Jesus or the world. It's your choice to make.

Mandela Effect. Supernatural bible changes. Hot or cold. You cannot remain lukewarm. Do you live for Jesus or do you live for the world? It’s your choice to make.

In moments of change there has been a feeling of loss like things will never bee the same. But family generally pulled through and even with time apart bonds remained strong. But with all the world changes and how the bible has changed I can't say the same. But scriptures was always clear that no matter how much we love family, we should love Jesus and our Father in heaven even more. IN this world but not of this world. It's a turning point honestly where there isn't much time to decide which way to go. The further we go the more I see the divide growing. Those living for the world and those awaiting Jesus' return for this madness to be over. If tribulations wasn't only symbolic then it means that it's only going to get worse. It's to the point that even discussing with my family the current state we are in labels me as a heretic. So there is a divide there between those that just think that living a nice life while being a "good" person and the other that keeps following the scriptures without even knowing every single bible has been corrupted and tainted. They don't see the blasphemy that has been inserted and are currently happily dwelling with the wolf from Isaiah 11:6.

It's just not the same as the Lion laying down with the lamb as Isaiah 11:6 should be. It's that feeling you get deep down just knowing something is horribly wrong. Reguardless of what it currently says, you take a stand drawing a line in the sand that you refuse to cross. Scriptures is NOT THE Word of God like many says. That title can only go to Jesus Christ as even the book of Revelations says so. We could not atone for our own sins, so only living a "good life" just isn't enough.

Do you have the courage to stand for what you know to be the truth? Jesus is THE ONLY way, the ONLY TRUTH, and THE ONLY LIGHT that can save and free us from the bondage of sin that first started when Adam and Eve first sinned all the way to us in the present day.

Remember we are on this world but not of this world. This is NOT our home. Just because others do so does not make it right and just because things are accepted doesn't make them acceptable for us to do so as well.

I do not know a "son of man" that is now written in scriptures as being Jesus Christ. I do not know a "yeshua hamashiach" that people are saying is his Hebrew name. I was not taught this even though I clearly remember the Greek form "Iēsoús" being taught in Sunday School. It reminds me in scriptures where Jesus would say on judgement day "depart from me for I never knew you". It gives me a bad feeling with names popping up that I have never heard of before. Even though I can not do much it feels like with people disagreeing with me, I can only stand on what I know as being the truth. Teach your children and when they are older they will not depart from them.

So there is still the great feeling of loss as this divide only grows wider, but there is also the relief knowing that we are getting closer and closer to Jesus return. When we won't have to watch people learning from tainted scriptures. When the madness of the supernatural changes will finally end. When we will see loved ones again.

When we will be with Jesus and our Father in Heaven.

At some point you WILL have to make a choice. Either hot or cold. You cannot remain lukewarm.

Do you choose the world? Or do you give up everything that shouldn't even matter to begin with and follow Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior.

It's your choice to make.

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