Spying on Your Brain Through Your Ears

Airpods are the latest craze, yet they emit harmful radiation. Ear gadgets are next on the plan to invade our bodies and will be reprogramming your brain. Scientists state that “Personal gadgets known as “hearables,” which communicate with the neural signals passing through our ears in order to monitor and interact with our brains,

are on their way."

brainwashing through your ears
"The ear is like a biological equivalent of a USB port," writes Crum. "It is unparalleled not only as a point for 'writing' to the brain, as happens when our earbuds transmit the sounds of our favorite music, but also for 'reading' from the brain.
"Stanford Scientist Says In-Ear Gadgets Will Be Able To Monitor Our Brains"

' "Based on the progress of various teams around the world, Crum argues that the technology for these wearable brain-computer interfaces could be developed within five years."

" hearables will constantly and silently assess and anticipate our needs and state of mind while helping us cope with the world around us,"
"Stanford Scientist Says In-Ear Gadgets Will Be Able To Monitor Our Brains"

' "They will be our true life partners." '

True life partners? Can you think of a better "true life partner"? Like Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit? And how will these hearables help us "cope with the world around us", really? Will they transmit calming messages, will they change our neurotransmitters? Sounds like a direct link to instant and constant brainwashing, perhaps creating the zombies that have been shown to us in movies.

This is the beginning of the transhumanist dream, which will be a total takeover of our bodies. This is the beginning of the "Internet of Bodies".


electronic pill
Pills with electronics inside

They want us to take pills which will monitor our bodily functions, vitamin levels and more. If you want to insert a government spying machine into your body, go for it. This will all be sold as being "good for us" to get people to buy into it.

One big difference between Satan and God is that God created man with "free will" and Satan wants to create a race of people with "no free will". Essentially robotic slaves.

contact lenses control phone
Contact Lenses that Hook Up to the Internet

They want to connect the internet to contact lenses, so that you can control your phone with your eyes. They say that your underwear will be able to turn on your oven. Geesh! Who really needs that?

This is the beginning of the slippery slope of inserting technology into your body, with the ultimate goal of essentially turning you into a machine, a robotic slave, with no free will. Zombies, anyone?

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