Tearful and Angry Mandela Effect Testimonies Part 1

Supernatural Bible Changes. Mandela Effect. There is no way to understand what people go through when they see the lying signs and wonders a.k.a. the Mandela Effect. The world we once knew has completely changed and it’s like we’re in a whole new reality now. These are the testimonies from those who have the eyes to see the lying signs and wonders.

Testimony below belongs to this guy.

"I'd like to talk a little bit about some quantum glitches or Mandela Effects perhaps…it's kinda hard to put a term on what's going on but whatever it is…it's real. It's real. It's real to me and it's real to some other people. Some people don't understand it. They'll think you are crazy.

We're not crazy. Something happened. Something happened on planet Earth. You can count on it and not everybody is awake to it. Not everybody understands. Not everybody agrees…but that's ok. I don't know that I've personally time traveled but if there are other realities one of me has time traveled. One of my other realities has jumped from their earth to the next earth and that's pushed everybody out of their current positioning and I know that sounds crazy as hell but this is not the planet earth that I'm from. But in some ways it's better and in some cases it's worse. I'm just to the point where I just can't afford to care what other people think. Whether or not you believe me or not that is on you. I know what happened and like I said whether or not it's time travel or whether or not only God knows if the rapture has occurred yet and he has raptured me out…you often wonder what heaven would be like.

Heaven would be like just what you are consciously aware of at least mine would. I would want my heaven to be just like what I remembered it to be back on earth. I don't know if I would want to fly. Maybe I would have wings or on streets of gold. I don't know if I'd want to be in a heaven that is more typical of what most people think heaven is…you know mansions and streets of gold with angels wearing white. I don't believe that to be what heaven would be for me and heaven is what it is for different people. Your heaven is going to be different from my heaven and that's ok. That's normal and reasonable and that's acceptable. We're not going to have the same heaven. I just don't know. I just think that I'd be the last person that should be in heaven I guess."

Testimony below belongs to this guy.

"I remember lion being in this book. This was in this book! What the hell happened that…and it's under my highlight so I know I read it…and I remember. "

What he is pointing to is Isaiah 11:6 where it used to say the Lion shall lie down with the lamb, but that is no longer the case here. Look up the verse yourself if you don't believe us. Yes! Your very own paper bible will NOT say lion in this verse nor in any bible you check.

"…and this is not the only passage that has changed…and it's even changed in the electronic version."

This is the current verse for Isaiah 11:6

"How is this possible? How did they change it? It's changed under my highlight and the reason I have it highlighted is because it's one of the passages I've memorized and I don't remember any wolf being in this passage at all. Something is very weird. Something is happening when they can change the words of the almighty God in the bible. Unbelievable! This thing has gotten me freaked out because if what they are saying is true they are blaming this on the large hadron collider over in Switzerland that they are banging stuff together and creating portals for other universes to come in and mingle with us. They are talking about movies being changed…words and famous lines that people said in movies all of a sudden now are gone. It's like the timeline has changed like we are living in another universe. I just don't understand how this is possible other than what particle physics and physics in general has been postulating for many years now since Einstein that there are parallel universes that every decision that you make and every turn you make creates another universe and I think that it solves allot of problems and answers other problems but it does raise a bunch of other questions like some people would say the bible says narrow is the path to salvation and wide is the path that goes to destruction. I remember reading that in the new testament and in another passage says every knee shall bow and every tongue confess that Jesus is Lord now how can that be?

Because if you confess that Jesus Christ is Lord then you're going to Heaven and you're traveling the narrow path then it means some are going to hell. Maybe this is God's way of saving souls? They making so many universes that the devil can only be in one place at one time. He's going to and fro. He's trying to catch the souls that he may devour for us to loose our faith and salvation and give in to this satanic crap that is going on all around us and people are denying it calling it fake news but here's the proof right here. If you're a bible…you don't have to be a bible scholar…all you have to do is go to sunday school…all you have to do is pick up the bible…it's written on the wall over in the united nations that they will beat their weapons into plow shares. I wonder if that has changed. I want to go over to New York to see if that happened. This is incredible. This is proof and I don't need to look at anything else. That passage is burned in my memory like a torch and I don't remember nothing about a wolf in that passage. Now maybe I'm a little senile…I'm 66 years old…maybe I'm crazy a little bit…but THAT passage was NOT the way I remember when I highlighted it. It isn't. It changed and I want to know how that happened.

