Just want this all to end.

Mandela Effect. Supernatural Bible Changes. When will the madness end. As the world keeps changing it feels like we are the only ones that have not changed much. In this world but not of this world. Please come soon Jesus.

I just want this all to end. Good being called evil and evil good. Hearts growing cold. Living with the memory that's only an echo of the person you once knew. Time after time the upsets and rejections. Going to hug your loved ones and your arms go right through them, only to wake up to the same nightmare. Sleepless nights. Scorched days with an angry white sun. No consolation with everyone so spread out. No companionship. No one that remembers. The constant talking fades to the constant ringing we hear, because no one wants to talk about this but the ringing refuses to leave.

The trials we face while on this earth sometimes seems too much to bear. It's nowhere near what Jesus went through, but it's pitch black with no signs of dawn coming. Its like wanting to go home, but you get there and the doors are locked and it begins to rain.

Everyone we thought walked the same path as we did going to church. Had the same relationship as we did with Jesus and our Father. We THOUGHT they KNEW! Strangers. Nothing makes much sense these days.

Like scriptures said even now something else is pretending to be God. Changing the words around. Changing meaning to slowly change doctrines. We all encountered it. This new voice in scriptures....but as we slowly walked toward this voice howling within scriptures. Howling against our Father and Jesus making a mockery of what scriptures once was all about.

We felt the lion at our side staring the wolf down. The only way, the only truth, and the only LIGHT that can bring to light the lies now within scriptures. Something we definitely can not do on our own. When we are weak then He is strong.

The sadness comes as they don't hear us cry out in alarm that the bible has changed. That they are following the new scriptures instead of following our Shepherd. Do they even hear his voice anymore?

Nice properties, nice jobs, nice things, relationships, ect EVERYTHING BUT what should be the most important. Living worldly. In this world but not of this world? Did they forget?The world changes were shocking but who cares? It's a sign of the times but it's nowhere near the problem we face with friends turned to strangers and the truths within scriptures slowly disappearing.

The written truth of our Father and Jesus slowly disappearing. Not that prophecies were taught much to begin with, but it will reach a point where scriptures may not give any warning at all, or at least not the right warnings we should be looking at in these last days.

If this ends up being mostly just symbolic as makingspace suggests then there won't be much that will wake those to repent and ask for Jesus as their Lord and Savior in these last days.Like the days of Noah this could be like the period where the Ark was being built....but once the rains come it is too late to do anything if you are not in the Ark.

Mockers and scoffers. The truth right in front of everyone's face yet most are still too blind to see. When is enough enough? How long do we wait until Jesus returns.

I am reminded always though...Faith, hope and love, but the greatest of these is love. Love the Lord your God with all your mind and with all your heart, and with all your soul. After this, love thy neighbor as thyself.

We can only keep moving forward at this point. Not letting the lies, the insults, the distractions stop us from walking the path of the straight and narrow.

Talking to everyone about the good news of Jesus Christ until He returns.

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