Why do you not see? Why do you not understand?

Supernatural Bible Changes. Mandela Effect. As the end days continue to unfold we are upset and disheartened that people continue to ignore the supernatural events that surround all of us. We keep trying to reach out to everyone but the question remains…why won’t anyone listen to us?

Jesus once told us that He is the way, the truth, and the light. No one comes to the Father but through Him. When we dropped everything, picked up our crosses, and followed Him we had no idea that things would get as bad as they have today. Jesus went to His own people and they didn't accept Him at all. The same is happening to us today. We try to tell the truth to people about Jesus and what is going on in the world today and people just don't believe us. Even within the Christian community it is unacceptable to believe that scriptures and the world could be supernaturally changing even though many cases throughout biblical times showed that there were many such events in the past. Why do they not see that it is happening today? Why do they not hear our shepherd's voice and why can they not understand that this voice is being silenced within scriptures. Did they truely drop everything and pick up their crosses to follow Jesus? Why can't they hear our Shepherd's voice? Why do they not understand? If they departed from us do we even know if they were walking with us following Jesus at all?

Just like Jesus was rejected, I believe that the world rejects us just as the world rejected Jesus. Few of His people accepted Jesus and today it's a very few that accept what we tell of Jesus and the world around us. They see but do not see the truth. They hear but do not understand what we are saying. Jesus said there would be hardships for us but for everyone to completely become strangers is unheard of. As it was in the days of Noah, so too shall be the second coming of the Son of God. Is this what Noah had to deal with? The world wickedly changing supernaturally with everyone becoming cold hearted? If you compare our path along the straight and narrow with the days of Noah and how only him and his family were saved from the flood, it truely was only a few that were spared. Given that we know that there would be a delusion and the great falling away in the end times, the story seems to be repeating itself with how few seem to love God and follow our Shepherd Jesus Christ.

They care about physical posessions, their houses, and vehicles. Always trying to one up another with how great their lives are. Me. My. I. Look at me. I did this. I am great. Things don't replace the people that you left behind. A successful career doesn't replace the family you neglected. If we love Jesus then we should be loving one another but time after time I only see that people only love themselves. Trying to get through to everyone only keeps leading to heartache and regrets. I probably have no idea of the amount of heartaches Jesus had as His people wanted nothing to do with him, but just like it was in the days of Noah, we are starting to get just a glimpse of the anguish He must have felt as the wickedness increases and men's hearts continue to grow colder.

We've seen the signs that we are in end times with all the supernatural changes, the dramatic increase of earthquakes, and the speeding up of time. Hasn't it felt odd to anyone how fast the time has gone by lately? Way too fast to blame it on just getting older. The wickedness as we see riots and events that we never thought would have been allowed to keep happening especially in the USA. Fires that have been burning all over the world that people just don't want to talk about. We continue to cry out to you all to see the times that we are living in. We cry out to you to hear the Shepherd's voice instead of the wolf that is now dwelling with the lamb.

Why won't you listen?

Why don't you understand?

Why do you not see what is going on around us?

We are in the end times and we really do not know how much time we have left. Please turn to Jesus before it is too late.

He who hath eyes to see let him see. He who hath ears to hear let him hear.

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