Whiskey. Tango. Foxtrot. Over."

This man talks about the line in Star Wars "Luke I am your father" supernaturally changing.

"No. No. No. He says Luke I am your father ok."

In Star Wars Darth Vader never said "Luke I am your father."

I've seen this movie 5-600 times ok? He says Luke I am your father alright. It's not magic mirror on the wall…it's mirror mirror on the wall."

She no longer says "Mirror mirror on the wall" but now says "Magic mirror on the wall".

"What the hell is going on? It's the Mandela Effect. Wake the (deleted) up ok?

Testimony below belongs to her.

"It's about the changes in the King James Bible across the world has changed. Thousands of people across the world have gotten online to find out about the changes and in this video (well it's an article here now) I'm going to show you my bible that I had zipped up up until the time that a smoking gun came about where it was the changes had all come together in one place. In one particular book a study bible I could not find but what is so bazaar is that the changes are still continuing and they are even worse. They're more plentiful. There's many more and so people who say it's always been that way have you continued to see what the changes are about.

So probably back in may I had started and was seeking help from people. The internet said anyone who was doing this was an idolator of the King James Bible or that they were a cultist of those who like the KJV which isn't true. I chose this one my KJV bible over all these because I mean….I read other bibles and you can see that many of these bibles have been written in and used but this one I always kept coming back to because the KJV had over time had been highlighted in, underlined, written in, so I could know where things were and could quickly find what I was looking for.

These are the tabs I placed in my bible trying to figure out all these changes. People have told me "well you can't memorize the bible…you don't know whether it has been changed or not". Well that is correct. I have not memorized the whole bible. Many of them I know this wasn't there and this wasn't there. I wrote on these tabs what I thought it was. Some people were like "well suburbs was always in the bible" (NO WAY!!!) I'm thinking suburbs?!?!?! What 40 or 50 times? I looked and did a search on the internet and tried to do searches to find out what it was…it was pasture lands…and sure enough that's what I found in here and I had found that it was indeed pasture lands. "

His testimony is below.

"Like how do yall sleep at night. I do this Mandela Effect video and yet you don't understand what's going on. Like you do not get it…I do so many videos and you are still stuck on point one where this isn't the same and that isn't the same. Alright so now what are you going to do? It's something else you are missing alright so if it is not the same to you and it's the same to everything else then what does that tell you?

Something is wrong. You have been abducted. They kidnapped you…and me. It sounds like a game but every time you look at that Fruit Loops box…"

"…just know you are not where you are supposed to be alright? Do you think this is a joke? Do you need self proof? When you see that proof you realize it's not a game anymore. You've been abducted. When you get self proof you begin to realize you have been kidnapped from your home planet. This is not your home. You are from planet Earth one. They took you from earth one….matter of fact you are the program…you know the zeros and ones that is in the Matrix with the green and black screen…that's you…you are the program…you are the zeros and ones and they took you out of earth one and they plugged you into earth two and when they did that it caused a virus that caused you to realize that things had changed. When that happened it messed things up. You are not supposed to realize it. You supposed to be going through life regularly alright but the thing is happening now. Self Proof and that proves my point that you aren't on your home planet. Snatch people..snatch the program….took what they needed which is our resources and the memories and thoughts and plugged them into another program. Some of it was good but some of it caused a slight virus however we are on planet 2 right now and the proof is getting deeper and deeper. Come on people let's be real. Do you understand what I'm saying? This is not your planet. You have been abducted. Think about it. Things look different. The things that look different is because this is how things are supposed to look here on this planet. What looks the same is what was taken from your old earth. Something isn't right and you know it because of the virus that caused it. That's it yall. So whatever happened when the minds said the sun went down in 2012 perhaps it went down and if it went down you should do something with your life because life is not that bad. If we were abducted there has to be a good reason why. If you don't remember any of this than this has nothing to do with you. You weren't abducted. Nelson Mandela did not die in prison on your planet…"

"…you know what I'm saying? Or he did die in prison vice versa for whoever. Whatever happened maybe all the programs are combined. However whatever sounds the most sense to me is that we have been abducted. I'm seeing videos with people and how they act different. You can look up in the sky and tell right away it's different and that's the bottom line it's different because you are not planet earth anymore. For all we know we could be manipulated. Think about it yo."

