The Love of Money

How does money affect how people treat one another? Jesus once said to love thy neighbor as thyself. It seems that with today’s lifestyles everything seems to get in the way of treating people how we would want to be treated.

Love the Lord your God with all your heart, mind, and soul. After this, love thy neighbor as thyself.
paraphrazing bible scriptures

After all this time I keep finding it nearly impossible to make connections with people. Either it's somehow because I don't make enough money or it relates to my current lifestyle as a result of of not having a bigger lifestyle. A lifestyle that is a direct result of chasing after money.

The love of many shall grow cold.
Paraphrasing tribulations verse.

People just don't have connections with one another the way that we used to. Who we spend our time with, who we marry, who we work with, and even to the extent of what church you go to and who you worship with can be a direct result of what lifestyle you are living and what is most important to you. I've seen allot of arguments as well as friendships that change as a result of money and it can be quite ugly. I'm writing this down not only to share what I am seeing, but also to help try to get my thoughts gathered on this subject and how it is changing people during tribulations.

Your job directly impacts your lifestyle.

Depending on what you do for a living, you will either make more or less money. This affects the clothing you wear, what you drive to work in, where you live, and even the people that live near you because of the money requirements. If you have a considered to be dead-end-job or even what people consider as a "starter-job" like at McDonalds or even The Dollar Store many will look down upon you because of how you decide to make a living and also the little amount of money that you are bringing in. Many look down on others because for some reason this becomes a "social status" where people don't want to be around others that are "below them".

Where you live impacts how people treat you.

If I live in an appartment then I am surrounded by people that generally make the same income than I do. If I'm a home owner then the people around me make considerably more than the first group. Yes, depending on how people want to live they may not choose to own their own homes and rent to make life easier, but I'm not generally sure if that is the case for most people. Friends and romantic interests are also impacted by where you live because some people can't and refuse to be around people that are different than them.

Your romantic interests are impacted by both your job and where you live.

In many cases, if you do not have a decent apartment or own your own home, you will find it harder to find a romantic interest because they will reject you based upon your lower income. If you don't make enough money to provide for what your future spouse wants, then often they will never even get to know who you yourself are as a person. How sad is it that people will not get to know you as a person just because you don't make enough money?

As a result of chasing after money

We don't have close personal relationships the way we used to. We don't have neighberhoods where everyone knows one another. Dating becomes impossible if you don't make enough money, but if you do play the game it's a never ending circle where you can never make enough even when it doesn't matter in the end.

If you accept what Jesus said to the rich man that wanted to be saved, then you end up in conflict with the lifestyles and people that are chasing after money to aquire it.

Money and The Church

It was quite some time ago that a few were trying to say that we were just after people's money with this website. Even when we have neither offered to sell anything at all, accept donations, or have any ads on this website whatsoever. We even went to the extend of telling directly on the homepage that we do not want your money. We just hope that everyone will try to forward the message that we are bringing to you about the tribulations we are in, that there is not much time left, and if anyone has not accepted Jesus as their personal Lord and Savior then they really need to do it soon.

In this way, I do not think we should be selling anything at all when it comes to either the times we are in or about being saved. I think you can be a tent maker and sell them without it being a part of the ministry for an example. It just makes me think of where Jesus was chasing out the money changers because it should not be located in a place of worship.

This is just my opinion, but I believe that money should not be made a focus where you are selling something to make a living, whether it be related to teaching about Jesus or otherwise. If it ends up being teachings that become a roadblock for people that can't afford it, then they are less likely to be able to learn about what you are trying to tell everyone. If it's upon a website that goes down or even on a video, if the only content available ends up being in paid works then you are forced to buy to learn what is inside the book. This can be much worse depending upon the people because we know that most don't see that the lying signs and wonders are most likely taking place. The scriptures as well as allot of the things we used to know as truth are just not the same now as how we remember them. If we are unable to present our case for others without a transaction taking place, it just makes things all the more harder.

In Conclusion

I think how we are taught to live is hurting everyone because it can make it close to impossible to form relationships with others that live a different lifestyle. Money affects where we live, our jobs, the people we associate with, to everything we own. People get so caught up in having "a good life" that they often don't think of what really matters which is...

  • Our relationship with God and Jesus
  • Our relationships with those around us
  • Spreading the message of WHO Jesus and God are, how to be saved, how to have a personal relationship with Him, as well as what is going on now with tribulations playing out.

