The disciples were persecuted and we should expect the same

What do you see? A look at current Meme’s Part 6.

Whats even stranger, is that what if our imagination of what we thought the tribulation was totally wrong? What if we are already in it? And weren't the disciples put to a cruel death?!!!

So many ways that people are divided against one another when what we all should be focusing on is our relationship with Jesus Christ and our Father in heaven.

It does make sense...a cheap doughnut is not worth putting all those foreign chemicals into your body when you don't even know what it will do to you let alone the long term effects of these substances. If people jumped off a bridge would you follow after them? Seems like we are seeing the answer to that question play out right before us in real time.

Are we looking towards a future of segregation and persecution? This looks like what it's going to turn into. It's like we never learned from the Civil War or what happened with the Jews being persecuted in Germany.

It's really starting to look like most don't want to wake up even though we keep sounding out the alarm of what is going on. Hopefully we can help some of the people that just have had a bad time in life and don't realize yet what's going on.

This is confirmed legit was on Fox page. Truth in plain sight. Pre cursor?!

There is something that makes people sick I can admit...but I don't think it's what they are telling us. Most of it is just smoke and mirrors getting people to conform to what they want us to be and to do what they tell us to do.

Breath! The oxygen might just do you some good...also might want to exercise a bit while you're at it. I know I need to lol.

Trust the science! They have a proven record of never telling us wrong....right? You may want to do some research and dig deep into what they aren't telling you.

On a side note we don't know as well how much of this has to do with money. How much will people make by getting people to take or do what they want? It goes from services rendered to even products that you buy.

Some lightbulbs I've bought are lucky to last a few months. One that would last longer than I have been alive? I don't think so.

Are you awake yet? Do you see the wickedness that the world is trying to make us all follow? What are your thoughts? Comment below.

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