The next testimony is from a lady who only screen shared a bible change. Below is her testimony.

"Alright let's see…Luke 12:51. 'Suppose ye that I am come to give peace on earth? I tell you, Nay; but rather division.' DIVISION??? I've read this bible many many times and Jesus always said I have come to bring a sword. Division? Suppose ye that I am come to give peace on earth? I tell you, Nay; but rather division…and then 52. For from henceforth there shall be five in one house divided, three against two, and two against three. 53. The father shall be divided against the son, the son against the father, the mother against the daughter, and the daughter against the mother; the mother in law against her daughter in law, and the daughter in law against her mother in law.

This hit me very hard because this has always been one of my favorite passages in the bible. So when I saw this the other day I was basically horrified. I have been checking on the verse every day to see if it changes back. It will not change back."

This is Bill Bean and his testimony is below.

"…and when there are changes in MY bible…in my possession that defies logic. Logic goes out the window at that point because that becomes supernatural because how do your scriptures and your words in your very own bible in your own possession change in your home in your possession when you KNEW that the scriptures read something else. Now they are reading entirely different in some instances and I also have 3 other KJV bibles. One of them is 100 years old and that sits on the top of my closet in my office and I pulled that down and changes have taken place in that 100 year old bible as well…and I can prove it today and I'm going to prove it today and furthermore I respectfully say this…I would debate any pastor anywhere any church any time on this issue and it is a major issue and I think what is taking place and Bob brought up another good point and also a guy Nelson who drove us here brought up a very good point about why are people staying silent on this. Where are the religious leaders? Where are the people in the high places? Why are they not talking about this? Why are they not screaming from the rooftops about these changes. They are staying silent and in my opinion I believe some are staying silent because they don't want to trouble or upset people. This is very upsetting and maybe they can't reconcile this themselves…but what I am saying is beyond a shadow of a doubt…our King James Bibles and they started with the King James Version of the bible…They are being supernaturally altered not 100's but now 1000's of scriptures have been altered and continue to be altered on a regular basis and there are other versions of the bible like Catholic versions that I've looked at and some of those have not been changed. I also have a Hallman's study bible which is an English translated bible on my desk and those have not been changed and this is how I was able to when I will present this you will see that I actually have the words the real words that was in there previously to these changes and I will be able to present that because it is still intact there for now but I really believe they have started with the King James Bibles and it is going to go to every bible whether it is an NIV English translation Catholic bible whatever it may be I believe these changes are going to come and affect those bibles as well".

=====scene skip to Bill Bean talking at an event=====

"After watching the video and after reading scripture and scripture I could nearly I could tell you all…I nearly fell out of my chair because I was so confident that I could open up my bible and disprove what the bible was saying about these scripture changes. When I was in my chair at the computer at my desk and I'm opening these bibles I was astounded. I didn't have any words and I really felt like I was going to fall out of my chair because I couldn't believe it. I know the scriptures. I spent YEARS studying the bible. How can this be? HOW CAN THIS POSSIBLY BE that words like this are now in our Holy King James Bibles?!?!?!

Perhaps it's possible that they have this way of opening up these portals and even more so these timelines to be able to alter things. How else could we reason that scriptures in a 20 year old bible…in a 100 year old bible and the other bibles I have…and other people's bibles as well not just me saying this there are MANY people including your minister that is aware of what is taking place here. How can this be?

You know people close to me have proposed that perhaps it is the publishing companies of the bibles coming out and making these revisions and all that and that is a very sound opinion and statement trying to reason this however it is not correct.

These things suddenly changed…supernaturally changed. Bottle of water? That should be SKIN of water. Water and wine were kept in skins! To make the statement here in the scripture even more ridiculous now he gave her a bottle of water and put it on her shoulder? How do you put a bottle of water on somebodies shoulder? This is preposterous! It's not right and that's not the way it read. Skin. You could put a skin of water over someone's shoulder. Ok. Now let's go to Genesis 40:1.

"and it came to pass after these things that the BUTLER…" The BUTLER!!!! The butler of the king of Egypt and his baker had offended their Lord the King of Egypt. It should be CUP BEARER!

Butler!?!?!? Do you see a problem with this?


-Clips put together by Vannessa VA on youtube.

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