The Supernatural Bible Changes


There is darkness in the world, but in the end it shall all come to light. So many things have changed but we remember the truth. The Supernatural Changes was created in order to help shed light on the darkness, but we can always use a helping hand.

To get in contact with us, you can either use discord (the link for this you can see scrolling down the homepage) or the TSBC Forums that is being developed currently. Comments on the website is also an option to get in contact with us.

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Miss Amy - Mandela Effect: Heavenly Signs. Are you ready?

Biblical Prophecies coming true one right after another. The stars, moon, sun, the oceans, the weather, earthquakes, and all over the planet…all predict the second coming of Christ. Are you READY?

He is coming. Are you ready?The stars, moon and planets are all fulfilling prophecies.There are wars and rumors of wars.Apocalyptic events are happening in diverse places.All of these are signs of His coming.Soon everyone will be going…but Jesus still waits for you.Are you ready to stop running? Hiding?He loves you so much. Just call out His Name!"Lord Jesus, I give you my heart and ask you to forgive my sins. I accept You as my Lord and Savior and by Your Stripes I am healed, I am cleansed, I am saved. Thank you Lord Jesus for saving me and giving me everlasting life. Amen."Now you're ready.


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