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