The Vaxx Changes Your DNA. What Happened the Last Time the Entire Human Genome Was Defiled?

The CDC denies that the Covid shot changes human DNA. However, a study recently emerged that shows that it absolutely does. Many think that that the real reason God destroyed the earth in the Flood is because human DNA became mixed with Fallen Angel, or Nephilim DNA, which was Satan’s attempt to prevent the Son of God from being born.

Noah was thought to be the only "pureblood" left, and that's why God spared Him. The "giants" were the outcome of the mixture of human and Fallen Angels.

Gen 6:4

There were giants in the earth in those days; and also after that, when the sons of God came in unto the daughters of men, and they bare children to them, the same became mighty men which were of old, men of renown.

The above passage says that the giant bloodline continued after the Flood, which means that today there are descendants carrying the corrupted bloodline. But Satan is never satisfied, and he wants to further corrupt the entire genome. He probably wants to create his own race of superhumans to fight against Jesus at the Battle of Armageddon, so we could be seeing various agendas being fulfilled with a corrupted, artificially intelligent controlled, bloodline of humans.

“A study came out of Lund University in Sweden showing “ the first demonstration in a human liver cell line that the Pfizer vaccine reverse transcribes and installs human DNA into the genome.
Dr. Peter McCullough
Read the last line that says it turns into DNA in 6 hours

“Basically there is an enzyme that can take that messenger RNA information and put it into the DNA of the person…We were told this cannot happen, but this is in a lab and showing in a lab that it can. 

“If something is reverse transcribed and altered the DNA of a sperm or an egg, that DNA change …lasts forever. The entire human genome has been poisoned with a gene that has never been in the human genome ever in history...We should never take genetic products on a mass scale that change the human genome or have the possibility to change the human genome.”

The interviewer asks McCullough, “If you’re pregnant and have this done, can if affect your baby? Yes, this is the alarming finding. The CDC says on its website this will not change your DNA. The paper that came out of Sweden now, there’ll be many more to confirm it,…the spike protein is now continually expressed from human cells…the cells that actually are the sperm and the egg, if they are carrying it, that indeed means that in fact it could be passed to the daughter cells of the next generation embryo.”

“... within 6 hours…they had converted the RNA into DNA.”
 States Stephanic Steneff, Senior Research Scientist at MIT CSAIL

"They showed that the spike protein by itself causes the cells to create this giant cell and to have severe DNA damage and to release inflammatory agents that are going to cause a lot of damage to surrounding cells and they become what’s called senescence…which is a stage cells are in when they refuse to multiply  anymore, they stop reproducing, but they don’t die, they release inflammatory agents. . They cause a situation of chronic inflammation…because they suffer from so much DNA damage, they don’t reproduce anymore. That is a very dangerous place to be.

Senescent immune cells that become incompetent …all the cells that tend to multiply a lot, that includes cancer, immune cells, they multiply and they’re very susceptible to DNA damage, especially when they’re exposed to the spike protein. 

So I’m predicting several consequences from that - it’s just mind boggling.Then the question is whether that DNA goes into the human genome or not. . And that’s an open question right now. If so,..."

“you could have a human genome that could make the spike protein and what the consequences of that are, I have no idea. You could even pass that on down to future generations and it could become a permanent feature in their DNA. That’s not impossible. We have no business fooling around with this kind of technology without adequate knowledge of how it works."
 States Stephanic Steneff, Senior Research Scientist at MIT CSAIL
 "They were designed to target 3 organs: the liver, the spleen and the ovaries.”

Dr Lee Merritt asks, “What’s the big deal about CRISPR Cas9? This is the technology that they use to make GMO crops…What they did with gene splicing…they would just crudely cut and put things in like the GMO potatoes and they’d see what happened. But now, with CRISPR Cas9, it makes double cuts into the gene, so that every one of their offspring will have this new gene. And every one of their offspring."

"So, in roughly ten generations, everybody’s got the new gene. In roughly 200-300 years the whole human race will be overtaken with whatever gene they put into us."
Dr. Lee Merritt

Now we all know that God flooded the earth the last time the entire human genome was polluted. He promised not to flood the earth again, but He did promise to purge it with fire this time around.

To see the full interview including the above quotes, watch this video:

Covid Vaccine Causes DNA to be Changed by Tim Truth

The following video shows how our DNA has the name of God imprinted on it. As the body is the temple of God, could it be that the abomination of desolation is the genome being defiled, so that we are no longer human? Interesting point on this video is that the author repeats the term "Revelations" with an "s" as many remember the Bible saying, and considering it a Mandela Effect. Personally, I remember it as Revelation, but many others do not.

Vaxxine Causes DNA to be Changed

The following video shows how Covid is a Department of Defense Operation and the human trials were faked.

Covid is a Department of Defense Operation and the Human Trials were Faked
ectolife baby factory
Pick out your babies' sex, eye, hair, skin color, intelligence and more!

Maybe this is why the psycopaths in charge are planning on creating all human life in a laboratory, selecting only those genetic qualities they want. (Can you say Hitler?) The proposed baby making factory, Ectolife, will make 30,000 lab curated babies a year.

angel contact the supernatural bible changes carol serpa

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