Occupying during end days - Starting a Fire

Mandela Effect. Bible Changes. Survival. We know that Jesus will eventually come for us, but how do we survive until He returns to set everything right again. Here we look at ways to get by to try to thrive until then.

What will you do?

What do you do when the power goes off and doesn't cut back on? What would you do if the water shut off one day and you do not have public access to water anymore? What if the grocery stores are out of food and you no longer can pay for groceries like you used to? Here we look at ways to survive during the last days.

Making a Fire

Making a fire using a magnifying glass

The first way is to use a magnifying glass. You would use small tinder that is easily burnable and put in a small pile. Bark that is stripped apart that is dry can help. Then you use the magnifying glass and focus the light into a small dot like the photo above. When it catches enough heat it will smoke and start to burn. Slowly blowing air on it can help the fire build up.

Use a Bow Drill to make a fire

Set up like this you would move the bow back and forth so that the drill would create friction at the base of the wood. With enough effort you should be able to create an ember with enough heat. Blowing on it will help at the right time, but make sure you have good tinder to help the fire build and grow.

Fire starter using a plastic bag and water

Using the same concept as a magnifying glass, you can fill a corner of a plastic bag to refract light onto your tinder to slowly start a fire.

Lighters and flint could be hard to find so although if you have them on hand, it is not something you may find as easily. You can also use flint and steel or matches to start a fire if you have them. I would suggest tools that are easily accessible and gain the knowledge on how to do so even if you are not skilled in it. Practice can help but even if you haven't done it before the knowledge of how it is done will never fail you if you know the steps on how to do so.

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