What to do when we don't know what to do

I know we’re going into the end times. What should I do? No one seems to be listening to me about the Supernatural Bible Changes or the Mandela Effect that is taking place. They do not see how close we are to the end. Where do I go from here?

The best thing you can do is press into Jesus Christ and to allow Him to sanctify you daily. Our enemy right now really is time. I mean it's satan but time right now is not on our side. It's speeding up and eventually it WILL run out.

Also because Jesus comes like a thief in the night, we do not know really when that day will come. So the most important thing we can do is not "give up the daily sacrifice". Our body IS a "living sacrifice".

I believe when the majority of what we think the Church is gives up the "daily sacrifice" everything accelerates to the end at that point (3.5 years for example). We can try to prepare physically for what is going on, but in my opinion time and resources spent seeking Jesus FAR outweighs those profits.

I say this because when Jesus returns like a thief in the night we probably won't even have enough time to use all the money, prepper stuff, and anything else we have acquired. So the best thing you should be doing right now is to store your treasures up in heaven.

That's what I mean when I say that time isn't on our side right now. We need to be shoveling treasures into heaven like we have gone completely mad. Sold out to Jesus.

Also when you pray, you don't need to memorize prayers. Just pray like you are talking to the One you love the most. Tell Him your concerns and ask Him to shape the desires of your heart. It's powerful. I also find that doing that on your knees really changes the dynamics. It invites humility like nothing else.

Pride is our ultimate enemy. It's rooted inside and satan only triggers it. It's the curse inside you. Jesus' blood covers it up and transforms us from the inside out so we don't walk in pride.

How we pray, our postures, our bodies impact the way we think and commune with God. The state of our bodies. Again we are to walk as living sacrifices.

When we are seeking to walk in holiness, we must "sacrifice" the desires of our flesh. We sacrifice it so walking in the holiness invariably requires humility. "less of us, more of Him" as it goes. Paul wrote about this a lot. Much of it is butchered now in scriptures, but the overall message is still there.

Paul had struggled with his flesh often and wrote how much he desired to remove himself from it. You can read Paul's writings on this from the book of Romans. I recommend the ESV or NLT. The KJV I don't trust because of how badly it has been mangled. Honestly speaking I don't hardly trust any of them, but if you are going to read from scriptures always enter into prayer first for discernment before reading.

What did I mean when I talked about coming to him with humility?

I simply mean come to Jesus as if you are powerless without Him. This means not becoming obstinate in what you believe to be true about your circumstances or concerns and letting the Holy Spirit re-calibrate your thoughts and actions so that you can know what is True.

Sometimes these are already in alignment, but in my experience, He provides new and refreshing understanding generously. Also LOVE flows out of a humble heart because your thoughts and actions are directed at God and others first. People see that and pick up on it, and the LOVE of Jesus Christ is shared that way. It's contagious.

That's how your "light" shines because Jesus gives that light in a dark world.

What is amazing is everything I'm writing here, was taught to me by the Holy Spirit while often reading this stuff over and over again. I can't cite where all this information comes from but much of it came out of a book INSPIRED by God to share to the world that we call the bible. The rest comes from experience putting that into action.

So God teaches us what we need to know when we walk in faith, applying what He has shown us. You don't need any book to do this. You don't need any manual. It's not something that you really need anyone to teach you. You only need the faith of a mustard seed and God will do all of the rest.

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