I typed this all out while thinking on it. Definitely took allot of coffee. I could probably go into more details but I think you all see the same things as I do. I don't dress right to go to the local churches. They don't preach the same message that I was taught growing up often because of the bible changes but also because they believe in the "good life" philosophy. I can't form relationships because not only is it harder because of the delusion where people don't want to talk about anything important and try to understand it, but because many of us know that we are supposed to... in this world but not of this world. This world is not our home.
thinking of scriptures again.

A few friends I have kept in part ended up because their job status didn't matter where they live didn't matter whether it be an appartment or home owner, or even how they dressed. It's hard to describe. It's just different knowing a person for their likes and dislikes, their hobbies, their hopes and dreams for the future, and even discussions talking about everything and anything. The main thing is just having a close personal relationship with friends similar to how we should have them with God and Jesus.

Sometimes it just seems harder to make direct personal connections/relationships with people to become friends with them and also to explain (without seeming crazy) that we are either close to tribulations or have been in them for a long time. Everything else just seems to get in the way.

I also think that it is harder to make direct personal connections with new people (and people in our present and past) that have not experienced this is exactly that- they have not experienced this. What we all share here is a type of trauma bond that only we can understand. This automatically bypasses the casualties of getting to know someone to already knowing them in a sense, or already knowing that the most outrageous experience you have had has also been had by them. It’s an immediate bond. And if they see Christ working in this, then now you have a spiritual bond. This is very powerful and why we must try our best to work together through this. Relationships outside of this experience already are suffering/will suffer because the well of common suffering and awe is dry.
It's natural, people come into and leave our lives all the time, some are more painful then others but that's why those relationships are beautiful while they last. And I'm not talking about the abusive type.

At this point I think it's only seen as natural because that is how we were taught by both our parents and the school systems. I think if we look back biblically the leader of a household valued his relationship with God first, then Spouse, then family, but that also extended beyond to servants ect. They all worked together. I believe their relationships were much closer than what we have now BECAUSE of it. Because of their love for God and how they treated one another, relationships as well as families were not as broken as we see them today. Just as a social aspect, I neither know most of my neighbors nor have I felt welcome to talk to any of them. Few interactions have gotten cold replies. If you are not already in a social group it can be hard to become included in it.

I'm seeing it more on the outside. It's just hard to form relationships nowadays due to the environment. The biggest barriers to even begin a relationship are politics and religion and the biggest filter to keep a relationship is technology. Most of the modern world is now centered on a system where interpersonal relationships is almost impossible because most relationships today are digital based instead. It's much easier to text someone to see if they are OK than it is to go over to their house and spend quality time with them, and the more physical meetups are pushed back, the more relationships drift away.

I can see that. Allot of interactions people have are online now. What time isn't taken place by work people want to manage what little time they have outside of that to try to be happy. A group chat online is much easier to talk to one another rather than meeting up in person and costs allot less. So with everyone staying at home more it's much less likely to deepen relationships or meet new people. I guess the question here is if this was done intentionally to break down relationships or if it was just something that was going to happen anyways. In the past there used to be allot more town activities and places to go to where people could socialize but the amount of those taking place has also been reduced greatly. It doesn't really help that allot of meetups are not Christian based and becomes things we should not take part in.

Along with this, if new traditions and teachings end up a result of the changing world history and bible changes, that only deepens the gap between those of us who want to make new friendships and those still under the delusion/deception of the lying signs and wonders.

The wheat and chaff are growing together but we really won't know who is who until Jesus returns. I would like to say I am saved through my faith in Jesus Christ, but even I cannot say that my name is written in the book of life because I have never seen it.

Judge not lest ye be judged.
bible scripture

It's more of just a melting pot of ideas here that I have been thinking about, but I can't help feel how separated we are from one another. I have my own beliefs on subjects and I know that you will have different opinions on them. While we can't really go too far in depth about tribulations because allot of the physical aspects don't really look like they are taking place, we can still speculate on what is taking place spiritually around us. We can discuss our beliefs, how people are changing, and what we are doing from this point onwards.

I hope you are all doing well. I know it's been awhile since I've written one of these. I know allot of you are feeling upset and alone as I have been. I just want to encourage you that we are still not alone with the Holy Spirit. Jesus is still alive seated at the right hand side of our Father. Every day is just one day less until we can put all of this behind us and be together with all our brothers and sisters in Jesus Christ.

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