They wouldn't lie to us would they?

What do you see? A look at current Meme’s Part 7.

Lies from everything including the gender "wage gap" that seems to include the CEO's of top businesses and the pay is averaged together. How many men are really CEOs statictically anyways. I don't personally know anyone who is. Then there is racism which would go away if people stopped talking about it. Virus scares at hospitals where people went to the hospitals only to find out that they were EMPTY! Made up footage of space that tries to prove that we are not stuck under a firmament and incapable of space travel....yeah the tower of Babel really did happen and God really did put a stop to their nonsense.

Pedictive to show you they have planned all this before now. The devil and his puppets show you years in advance their end time plan. Look at all these Time Magazines. The 1st magazine says the future of medicine and how genetic engineering will change us in the next century. Notice how the snake (serpent : symbol of the devil) is coiled around the DNA.

The 2nd magazine says the new genetics, man into superman, the mark of the beast, will be the same old lie from the serpent (devil) who told Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden youu shall be as gods (KJV Genesis 3:4-5).
Editor Note: While pasting this part I stopped because the KJV said we would be "like God" knowing good and evil...not "as gods" like how the Mandela Effect changed the KJV to say. There is only one God and any mention of "gods" in reality are only fakes and pretenders.

The 3rd magazine says solving the mysteries of DNA and how gene science has changed our lives which it will change you. Changing God's creation into a creature right? Must be why creature is being used in the KJV instead of creation. Showing what is occuring now to people who has eyes to see what is going on.

The 4th magazine says genetics the future is now, but how much should nature be engineered. 5th magazine says the DNA tinkering with life. The 6th magazine says drugs of the future, new medicines will be based on DNA, find out how they will change your life. Elon Musk said with synthetic mRNA it's like a computer program and with the right DNA sequence they can turn you into a butterfly, meaning they can change you into any hybrid abomination they want to.

Matthew 24:37
King James Version
37 But as the days of Noah were, so shall also the coming of the Son of man be.

Editor note: Yeah this has been Mandela Effected in more ways than one. KJV mentions lightning which I don't remember being in that verse looking at my physical bible here.

"For as the lightning cometh out of the east (huh?), and shineth even into the west (lightning shining?!?!); so shall also the coming of the Son of man (yeah right...)."

Shut up you evil wolf.

"As it was in the days of Noah, so too shall be the second coming of the Son of God."

Article 10 of the Human Rights Act 1998 says that by law I have the right to freedom of expression and to my own opinion.

Give unto Caesar what belongs to Caesar. Give unto God what belongs to God. The problem is that the rulers of this world don't care about what belongs to God and will try anything to get you to stay away from having a relationship with Jesus and God.

They may all seem that they are all independant, but they are all following in the same group. They all follow the SERPANT and they do NOT have your best interest at heart. Do NOT be deceived!

Remember when one kid got chickenpox...the parents would bring the kids together so that everyone would get it and gain immunity after catching it? Yeah the immune system does work after all!

Never argue with an idiot. They will drag you down to their level and beat you with experience.”
Mark Twain

It's possible that this may only be the precursor to the mark of the beast...but do you really want to risk it? I know I don't.

Not sure if I would say this is a fear, because they know that most will not wake up from the lying signs and wonders that we are in during these last days. But they really do want to keep as many people as they can from having a relationship with Jesus Christ. They are truely wicked people.

Jesus would have just healed them Himself. He had no need of WICKED vaccines that changed God's creation into a wicked creature. If we are to pray for healing, it is because of God that this happens and not by man's "power". It's not what we do but what HE can do!

The only thing they wish to teach you is how to be "successful" and "thrive" in their system. How to be obedient. How YOU can further their wicked system. But you can examine their system and see how it tries to cut out how we are supposed to live in this life we have. How they try to cut out our relationship with The Son of God who is Jesus Christ of Nazareth. How they try to cut out our relationship with our Father in Heaven.

Are you awake yet? Do you see the wickedness that the world is trying to make us all follow? What are your thoughts? Comment below.

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  • Angelique

    2022-07-10 20:23

    I totally agree with all of these posts. I started reading them from the very beginning - 2010 - which is when my own world literally turned upside down and never went back to “normal”. I have been wide awake for decades and was called a “witch” or “not right in the head” all those decades b/c the term “conspiracy theorist” hadn’t been invented yet. I tried for over 30 years to get people to see what I was seeing and was violently attacked my entire life for it. When they succeeded in destroying my health, they began going after my children. When I saw the insanity over the murder of Muammar Ghaddafi - an extremely good man who loved his people and bravely defended them - and how Americans had this perverse glee over his murder without even stopping to hear the truth - I stopped trying to wake them up. To me, there was no saving people who took that much pleasure in the killing of an innocent man, and I stopped trying. Every once in awhile, after that, I would try to open someone’s eyes but quickly stopped b/c they are not just happy living in their delusion, they violently defend it. I commend you for your efforts, but time is pretty much up now. If they won’t open their eyes, they will drown in the coming “flood”…so be it. It’s their choice.

    TSBC: We completely understand. We’ve all tried to reach out to people around us and mostly got rejected. It’s only thankfully through the internet that we have been able to reach a minor few which doesn’t seem like much with the world population but every person does count. Keep string in your faith, never doubt that Jesus is with us always even when the world goes crazy and even scriptures paints a picture of a different Jesus. I think we were out through the experiences we have been not only because they know who we are specifically being faithful to Jesus but the experiences prepared us to weather the rough storms from now until the end.

    Thank you for your comment.

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