To The Remnant #31

To The Remnant #31. A message to our brothers and sisters going through these rough times during end days. Written from a dear sister in Jesus Christ.

The Remnant
The Heavenly Father told us the end from the beginning.
He sees beyond eternity, and what we cannot even comprehend.
For we see a day, and a year and a season.
Yet He already knows the reason for all things.
Let this be a reason your heart sings.

For His Kingdom shall endure forever.
His children will not waiver to and fro as the waves.
Forgetting that they have been called and saved.
His children will not be dry as the earth in the dessert.
Rather, let then be as water, bringing life.
For there are many who hunger and thirst.
For His children shall be the salt of the earth.

His children will know they are not forgotten or alone.
For He who sits on the Heavenly Throne.
Has promised to deliver them by His strength alone.

As the time of the Israelites.
By Faith a journey to a land that had not yet been seen.
In hope of a promise, they choose to believe.
Given by Love to those who receive the Truth.

Now, persevering In Love, Faith and Hope.
Let us believe what His prophets first spoke.
Remembering the promise of the Promise Land.
Knowing His thoughts for His Children out number the grains of sand.
His children whom He sets apart, shall proclaim.
Holy, Holy, Is His Name above all Names.
The Name by which we have been saved by grace.
For this is the walk of Faith.

Even as Jonah in the belly of the whale for three days.
Let us pray the lost seek His face while it can be found.
Before the final trumpet and the joyful sound.
For it is then every knee shall bow.
Let us then seek to give Him glory now.
For soon the King of Kings shall come.
His will shall be done.

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