Mandela Effect (Cover-up) since 2016 Has Gotten Out of Control

Testimony of someone’s belief about the supernatural bible changes and the mandela effect. He believes that this content will be censored as well so I am also going to mirror it here to share what may possibly be going on. That Cern would cause all the wickedness through portals to the satanic spiritual side? Possibly black magic being used.

This is a mirror of someone who see's the times we are in. Please share and pass on so everyone can be made aware of the end-times that are going on now and the tribulations we will face because of this.

I first heard about the Mandela Effect in 2016 from a friend I've known since high school. After asking me stupid questions like "How do I remember Fruit Loops being spelled"? etc. he eventually told me what the Mandela effect is. At first I thought It was nothing more than people with memory problems and science fiction nerds crying over an alternate version of their favorite movies that change the most memorable parts to them. I researched it briefly after hearing about it online and remember seeing a clip from main stream FOX News about it in late 2016. I could care less about the spelling of a product, or a movie line.

In 2017, I was researching the Bible (an on and off hobby of mine) at the time, When I came across a video on YouTube in the related videos section titled: The Lion Will Lay Down With The Lamb. I remembered hearing this line so many times as a child attending sunday school. I even remember reading it with my class many times in the 1990's when I attended catholic school for over a decade. I clicked on this video and much to my surprise the video claimed that the line/verse "The Lion Will lay Down with the Lamb" now does not exist in any version of the Bible (ever). A day before I came across this video I was at my mothers home and watched the 1977 movie "Jesus of Nazareth" and heard the line quoted in the movie so I figured this was just fake news. I figured it was a video uploaded to scare people into insanity.

I opened a Bible I had near me and in Isaiah 11:6 where it should say "The Lion will Lay Down with the Lamb" it said: "The Wolf also shall dwell with the Lamb". I was surprised to see this, and figured it is a new change and the guy that made the YouTube video on this thinks it's every bible cause he's nuts. I went through my father's closet of dusty boxes and found an old bible my grandfather passed down to my father printed in 1958 and much to my horror it also read: "The Wolf also shall dwell with the lamb". I quickly went online so I could download the video I seen about this that first brought this to my attention and once I found it my computer was bombarded with ads and pop ups like I was using a public computer in the 1990's. It was the first and last time that ever happened on my Windows 7 PC to date.

I scanned my computer for viruses etc. and nothing was found. It has since worked fine with no errors of any kind aside from the odd site that takes a minute or two to load. I first worried that I might be somewhere else, so I searched "The Lion Will Lay Down With The Lamb" in Google search engine. The first listing to pop up was a picture of a wolf laying down with lambs in front of a picture of a lion laying down with a lamb. Right next to the picture it reads that no lion is allowed in heaven and goes on to say why sighting bible passages etc. I did not ask a question, I just searched something. (strange)

I clicked on the "images" tab of Google search and seen page after page (thousands) of images, paintings, tattoos, coins, statues and even many gravestones depicting a lion laying down with a Lamb. I was relieved to know I was still on the same earth. When looking at the dates of all results in detail I noticed the pictures of a wolf started showing up from 2016 onward. I also noticed that many pictures of a lion laying with a lamb had a quote next to the picture that read: "The wolf also shall dwell with the lamb" contrary to the picture right next to it. I have since found hundreds of songs, television show clips, sermons etc. that quote the verse as I remember it. I have also found out allot of mandela effects I never knew existed such as:

Ed Mcmahon never worked for Publishers Clearing house. All the memories of Ed showing up at a house with a big check and balloons never happened despite all the proof out there that it was real still existing. I have an episode of a retro cartoon called "Beavis and Butthead" where it makes reference to Ed Mcmahon knocking on a persons door with a check and balloons from Publishers clearing house (in my own VHS collection). How is this possible?

How do millions of people remember the exact same reality details I do that has now (never existed)? How is there still evidence around that it did exist if it has never existed? There is a clip on the Official Oscars YouTube channel from the 2016 Oscar awards titled: Droids at the Oscars 2016... It shows C3PO from Star Wars (All Gold) walking on the stage with R2D2 etc. He cracks a joke saying "The Gold Oscar guy is trying to look like him" - along those lines. So, How is it in every version of the Original Star Wars movies (VHS-DVD) etc. C3PO has always had a bright silver leg that is impossible not to notice now?

Remember the famous Silence of the Lambs line "Hello Clarice"? .. Well, that has never existed either. What about the famous movie quote from the movie The Matrix where the character called Morphious says: "What If I Told You Everything you know is a lie"? Well he never said that in the movie the Matrix. (Ever) There are thousands of memes from the Matrix movie that quote this well known line all over the internet to this day. I guess all these people think it still exists.

The official story on The mandela effect is that it is called "The Mandela Effect" because the first time it was noticed was by a spirit medium named Fiona Broome at a seminar she was doing in 2010. She apparently heard her security guards talking about some hot topic they heard the audience arguing over in regards to the date of Nelson Mandela's death. The reason I do not believe this story and think it is a major cover up is because a topic so hot would still be known today. How is it in 2020 (a decade later) most people do not even know what the Mandela Effect is? Most don't know it is happening.

The FOX News segment I seen on this in 2016 said: "The internet is buzzing over this topic of the Mandela Effect" so how does nobody know about it in 2020 (4 years later)? From trending and viral to forgotten in 4 years. (weird) This has become so frequent, there are now too many effects to cover in this article. From logo and product name changes to the spelling of well known peoples names etc. Proof it was the way many remember (that now never existed) continues to be found and even airs on prime time main stream television networks. Which only furthers the proof that many out there think it is still the same and are unaware that the changes that have occurred are more than just a new version change. As unbelievable as it may seem - time is being altered.

Just as radio programs etc. start debating the Mandela Effect - censorship goes through the roof everywhere to combat fake news. Just as people start gathering in secret to debate the Mandela Effect - 5G towers are installed everywhere to pinpoint everyone's location. Just as people on the streets start spreading the word to one another verbally - a Pandemic shuts the world down and everyone is ordered to wear masks and avoid one another entirely. It went from a few online accounts being shut down, to the world shutting down and it is my opinion that it is all connected to what we call: The Mandela Effect

For anyone out there that researches this and finds out that Cern is behind it, also know that prior to their search for other dimensions they produced pounds of (anti-matter/dark matter) which is highly reactive (like 200 atom bombs) so anybody able to figure this out that attempted to destroy the facility would only activate the anti-matter and destroy our entire world. The door to hell they opened stays open because of the Anti-matter. (sad reality) Today there are many Cerns (LHC's) all around the world and whatever is coming out of the portals they have opened is changing our world both in the present (among our world leaders etc) as well as in the past doc history.

If ever you were wondering why/how the world went to hell so fast this is why. After 2 years of research on this and related topics I felt the need to pass this on. After 4 years of seeing online accounts closed down for exposing this with official credible sources and the world go from bad to worst - I felt the need to leave this behind for anyone out there searching for (what went wrong here? ) Whether you believe me or not is up to you. Do your own research and pass it On.

Editor of TSBC: Passing this on right now. Thank you for sharing of the times we are in.

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